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  1. I'm looking for someone that may be interested in downgrading their copy of FF #49 to make a little cash. I currently have an FF 49 CGC 6.0 OW that I would like to upgrade to a CGC 6.5. I am doing this so I have FF 48 - 50 in CGC 6.5. To make this easier, I did some research. Prices For FF #49 on GoCollect: CGC 6.0 = $750, CGC 6.5 = $850, difference = $100 Prices for FF #49 on GPAnalysis: CGC 6.0 = $810, CGC 6.5 = 800, difference = – $10 Average Prices for FF #49 since early May: CGC 6.0 = $742.54, CGC 6.5 = $800.70, difference = $58.16 Since the largest gap between these three comparisons, I would like to propose that I will send my FF #49 CGC 6.0 OW plus $100, and you send me your FF #49 6.5 (at least OW). I would be willing to increase my offer if your FF #49 has better PQ than mine. I would send my book plus $100 to you, and then you would send me your CGC 6.5 to me (and I would pay half of your shipping cost). Here's a picture of my current issue of FF #49. I can get a picture of the back tomorrow. So, if there is any interest in this, please let me know. Thanks for your time and consideration.
  2. I can hardly wait to post my copy of Amazing Spider-Man #50 on October 50th, 2020.
  3. Take! This is the first time I just showed and found a book I really wanted. Usually, I show up two hours late, and see many books I wanted already claimed.
  4. When I am working at school, I have all my packages sent to my place of work, a high school. Knock on wood, I've never had a problem when I get a package shipped to my place of work.
  5. Isn't this part of what the OP is complaining about? He's upset that a book can receive a different grade based on who the grader is, and whether the grader is having a good or bad day. I consider grading to be more of an art, and less of a science. I think that is an unrealistic expectation that every grader at CGC would give a book the exact same grade. However, if we replace the graders with robots, ....
  6. I don't believe this is the situation the OP is describing. The lower grade didn't happen after the comic left CGC. It either happened when the book was sent to CGC or it happened while the book was in CGC's possession. Could the book have been damaged in the slab when it was sent to CGC? I suppose, if the OP just threw it in a box. I have buying a LOT of comics over the last two years, and I have found if the slab is packed well, I have not seen any damage that is noticeable to my eye. If I got out a jeweler's loupe, I might be able to find some minuscule damage. When I had a book autographed by using Desert Wind (and PLEASE, can we not rehash that thread?), I was informed that the book could be damaged by the signer. That is why Desert Wind recommended a press. The book I sent was ASM CGC 7.0; after Stan Lee and John Romita Sr signed it on two different occasions, it came back as a CGC 7.5 after the press. I can't speak for everybody's experience. I can only relay what I have seen.
  7. Fair enough. Doing as suggested would have never crossed my mind. If there is some way to "game" the system, someone is bound to figure it out.
  8. I would like to echo the sentiments regarding MyComicShop. Whenever I have bought a raw book from them, I am always pleasantly surprised by the grade that CGC assigns it. On the other hand, I will <NEVER> purchase a raw book from Metropolis Comics again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I have never purchased anything from Midtown Comics, as I have not purchased a new comic for several years.
  9. This is not necessarily true. I sold Bart Simpson Comics #1 - #100, Simpsons Summer Shindig #1 - #9, and Simpsons Winter Wingdings #1 - #9 for $275 on Ebay. One box did not arrive. I refunded the buyer $92, and then I filed the claim for that amount with the post office. In less than ten days, I received a check for $101, which was the $92 claim and a $9 refund on the shipping. My guess is that the Post Office figured it was not worth quibbling over $100, so they just paid the claim. However, I'm sure the result would have been different had the package contained Amazing Spider-Man #1, and the claim amount was $6500+. I absolutely could not provide any documentation. I purchased it over 40 years ago from a guy in Des Moines, IA, for $300 cash. He certainly did not give me a receipt, but even if he had, and had I kept it, it would not be fair to claim that the refund should only be $300. Maybe if this situation happens to a wealthy individual, perhaps he could sue the Post Office. It's not like their are numerous frivolous lawsuits filed every day (such as governors suing mayors for requiring masks in their city). If you put this type of evidence in front of a judge, who knows what the result would be.
  10. After reading this scenario, I'm more inclined to say that CGC should pay the owner of the books the declared value s/he listed, and then CGC should fight with the USPS. The owner should assist CGC as best as s/he can. Think about this. I send five books to be pressed and cleaned. After these services are completed, the presser sends the books back to me. Unfortunately, they get lost and never arrive. Wouldn't you expect the presser to make good on this loss? Why should I have to fight with the USPS? I didn't ship the books - the presser did. This is why companies carry insurance. As stupid as this may sound, try contacting your congressperson or your senator. It's amazing what can happen when you get a member of Congress involved. Are you guaranteed satisfaction? Of course not. But what's the worst thing that could happen? You don't get paid for your books, which is what is currently going on. Yes, I know the USPS is not part of the federal government, but again, what is the worst thing that can happen? You don't get paid for the books.
  11. Me too. The only time that I have had two copies of a comic was when I bought an issue that I forgot that I had.