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  1. One of my favorite Simon and Kirby cover. It’s really similar in details to cap 9. I believe shield is Joe and wizard and his sidekick is more of Jack. But they both intervened in each other’s art, truly making it Simon and Kirby
  2. Update everyone, It was posted on ebay for less than what I was going to orginally bid on comiclink. I guess everyething worked out.
  3. ive never done that before, how would i go about doing that
  4. Yea it was a werid bid. Sometimes Ill do .98 as my grandfather passed away at 98. Its a symbol like good luck, only it didnt work this time.
  5. I usually bid a number with .98 at the end for good luck on ebay. Joe was 98 when he died so I keep that number around as if hes helping me win it. I have alsmot always won when doing that. It sucks as thats really a book I wanted for my collection. Hopefully itll turn up again and they wont want to rob me. Its a good looking copy. Hope to get one one day.
  6. I was trying to bid on it. I RARELY buy from ComicLink and I put on a bid of 1903.98 and it told me it’s an error as they don’t accept cent bids. So time ran out and I lost
  7. I was bidding on the cap 4 on ComicLink and it didn’t put in my did as I stupidly put in cents along with my bid. Whoever won it, I hope you’re open to selling it and making a profit. Or if anyone has a cap 4 they’re selling, let me know
  8. To get a cap 1,3,4,6,9 and upgrade my 10. Basically to finish out my cap 1-10 and to get more mmc 12-27. Cap 1 is the biggest stretch tho
  9. I’m glad you love them! I’m glad so many people that ordered have loved them. They’re about 20 sets left so they’re in time for the holidays!
  10. Being totially honest, I never cared for this cover. I’ve always favored cap 1,2,5,9 as a kid. However after getting cap 7 and cap 8 those have become some of my favorites! The only part that bothers me of this cover is the nazi holding the torch in the bottom left. He just isn’t inked right IMO. But still a beautiful cover snd a beautiful copy
  11. Quite proud of this trio of comics I got. Happened all in the same month. Cap 2 wirh the classic Joe Simon hitler cover. Cap 8 with Joe Simon, jack Kirby pencils, Joe Simon inks (with some inks by al Gabrielle) and mystic comics #6 cover by Alex Schomburg (alitrle Kirby and even less Joe) still in shock that I own these. Mystic I’m looking to upgrade and I need a centerfold for cap 2 but boy am I happy!
  12. Like Rick, daring mystery is a book I’ve always wanted. In 2020 I was fortunate enough to get 2 copies, one I had to sell to help pay for the other. Happy to get my grandfather’s first published work at timely. Fiery mask was sold to funnies inc which sold it to Goodman. He liked Joe so much he hired him away from Fox and Funnies to work at timely. i kept the book on the right as the left was too restored, it went to my friend’s great loving home