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  1. I picked up a copy of Smash Comics 63 yesterday at a comic show because, from my cursory glance at the contents and cover, I thought it had the Spirit in it. Then I got home and discovered the the Spirit is really "Midnight" and Ebony is really a monkey. (How racist is that!?) So... what's the deal with "Midnight"? Is he a Spirit rip-off? I noticed the book had Lady Luck in it and I know she originated with Eisner's Spirit Sections in 1940. I got a great price on the book, btw. It's in Good-. I got it with a Crime Patrol #9 in Good , both for $70, about 10-15% under guide for the two. I also picked up a nice, Fineish Weird Science 18 for $75. I'll post some scans in the next day or two.