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  1. I believe she is confirmed for Into the Spider-Verse 2 and there has been discussion / rumors of a live-action show or movie. I agree with the assessment of $50-60k. I have no idea how to value it, but based on bidding a piece usually doubles its last day. I wouldn't expect there to be too much more bidding action before the last day.
  2. By those standards, none of it matters anyways. Comics as a whole are a blip relative to history. Considering Miles Morales in the context of comic history, I think it's pretty safe the character and this cover are going to age very, very well. But time will tell.
  3. The current market cares substantially more about context right now. I think that trend is going to continue as newer collectors are most likely to come from the comic book market and/or because they're fans of the movies. Comic book collectors care about context above all else. Movie fans will want to contextualize their collectibles in terms of how they relate to the movies. The contextuality of comic collectibles is inseparable from their value since it's ultimately the 60+ years of aggregated lore which gives them meaning. Agreed. I believe this is likely the most important
  4. Great article! I got a set of these coasters by Tom King at HeroesCon 2019. Tom wasn't at the event, but had donated them to raise money for charity.
  5. Heritage will auction blockchain backed digital comic art in 10 years or less. And it will sell for a lot of money.
  6. Modern wise, I think it’s hard to go wrong with the following if you’re looking to check something out: Thor: God of Thunder #1-#11 by Aaron and Ribic Thanos #13-#18 by Cates and Shaw Vision #1-#12 by King and Walta I’m a Marvel guy, so definitely a bias. King’s Mister Miracle story is one of the best on the DC side.
  7. I feel like monoprints already kind of have taken off. Kubert, Larraz, Reis, Marquez, and many others are producing them and they seem to sell about as well as OA albeit at reduced prices. The blockchain energy problem is fixable. It’s only an issue with proof of work models. You hear a lot about the issue since Bitcoin uses proof of work and it’s the current poster boy for anything blockchain. However, many cryptocurrencies - including Ethereum, the second highest market cap coin - use a proof of stake model which doesn’t have energy use problems. All that said, it’s anyone’s guess what
  8. I'm probably one of the youngest collectors on the boards. Here's my perspective for whatever it's worth: 1) I think there are a ton of new collectors coming into the hobby. I definitely don't have the data, but based on Felix's success and anecdotal conversations, it certainly feels like the hobby is getting younger. I personally got into the hobby indirectly from the movies and I imagine many other have and will as well. I think there's the chance for enormous market movement if OA gets the right exposure. See Pokemon cards as an example... 2) Good art is good art. I collect mostly
  9. I think we'd need more results. This result seems to imply $2500 is near the bottom for his Big 2 work. This page sold for more than a cover from the same series did 4-6 months ago. For now, just something to keep an eye on.
  10. I'm pretty bullish on Tradd's work, and I'll be honest, this result still blew me away. I'm really curious what this means for the market for his art as a whole.
  11. @Brian Peck Are we able to vote for 5 pieces in each category or 5 total pieces?
  12. Got it. My apologies. I should probably be quiet on this one anyways as I have no clue when it comes to that market.
  13. That sounds like an exception and shouldn't be a reason to put all MTU Byrne at 10-20k.