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  1. Bought a fantastic set of the black panther Kirby run. They all came bubble wrapped and in new Mylar with boards. Better than the loads and loads I’ve bought off eBay. The comics were in the condition he listed or even better. Also of note I bid on these items on the cgc forum and he stated it ended at 10pm I was the highest bidder by that time. 2 higher offers came through after mine but past 10- he stuck by his word an honored the my bid. big points for integrity! great seller.
  2. ?? I hope Odin strikes you down with a thunder bolt. This is classic Kirby! $160
  3. Oy. Variants are the new foil glow in the dark covers with trading cards we had back in the speculator boom of the 90’s. We’re you around then? the first appearance of spider man is always going to be a huge book worth a big chunk of change. Just like all the silver age marvel keys. manufactured scarcity is a fools game. You can maybe make quick cash flipping these stupid variants but in the long term they’ll end up in the dollar bins. Just like all the 90’s “collectors item issues” I don’t care if there’s only 40 books of a “venomized” cover. No one will care soon enough and all the people going crazy for variants will have gotten burnt out. like I said, enjoy some short term flipping but in the long term these bazillion variants are a joke in terms of real value.
  4. Just about done with my full FF run. 1-416 heroes reborn 1-12 vol 3 1-70 500-588 600-659. Really annoying the reboots and re numbering’s. I’m missing vol 1 #1 ,#4 #5 big keys and very expensive so I’ll save until I can grab them. my favorites are the Kirby’s till #102. not too concerned with grades as long as the cover looks decent. Only one that is beat to hell is #48 which I might upgrade. collecting full runs is tough when there’s an artist writer combo you don’t like. I honestly don’t find too many people buying full runs of titles.
  5. Marvel and DC had cover art that reflected the story for years, and still do. not sure what you’re taking about. I personally HATE “realistic” covers. Comics is one if the few mediums where you can have stuff that looks insane or silly and it works. No need to make it DULL or mimic movies, that’s just handicapping one of comics strengths. not only do I hate realistic covers I hate covers that have nothing to do with the story and I hate variants. I bailed out of collecting/reading in the 90’s when everything had a bagged trading card or a silver embossed cover. It’s all geared toward dirks who think they’ll make money. All of those comics are worthless now and these will be too. I hate the whole “flipping” section of comic fans. These are the individual_without_enough_empathys who go and buy every jack Kirby eternals when Feige announces a movie coming. There’s no love of comics it’s a love of money, if they like money that much there’s much more in the stock market. anything geared toward flipping or collecting not reading I hate and variants/pin ups/realism is all that. Honestly they are the new 90’s garbage all over again. When this phase passes no one will be rabidly looking for these stupid variants or eighth first issue. I’m 42 and started collecting at 9 years old in 86. I read from 86-91. I still buy FF to complete my collection but all I buy now are silver and bronze. I buy jack Kirby 70’s captain America to read and they are all under $5 bucks. I buy 70’s marvel two in one, same thing - $3-$5 bucks. In a perfect world people who be obsessively collecting these books with fun stories and dynamic Energetic visual storytelling. I try modern comics but it’s all pretentious, overly clever or laden with pop culture winks and is mostly people in apartments talking about relationships, if not that it’s bad modern writers who have horrible takes on characters they don’t understand like Tom kings Batman or the new dr doom series. anyways someone feel free to post old man Simpson yelling at clouds since that’s the defacto response to something like this.
  6. This was listed for $1200 i bartered down to $800. I opened it up and it looks great to me. For that price and a nice looking #2 I’m happy
  7. I’m kind of going round and round on this— Assuming it had trimming I bought a really good looking FF #3 for $320. People are acting like I bought it for $1600 or more and got ripped off. The worst case scenario is I bought it for that much THINKING it’s perfect and I try and SELL it for multiples of what I bought it for — then a buyer points out it’s trimmed and it’s “only” worth what I paid. I’d argue even then that a slightly trimmed FF#3 is worth more than $320. But it’s all a moot point because I don’t sell comics I buy. I’m not a “flipper” and I don’t buy “hot keys” hoping they’ll go up. I want FF#5 because it’s an amazing Kirby issue with the first appearance of my favorite villain AND I’d be that much closer to completing my run. Not because it’s “hot” “Hot” books and playing the market has no interest for me. I want the Eternals because it’s Kirby not because there’s a movie coming out. for all the people thinking I got ripped off- what would you price the comic I posted? $150 bucks? There’s no universe where you can buy that early of an FF with a nice cover and white pages for that amount unless you have a Dolorean and hit the pedal to 88 miles per hour.