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  1. How about a comic adaption of the Mile High II collection
  2. Foodini was before my time, but supposedly pretty popular in the late 40's, early 50's. I do remember Winky Dink, though most likely from reruns since I would have been too young during the first run. It had to be about the first interactive TV. You got the comic, a plastic overlay to put on the TV screen,and a box of crayons.When Winky got to a river, the animation would stop to give you time to draw a bridge that he could cross.
  3. 3D comics for $50 and Private Detective Vol. 21 #3 - June 1949 - good - $25 take
  4. It can be funny sometimes. I remember an auction where they were doing choice of a comic lot that contained a low grade Aquaman 1, a nice John Wayne 2, A VG Action 123, and a lot of other mixed books. I got outbid at a pretty high price, and an old lady walked up and picked out a Hayley Mills gold key issue with a big grin on her face. I won the next round at $4 a piece.