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  1. Thanks for the tips. This is great advice. You make sense I will stick to comics that I like and mean something to me. I like comics from the Bronze and early Modern ages. Although in my opinion the good ones are from the silver age and I need to do research on that. With that said if I get a book I really like but they are say from the silver or bronze age with low cgc for example anywhere between 3.5-6.0 its not cheap but the book is really awesome is it worth investing in an expensive book from that era even though the cgc is low grade?
  2. Thanks will look into this site. Appreciate you sharing it.
  3. Greetings. I want to thank you for your very informative response and helpful guidance. I have a better idea of how signatures work and where to find census information. Regarding making a profit the goal is not to just make a profit. Its to combine something I like doing which is collecting comics I like and wanting to preserve the value of what I got it for and with the added benefit of it appreciating in the very long term. The comic will be kept perhaps given to someone, donate it for a good cause or trade it for another high grade comic. I agree that a lot of people will be hesitate to give out advice on investing in comics however I also do believe there are many people who will freely give out the advice. These people such as Warren Buffett regularly share his insights he also writes about it and its available for free for all to read. I think giving back can be rewarding and it motives others to do the same. That's just positive thinking. Take yourself for another example you gave solid useful advice and I will be sure to pass it along to another who may have similar questions.
  4. A noob collector when it comes to CGC purchases. Used to collect comics buy going to the local comic book store buying a comic reading it then putting it back in the sleeve and storing it. However I started to get into collecting comics that are CGC graded and I have some noob general questions. 1)Often times on eBay sellers mention that a particular CGC comic is limited in quantity such as there are only 100 signed or there are only 20 that are graded 9.8 or only 100 that were made and that are 9.8 is there a way to verify this such as a credible data base? 2)I am mostly interested in buying comics in the bronze and modern as I think the majority are within my budget. How does one go about choosing a comic from this era that will have long term appreciation of hold its value? Currently I just buy the ones I remember enjoying reading them from before or if the cover art looks awesome. 3)Recently I see a lot of cool amazing Spider-Man variants for example, I see a lot of cool S. Campbell variants with his signature, sometimes its signed by S. Campbell only, sometimes its signed by both S. Campbell and Stan Lee does it matter long term for appreciation or get either one? I noticed the ones signed by Stan also are much more expensive even though the writer and penciling were done by someone else. Or if everyone involved with the comic signs it the price goes to the roof. This is a very fun hobby and I have many more questions but I don’t want to create such long posts. Appreciate the guidance and thank you in advance.
  5. Used to collect comics by going to the local comic book store and picking up the comic and inserting it in a plastic sleeve along with the cardboard in back of the comics. New to this CGC collection and I think its great as it grades your comic as well as preserves it well. However feeling overwhelmed with the many choices of CGC to choose from. Would appreciate any help as I am a noob when it comes to investing into CGC comics. I like to buy comics based on the cover art, artist, writer, favorite characters and story. My goal is to collect comics that I find interesting as well as long term appreciation in value. However I have some questions and would appreciate feedback from the experienced people I thank you everyone in advance for any guidance. 1)Are CGC better if they are signed rather than non signed? 2)I noticed Stan Lee signatures on comics he wasn’t involved in are pretty expensive is this speculations or they really are expensive? And do more signatures the comic has the more value it has? 3)I have some examples of comics I am interested in buying and will purchase them however I am overwhelmed and want to do research before I make the big investment. How do you tell or best estimate if a comic will have long term appreciation. I am going to put some comics I am interested in below as examples to help me understand are these market prices or are they over priced and if they will appreciate over time. Or rather how do you tell if you are not getting ripped off and the comic you like will be a good investment. a) Amazing Spider-Man 700 cgc 9.8 Ditko cover signed by Stan Lee its on eBay for an astonishing amount of $2600-$4000. Is this really worth that much or is it over priced? Also would this hold its value long term? b)Batman 423 cgc 9.8 signed by Todd Mcfarlane over $800. C)Amazing Spider-Man 1 Stan Lee Humberto Ramos Sketch cover with 5 signatures is over $800 d)X-men #1 cgc 9.8 special collector edition signed by Stan, Jim and Claremont over $500 e)Amazing Spider-Man 312 cgc 9.8 signed Stan and Todd. These are some but not all of the comics that I like the cover art and the artist behind them as it brings back nostalgia memories of going to the local comic book store. I know its a long post with a lot of questions. Thank you in advance.