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  1. Appreciate you sharing, but I'm generally just looking for published art. Apologies I didn't specify in the original post. I'll do so now. Great looking sketch though! Hepburn did an awesome job on the new series.
  2. Figured I'd give this a bump + bounty as I'm always on the lookout for these.
  3. As a character specific collector, there are almost definitely cases where I would buy a piece of art I did not personally care much for. The art would generally have to either be part of a set I otherwise did care a lot about or be a key splash in the character's history. Fortunately this is not a problem I've had to worry about yet given the quality of the artists on Cosmic Ghost Rider.
  4. Had a blast! Check out the recording if you missed it.
  5. I'll be on the Inky Knuckles YouTube live stream tonight along with hosts Cam and Ryan to share some of my Cosmic Ghost Rider collection. We'll also be joined by the wonderful Dylan Burnett - the current artist for Ant-Man known for his work on X-Force, Interceptor, and of course, Cosmic Ghost Rider. Come join us for a fun chat and some cool art. Where: When: Today! Saturday June 13th @ 10 PM EST What: Collector and artist chat focused on modern comic art. I'll be sharing some pieces and Burnett may be drawing something.
  6. PayPal Goods & Services is a fairly critical and priceless measure of protection for buyers making significant purchases. Otherwise, yes, the rest is price soup.
  7. IMO the 2 hour window is plenty of a benefit. Even 10-15 minutes of lead time is huge when you're talking about purchasing one of a kind pieces. Imagine being able to buy 10 minutes of lead time for a Felix art drop - I've missed out on pieces by less than 30 seconds before!
  8. Exactly! Gives more of that "comic wall" vibe you get at cons.
  9. I don't think so? I've seen auctions at cons before. You obviously want the bulk of art to be sold at a set price by exhibitors, but auctions are an option for an interactive experience. They're also something that gives you a throughline / story for the event. I.e.; you could tweet or otherwise communicate out updates on the auction to get people's attention.
  10. Not sure if this would work well, but having some pieces in an auction could be a way to develop a sort of perpetual interest during the event as interested parties check on the bids. Lots of logistics there, but could be interesting.
  11. I think the 18 piece limit was a brilliant idea. In addition to eliminating the churn you've described, it also made sure the pieces exhibited were curated to some degree and were generally of a higher caliber of quality, interest, or price. I know for me (and presumably many others), the most anticipated moment was the con's opening and the chance to search for desired pieces and artists. The first thing I did was search the art for sale for pieces I was interested in. I did some casual browsing after and tuned into some of the panels on YouTube, but that initial search got me to wake up for the 10 AM premium member opening and was the main purpose of my attendance. I believe having new pieces go up day 2 would drive similar excitement and help maintain momentum. Maybe have 10 go up each day for a total of 20 pieces per exhibitor? There are definitely some weird logistics there, but wanted to note that freshly exhibited pieces drove a lot of excitement/participation for me. That all said, how you handled it with the limit, UI, search, etc was very excellent. It really felt like browsing a con in a way. Two other "wants" I would have for future events: 1. A way to interact with other attendees. I love talking to and networking with other collectors. A live chat feature or other method of interacting would be really neat. Obviously there are ways to interact on CAF already, but a live chat or other feature would help allow attendees identify themselves as active and willing to chat. Somewhat related, I bet you could crowd source content from attendees. In this kind of hobby where we all own one of a kind artifacts, art shows and sharing from various collectors would be really really fun to watch. One of my favorite parts of the panels was seeing Mike Allred's art collection - seeing something similar from attending collectors would be a lot of fun as well as being a good point of interaction with the community. 2. This is tough, but one big advantages of cons is the ability to see the art in person. Pictures rarely do art justice. I'm curious if there could be an option for dealers to add videos for pieces to show them off better. Or maybe you can even have a dozen or so of the highest profile pieces featured by the sellers in between panels. Not sure my recommendations are actually any good, but thought it was worth thinking about. Overall fantastic event Bill. Don't take any of the above as criticism, just brainstorming. I think you're very well positioned to be a trend setter and innovator for how to run an online con.
  12. Had fun looking through the art and currently enjoying the panels! Sadly none of the Cosmic Ghost Rider pieces I'm looking for went up for sale. Considered a few other purchases, but ultimately no new art for me today.
  13. My understanding is it’s generally unnecessary, makes framing more complicated, and lowers visual appeal.
  14. A lot. I spoke to Pablo Marcos and his daughter at last year’s HeroesCon and they said they had stacks and stacks of art just lying around at home. It was clear from his binders how random the selection was as well; as if it was pulled from a stack. My dad bought a couple King Conan pages with an unidentifiable penciler. Turned out to be early Silvestri and Judith Marcos inks. I can only imagine how many artists have stockpiles they’ve never gotten around to selling.
  15. Collecting focus? I have no idea what you're talking about....