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  1. I know the grade is important to us all, but this is a GREAT book to have in any collection. Joe
  2. @ADAMANTIUM and @Crops068, I'm sorry for sounding "snippy" in my reply. I am VERY frustrated, but I have no right to take it out on you. ADAMANTIUM, if you don't mind me asking, how long did it take CGC to "find" your book? What was their explanation? What did they do to "make things right"? Again, I apologize for my rant. Joe
  3. I'm not sure why I needed to e-mail my order number into CGC; I entered all my information into the online form as directed by the website. I honestly don't remember getting any such e-mail back from them. I did ask about the following: if I entered all my information into a form on CGC's website, then surely that information has to be stored somewhere. I was told that nothing happens with that information until the books are mailed to CGC or they receive the print-out and books at a convention. And everyone can tell me all you want that I should have received a receipt from a CGC employee. I didn't. Neither did Baxter Building. What do either of us have to gain by making up a story like this? Yes, in retrospect, I should have taken pictures of my books and the printed form that I submitted. However, I have reading the boards since November of 2018, and I have not seen any messages where other people have had this issue. Can anyone provide me a link to a thread where someone discusses a problem like mine? Also, CGC has been doing convention drop-off for some time, and the person who helped me should have known to give me a receipt. I'm not at fault, and neither is Baxter Building. I entered my information into the online form, as I was directed to. I then printed out this form and kept it with the comics I intended to have graded. I submitted my comics and the paper form to the CGC booth at C2E2. If you have ever been to a CGC booth at a convention, you know how hectic it can be. I never thought to ask for a receipt, since CGC didn't offer me one, and I assumed that they knew what they were doing. CGC has been trying to help me for the last month or so. I am just worried that I will never see my comics again, nor will I have any legal recourse to get CGC to make financial restitution for my lost books. I can identify the employee to whom I handed the books; as I stated, she had a very distinctive feature (which I don't think is appropriate to discuss). I've asked to be allowed to talk to this employee, but no such luck. Besides, by now, it is HIGHLY unlikely that this employee would remember this transaction. I have pretty much accepted the fact that I am "screwed" in regard to this matter. I do find it hard to believe that my books, out of ALL the books that were submitted at C2E2, were the only books to get lost. To me, these books must be somewhere within the confines of the CGC facility. However, I can't even to begin to imagine how many book are at the facility. If only one person is tasked with the job of going through all the books to find my books, that will most likely take until the 12th of Never. If I attempt to sue CGC to get the money to replace these books, it will be "my word" against "CGC's word." Anyone want to hazard a guess on how that will turn out? I did post pictures of my books into the "Hey buddy, can you spare a grade?" forum. Amazing Spider-Man #361: Amazing Spider-Man #300: Amazing Spider-Man #194: Amazing Spider-Man #101: So please, don't tell me that I made a mistake. I realize that now. I should have taken pictures of my books at the CGC booth, along with the order form, as well as insisting that I receive a receipt. But, as I stated, the CGC booth was SO hectic, and I'm not sure that I could have even done that. The CGC employee and I were lucky to be able to find a place just to set these books down while I was submitting them. Also, I just wanted to get my books dropped off so I could head back to my motel to rest. because I was "dog-tired." Sorry if I sound "person_without_enough_empathyy", but this whole process has been very frustrating. I have no confidence that this will be resolved to my satisfaction. Joe
  4. I like Wolverine, but not this much. I honestly don't think I have multiple copies of any book in my collection, let alone 20 copies. Joe
  5. I can tell you about my recent experience that will add to your concern. I planned on attending C2E2 in Chicago. I had four books (Amazing Spider-Man #101, #194, #300, #361) that I wanted graded, so I entered these books into the online form, where I indicated that I would be dropping them off at C2E2. I printed out the form and stored it with my books. On Friday, March 22, 2019, I dropped off these four books at the CGC booth. Somewhere around the first week of April, I called to find out my books would be marked as received, and I was told that employees were still unpacking books from that show. I waited 2-3 more weeks, and called again. At this time, I was asked for my order number. I told the person that I was not given any information regarding an order number or an invoice. The person I talked to insisted that I should have been given an order number and an invoice. I waited another week, and I called again and asked to speak with a manager (I believe her name was Melissa). I told Melissa that I could remember the person to whom I handed my books (she was a female employee with a very distinctive feature). Melissa told me that when books are received, they are put into a bag with the order form I brought with me to the show. Melissa also believes that my books are somewhere on the premises, but someone is going to have to look through pile after pile to find my books. Lastly, Melissa told me that I would not be charged for the grading, which is nice. So, as of today, it has been 60 days (41 workdays) since I dropped off my books. I honestly have no idea if these books will ever be found, and I also don't know what legal recourse I will have, since I was not given an order number, an invoice, or an receipt when I dropped off my books at C2E2. Has anyone else had an experience like this? If so, how was it resolved? Did you find the resolution to be acceptable? Thanks! Joe
  6. I'm willing to bet that this is the first time the phrase, "So glad this didn't come back 8.0," has ever been typed on this forum. Joe
  7. I got some new books from a variety of sources. Hawkman #23, Hawkman #24, Hawkman #26, Showcase #55 CGC 8.0 from Showcase #56 from Austin, aka @AustinReece_GRRC of Reece's Rare Comics. Showcase #17 CGC 3.5 from Rick, aka @Ricksneatstuff . This puts me seven books from a complete run of Hawkman. I'm missing Hawkman #21 and #25, along with Mystery in Space #87 - #91. I also wanted to grab Showcase #17, a minor DC Key, at a reasonable price. And I'm a sucker for these Murphy Anderson try-out books; now I just have to get nice copies of Brave and the Bold #61 - #62. Joe Ankenbauer
  8. If I can state a negative to Con drop-off, I dropped off 4 books at C2E2 on Friday, 03/22/2019. As of Friday, 04/26/2019, these issues have not been logged in as being received. For those of you keeping score, that's five weeks (25 work days). In retrospect, I wish I had spent the $20 to mail my books there. It's hard for me to believe that a shipment mailed to CGC would have taken five weeks to been logged in as received. Also, before anyone criticized me, I called CGC on Monday, 03/15/2019, and I was told that they had just started working on the books from C2E2. Yes, I could call CGC again, but I'm sure I would get the same response. Also, please don't tell me how you have had a different experience; I'm glad that your books were recorded in a timely manner. However, all I can comment on is my situation, and I have nothing to gain by lying. Dropping off at a con - Positive - One less round of shipping, lower cost, less chance of damage Dropping off at a con - Negative - An interminable wait for your books to be marked as received Joe
  9. Are you going to put these up for sale, or are they going into your collection? I'm in the market for a mid-grade copy of ASM #2. Joe
  10. I have a Showcase #22 in CGC 4.5 with a "small amount of glue on cover" designation, and it has a blue label. The mystery deepens .... Joe
  11. I picked up a CGC 8.0 copy for $430 from Maybe a little more than I wanted to pay, but it's a nice looking copy! Joe
  12. Hello, everyone. I am interested in a copy of Showcase #55 in an upper grade, 7.0 to 8.0. According to GPA, an CGC 8.5 sold for $613 in March, and a CGC 7.0 sold for $350 in March. I can get a CGC 7.5 from My Comic Shop for $340. On Heritage, a set of #55 and #56 (raw) sold for $336 in February. I have basically $400 to spend on this issue. Obviously, I want to get the highest grade I can for $400. I would prefer to have it graded by CGC, but I am willing to accept raw for a lesser amount. If you can help me out, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration! Joe
  13. I have two books that I am thinking of cracking, having the books cleaned & pressed, and then resubmitting them for (I hope) a better grade. The first book is Fantastic Four #1. Below are the grader notes and pictures of the front and back within the slab: Heavy marvel chipping full right of front cover Light rippling/warping full left of back cover Light, multiple crease full right of front cover breaks color Light, multiple crease full top of back cover Small stain bottom of spine Small, multiple tear bottom of back cover Subscription crease front cover The next book is Incredible Hulk #181. Below are the grader notes and pictures of the front and back within the slab: Heavy bends to cover Light staining to cover Medium, moderate tear with crease left center of back cover Moderate spine stress lines to cover I apologize for not taking them out of the slab, but I don't want to crack the cases unless I plan on resubmitting them. I have looked at some of the before and after pictures from other people, and it seems that, in some cases, a clean and press can do wonders. I have several books currently being worked by a person not associated with CGC, so I have not seen the results yet. I also decided to do some quick research, using most recent sale for GP Analysis. FF #1 - 2.5 - $6030 FF #1 - 3.0 - $8200 FF #1 - 3.5 - $9000 IH #181 - 5.0 - $2200 IH #181 - 5.5 - $2365 IH #181 - 6.0 - $2394 It seems to me that FF #1 would be the best candidate, because if the grade can be raised one point (and I don't know if it can), the value of the book would increase by almost $3000. In the case of IH #181, it seems that this might be a better pressing candidate, but the gains would not be as substantial. So, I'm here to ask if you could PLEASE give me your opinion about what you would do if you were in my place. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration! Joe