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  1. Not sure that signature has any validity to the book, possibly the original owner? Looking at the date, I am guessing that is the hardcover? The book itself is still available on Amazon - P.S. I was unaware writing in a complete sentence would hinder at least a civilized response, whodathunkit?
  2. Thanks dude! Always keeping me informed it is appreciated.
  3. *gasp* how dare you actually work and stuff. It's cool
  4. @Kevin Boyd How many "rounds" of Comic Creators do you expect there to be for announcements? (just curious)
  5. Got my single day again for Saturday and it was before the Weird Al announcement no less. I just might have to meet him! Onsite grading would be pretty cool. I would have to find something to bring to get graded if they did that!
  6. @DR.X That was the absolute best packaging job I have EVER seen. Pretty sure it would have survived a nuke. Thanks for the prize, I plan to sit down and read through it here soon.
  7. I would have totally missed this if not for Addy, since I was outta town and not on the boards the last week at all! thanks @ADAMANTIUM!
  8. He posted a video that it was postponed until the 1st week of January. He was not allowed to fly per his doctor.