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  1. Nope, northwestern side of the state, the Red River Valley.
  2. Living in the middle of nowhere in the 60's, there were only Gold Key, Harvey and DC on the racks (and later Tower and Charlton). Marvels were few and far between for the first couple years. I don't remember seeing any at Woolworth's until probably around 1964. Surprisingly there was a grocery store that sold remaindered Marvels at 5 cents each,don't know where they got them,but I owned quite a few stripped cover Marvels.
  3. Looking through the feedback on e-bay Joined 1999 username unknown? First feedback was from 2002 as a buyer, then most of the feedback was for selling cars, motorcycles, jet ski's. Including Hummers, Vipers, Ferrari's. Seller was called Robert, and Rob in some of the feedback so that fits. A hundred or so feedback's in the account switched to buying comic books big time from a lot of familiar names. This went on for 500-600 transactions. At that point they started selling comics and the charity was first mentioned in the feedback.
  4. In the middle of a move so most of my comics are packed away. Two prizes shipped anywhere Stephen King's Under the Dome on DVD factory sealed Brian Herbert's Navigators of Dune on CD factory sealed