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  1. So you can request Joey? I've submitted three books for pressing and grading and have only received one back so far and it was better than I figured, a giant size xmen 1
  2. Ahh, I wondered if he was one of them who did or knew about that...Thanks
  3. OK, didn't realize it was a different title, I purchased it when it went on sale from Dynamic Forces because it was cool looking, didn't realize until a couple years ago how popular it was. Gotta any info on pressing it?
  4. Hey all, I am trying to find out if an Amazing Spider-Man 300 Chromium edition can be pressed. It has four very small "dents" near the spine, I assume it came from the printer that way. No color breaks and no other issues with this book. If those tiny dents can be pressed, I will be very very happy! Thanks for any info..
  5. What about Chromium covers? I have one that has four small dents on the spine, no color breaks or anything else. Should it be pressed, is it a waste of time?
  6. Wow! OK thanks, good to know, I've got some others I can submit, I was just gonna wait until the first one was done to get a better idea of the process.
  7. Mine has said received for 16 days, how long does it normally take overall? When I submitted it said 18 days, but that is probably without the pressing and shipping, I guess.
  8. I just logged in and checked if my comic had arrived at CGC and it finally has! I submitted a Giant Size Xmen 1 that I bought about a decade ago for 350, had it pressed and I am hoping it will come out pretty decent since it was mostly wrinkles and no line breaks with good corners. What's most of your expericenes, better or worse than you thought?