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  1. It is clear that you are doing everything in your power to put reasonable sale prices on your book. I apologize if my responses seemed like an attack on you and your business. That was not my intent. I just expressed my opinion about your pricing, and, as we all know, opinions can be dead wrong. Again, please accept my sincere apology. At this time, I consider this matter to be closed. Joe Ankenbauer
  2. This seems to very beneficial. This is the type of information I would want if I was putting a comic for sale. Still, there are books on your site that are over-priced. I am going to cite two examples. Amazing Spider-Man #5 3.5 Unslabbed - $949. GoCollect current value: $475, GPA most recent sale: $371, Ebay last sale: $679. Amazing Spider-Man #28 - Unslabbed 3.5 - $99, Unslabbed 3.5 - $150, CGC 3.5 - $167.99 First, I have found your grading to be more than fair. If you have these two books graded at 3.5, they would probably get a 4.0 - 4.5 at CGC. And yes, I know a CGC graded comic should sell for more than an ungraded copy, but 70% higher? I can see how you to present all pertinent information to your customers. As someone else has told me, just because I think the price is unreasonable doesn't mean a seller has to sell at my suggested price.
  3. This is a great book! I really like the look of Marvel Girl on this cover. I know that look didn't last long, but that doesn't make me like it any less.
  4. Keep in mind that the value you submit will be the EXACT value that CGC will reimburse you if the comic is lost or damaged. If I thought the comic was worth around $200, I would probably list its value at $400. It's only $11 more, and, on the plus side, your book will be graded more quickly.
  5. I agree, even though I am guilty of posting about CV-19. I am following this thread in the Water Cooler forum.
  6. I have stepped up to a higher level. I traded my IH #181 CGC 5.0 and cash for a IH #181 CGC 8.5. Thanks to @Omaha-CGC-Comics for working with me on this transaction.
  7. I was always under the impression that negotiating was not allowed with your business. Obviously, I was wrong. I guess what thing that frustrates me about your site is the large discrepancy in pricing for the same book. I found this example in less than two minutes. If I had more time (my wife told me dinner was in 15 minutes), I'm sure I could find other examples. X-Men #9 - CGC 5.0 - $325; X-Men #9 - CGC 5.0 - $499; same page quality. The 2nd book, same grade, same page quality, costs 54% more than the first book. Let's say I sent a book to you to be sold on consignment, and I asked that the price be set at $499. I would appreciate this kind of input: "Yes, we can put a price of $499 on your book. But, just so you know, another book that is basically the same as yours has an asking price of $325. Perhaps you might want to rethink your asking price." Yes, I understand that you can't force the seller to lower his/her price, but I think that this would decrease the number of the inevitable calls asking, "Why hasn't my book sold?" Honestly, some of the pricing discrepancy you have borders on the ridiculous pricing on Ebay. If I was coming to you to sell my book, I would like to have access to the wisdom you have gained from your years of experience. As a seller, I would appreciate the honesty of your opinion to indicate that the price I was asking was higher than 1 - 2 other books in the same grade. I have no doubt that some people who sell with you are experienced collectors, but I would imagine that there are also some who are just getting started. For these people, the likely thought process might be, "Hey, I saw this book offered on Ebay for $XXX. I should be able to get that price also." These are the people who could use your advice based on your years of experience.
  8. I completely forgot about these issues I got at C2E2. I got them from Harley Yee. I'm not sure about his grading, but he brings issues like this to the con. I went to all the other dealers, but only one person had this type of Brave and the Bold. Unfortunately, it was slabbed and expensive. I don't want top quality issues. I am only interested in reader copies. However, I am already 1/3 of the way to achieving my goal of a run of Brave and the Bold #1 - #24. This issues I picked up were #5, #9, #11, #12, #17, #18, and #20. FYI - I didn't pay anywhere near Harely's asking prices. Also, I included a picture that all Silver Age collectors will appreciate. I now have autographed pictures of all the original actors except Leonard Nimoy. I will have to buy one if I want to make this complete.
  9. Yes, ComicLink sells raw issues. The keys, for the most part, are all slabbed.
  10. Join the club. I won't be going to work for at least four weeks. Iowa schools are closed for that amount of time, as of right now. In all likelihood, schools will be closed for a longer period. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't finish this school year at all. Thanks for pointing it out to me.
  11. My two go-to dealers are Reece's Rare Comics ( and ComicLink.
  12. I dropped four books at C2E2, and they were marked received on Thursday, 03/05/2020. This was four days after the conclusion of C2E2.