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  1. I'm in my early twenties and my younger brother got me heavily into reading comics recently, he's 20. We definitely don't have the disposable income for big purchases, but I've been growing my collection outside of getting my pull list by going through LCS dollar bins and getting those grab bags on eBay. Have been getting some good finds, but nothing too crazy. I plan to save money for a big purchase here or there eventually. Although, most people around my age that seem to be interested in comics are mostly only interested in watching the movies and shows or pirating the books online.
  2. Thank you for the answers! I have one question. What do you tend to look at when determining what hurts the grade the most for a book like this?
  3. I may find myself in that predicament soon enough. I never used to be much of a fan of his because I didn't like the writing too much, but recently I've fallen enough in love with his art that I regret not collecting his issues sooner.
  4. Found it in the dollar bin at my LCS and it's a bit beat up. Has a sub crease that goes through the book and a marker was used to edit the price of the book. Pretty new to the grading scene since I've always just gotten books that interest me, but I'm interested in knowing more. Thanks.
  5. My LCS had 50% off all books in their long boxes for Black Friday. Most were only $.50 then, but some were marked for more. This was a group of the better books I picked out. The Hawkeye #1 was a Canadian Price Variant the shop owner didn't notice, that Francis book is in really good condition, the Watchmen issues were like $4-$5 an issue because they were 50% off, the Cheese Heads I can't find anything about except that it's an obscure Canadian indie series so that's cool, the Kamandi is real beat up but it was only $1, the Communist Super Heroes book is just funny, Rat was signed by the creators and I paid $.50 for it, and I generally pick up anything Sam Keith I don't have because I like his work.
  6. My LCS has their dollar bin at 50% off this week and I came across this Hawkeye #1 while I was there and decided to get it. I didn't even realize it was a "Canadian Variant" until I started going through some of this thread. I'm not sure on grading, but other than the yellowing cover, the corners are slightly smoothed and that's about it.
  7. The TPB I think comes out in January, along with a chance to order all the back issues at once since the book was following a classic release schedule and was kind of under the radar. Great series that's definitely a fresh sight to see in comic shops.
  8. So I recently got a Phantom Variant #1 that's signed by Mendoza for a fairly low price. Guy I got it from thinks it's somewhere between a 9.2-9.6, but I've been considering sending it in to get graded. I stumbled upon this thread and figured I ask about if it's worth doing since I know this isn't one of the covers going for hundreds of dollars normally. I'm planning on holding onto the book for the time being regardless. Also, a little of topic from my question, but Mendoza is auctioning off a couple of sketch covers right now on eBay and the prices are reaching 2k for each book currently.