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  1. @Mercury Man I think different people collect for different reasons. I usually read graphic novels and Heavy Metal but I collect certain cover artists I like, which is why I don’t open those and grade some of them. But I’m mystified a bit by your comment. Isn’t it counterproductive to read a comic you’re intending to get slabbed? That’s why people are here for, I assume. Of course you can always get two copies.
  2. How does one determine the value of a book to know in which grading tier it belongs? My first submission was easy because the books were mostly new releases and values hadn’t change dramatically.
  3. Wow. You guys have all been incredibly helpful. I appreciate it. I decided to not go for it.
  4. Actually the $140 is the total: they’re going for $100+ (without any indication that the more expensive ones are in better condition) and the service they qualify for (modern) is $20. Shipping should be $20-30. That puts the difference at $100 assuming the next one that goes on sale sells for $250 (last one was on December). I have a feeling that when available it’ll go north of $300 as there are very few. The issue I see is that it compounds. So it’s $100-$200 for this one comic. Then the next would be the same and now it’s $200-$400. That’s not sustainable as I want to build a collection at a slow but steady pace. So do you also think that this is a maybe like Karl (BTW, thank you, Karl!) or a nay?
  5. Good logic and I thought of that. Price is an issue though. It would be 250-300 as opposed to 140 or so. I just bought another AH cover for $220 and it’s getting so expensive. 😕
  6. Hey everyone, first time posting. I wanted to see if I can get an opinion from an experience user. I want to get an Adam Hughes comic which seems to be in overall good shape but for one flaw. There is a small tear at the top spine, probably caused by the binding process. My question is would this one flaw by itself prevent the copy from getting a 9.8? I appreciate any thoughts.
  7. I put a used eFX Vader helmet up for auction once and had this user with just one feedback asking me too many questions. I had a bad feeling about him so I stopped answering assuming it would keep him away. Boy was I wrong. He went on to win and after a day or so he emailed me to say “By the way, I’m not paying until you answer my question.” I, of course ignored him once again, sold to second highest bidder and block him from future auctions. Got me some neg in return but it was worth it.
  8. How long does it take from the time they show as delivered by USPS to getting the in the system as received? This is my first submission and I’m a little nervous. Thanks.