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  1. I am stoked it came back what it did. @joeypost did an amazing job on it.
  2. I posted this knowing it was on the way back. I submitted to Joeypost back in January and it was dropped off for grading just a few weeks ago. I have an unboxing video available here - For anyone that would rather just cut to the chase....
  3. Based on the messaging it was based on allowing more than 1 copy to be sold per person and selling for higher than cover within the 1st 30 days. Not sure if anyone has figured out which store it is yet. The last store was figured out from last month (I think it was last month) so I would think it will only take so long before it is uncovered. I think Bad Idea should let us know so if we have anything preordered we know we have to go elsewhere. But then there is a good chance the product never got to us based on the reasoning for boot (to the head).
  4. He teased about a month ago that he was doing an "all villain" cover. I figured it was for Marvels #2 to go with #1 being all heroes. He did not disappoint.
  5. #foilfever is returning to Invincible along with more graded issues on Comics Vault Live this Friday -
  6. FYI more #foilfever coming on Friday with Comics Vault Live.
  7. Standard - Non-Fast Track 4/27 - Received 4/27 - Scheduled for grading 5/5 - Grading/Quality Control 5/11 - Finalized / Shipped When it was "received" it went into the system immediately on my end as SFG, the TAT was 22 business day. Another homer for CGC getting this done ahead of my expectations!
  8. Sent it off for pressing and grading. Thoughts?
  9. The color breaking crease def keeps it from the 9.6 and higher range imo. 9.2-9.4 range
  10. Zoinks, ordered another Whaleville. thanks! @BrooksR They have already shipped.