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  1. I'm at 2.5 given the extent of the spine damage.
  2. The other consideration is that prices for in-demand keys have jumped almost across the board over the last six months. This means that looking at an average price for all 2020 sales is not an accurate way to go. I would look at sold prices on EBay for the past three months to get a more accurate idea of value.
  3. I'm very familiar with how ComicLink works. For ComicLink Auctions the seller 100% of the time has to ship the item to ComicLink prior to the start of the auction. ComicLink scans each cover and attaches a description to the comic. It is only on the ComicLink Exchange that the seller has the option to keep the book in their possession until a price is agreed to between a buyer and a seller. The seller then ships the book to ComicLink, who then validates the item and ships it to the buyer. Sellers on the Exchange also have the option to send the book to ComicLink for storage prior to its sale o
  4. Like TTFITZ I'm a completist. I've been collecting for 46 years so I've finished hundreds of Marvel and DC titles dating back to the early Silver Age. A lot of my long runs end in 2012 when I cut back due to the spiraling cost of new issues. I do maintain some unbroken runs including The Flash from 1959 to the present, JLA from 1960 to the present, FF from 1962 to the present, Amazing Spider-Man 1963 to the present, Superman 1963 to the present and Wonder Woman 1964 to the present. I need one more issue of X-Men/Uncanny X-Men to complete the run from #1 to #544, which is when the renumbering b
  5. I love the promotional items. They must be incredibly rare. I did want to point that here was nothing wrong with the Silver Age Hawkman's helmet in the group shot. It is the one he wore in his first four appearances, Brave and the Bold #34, #35, #36 and #42 in 1961 and 1962. The more familiar helmet was first used in #43. Also, that is pretty much what the Martian Manhunter looked like at the time.
  6. Agree with 5.5 but I've seen similar books grade at 6.0.
  7. 8.0. 1st ASM I ever purchased new 45 years ago. Hard to believe it is that old!
  8. Agree on 6.5. Very common book in this grade so I would not pay anything close to $200 even with the MCU bump. I think you can find a nicer example for that kind of money.
  9. I had a similar copy that received a 7.5, but it was during a tight grading period for CGC so an 8.0 seems realistic.