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  1. I've always considered Amazing Spider-Man #28 to be quite innovative. Joe
  2. Let's see what a bump does. If my prices seem too low, make me an offer. Joe
  3. I've always wanted to know this: what CGC grades are considered low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade? Thanks! Joe
  4. Hello, everyone. I'm looking for a CGC-graded copy of X-Men #9 in CGC 6.0 - 7.0 grade. Sales for X-Men #9 in CGC 6.0 during 2019: $320, $312, $360, $499, $310 <- Most recent Sales for X-Men #9 in CGC 6.5 during 2019: $305, $350, $376, $350, $500, $509, $340 <- Most recent Sales for X-Men #9 in CGC 7.0 during 2019: $617, $435 <- Most recent So, I am willing to pay $350 for 6.0, $390 for 6.5, and $450 for 7.0. The book must be in a CGC holder; I am not interested in a raw issue. If I am out of line with these prices, I would appreciate a PM indicating so. If you can help me out, I would also be willing to contribute toward shipping. There is an X-Men #9 on Ebay for $350, but the additional cost is $10 shipping and $25 in sales tax, making my total cost $385. I have some good deals on Ebay, but the shipping costs and (even more so) the sales tax are killing me. I would rather buy from a fellow board member than from a business that has to charge sales tax. If you could help me out, please post here or PM me. Thanks in advance for your time and cooperation! Joe Ankenbauer
  5. Well, I can't argue with that. However, if you feel that your book would be closer to $400 than to $200 when graded, wouldn't you want to receive the $400 instead of $200 if (heaven forbid) it gets lost or damaged? Also, we're talking about $38 (approximate wait-time of 40 days) versus $27 (current wait-time of 105 days). If you have a book that is worth more than $300, is it worth it to quibble over $11? Not to be rude or anything, but if $11 extra is a deal-breaker for you, I would suggest that perhaps you should think twice about getting it graded in the first place. For me, getting it back three months earlier (approximately) would be worth the $11. Of course, YMMV. Joe
  6. This is what I have added to my collection over the last two weeks: Flash #137 CGC 8.0 (from Instagram) Amazing Spider-Man #10 CGC 5.5 from International Comics Exchange X-Men #4 CGC 6.0 from Comiclink X-Men #12 CGC 6.5 from Ebay Joe
  7. I know that this doesn't belong on page 126, but I just wanted to share it anyway: Flash #137 CGC 8.0. Joe
  8. It's clear that I can't compete with these high-grade beauties, but here's my latest pick-up: Amazing Spider-Man #10 CGC 5.5, an upgrade from my current 2.0 raw issue. Joe
  9. Well, the most recent sale for this issue in CGC 9.0, according to GPAnalysis, was $350. GoCollect prices the same issue at the same price. I would use Economy - if your book gets lost (yes, it CAN happen) or damaged in the mail (an even more likely occurence), you want it to be valued close to its present value. If you send it to CGC in Economy, the most you get refunded if it was lost, damaged, or stolen from your front porch would be $200. It's clear that you book, if graded 9.0, has a larger value than $200. Thus, I would use Economy. Joe
  10. Damn. This one had both sets of quote marks and blue under the table. Joe
  11. I know that opinions on this issue will vary, but I would like to hear your input. Let's say you find a Silver Age comic titled "ABC Comics #1", with a grade of CGC 5.0 and Off-White to White pages. Let's also say that you're willing to pay the $500 asking price. At the same time, you find the same comic with the same grade, but with white pages. Would you be willing to pay more? If so, how much more? Also, at the same time, you find the same comic with the same grade, but with cream to off-white pages. Would you be willing to pay the same price? If not, would your offer be lower, and, if so, by how much? Same question, but with light tan to off-white pages? Same price or less, and if so, how much less? I know some people are very discriminating when it comes to page quality. Some will only buy White, while others are OK with Off-White to White, etc. I would just like to know how page quality affects the amount you are willing to pay for a book. Thanks in advance for your input! Joe
  12. Actually, this is been my collection for quite some time. I had just noticed how the price of this book had increased, so I dug it out of one of my long boxes. I think 3.0 is too optimistic, and I hope 2.0 is too pessimistic. If I got a 2.5, I would be happy! Joe
  13. We can always count on you to provide us with Kirby goodness! Joe
  14. Yes, it's in rough shape (aka well-loved). There is about a 0.5" spine split at the very bottom of the cover along with a 1.5" - 2" above that, along with a 0.25" split at the top of the spine. I also believe there is a slight tear near the mid-left-hand side of the cover. The spine does pull away from the book at the top left when the book is opened; of course, the staples don't fasten that part of the book together. Staples are firmly attached. If it came back at 2.0 - 2.5, it would be a $375 - $500 book. Your impressions are always appreciated. Joe