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  1. 1.8! (just to be different and mean)
  2. As csaag stated above they do not. Nor would they want to as it could compromise the spine of the book.
  3. It used to be right before return, now it seems they are billing upon receipt of the items into the system for CGC services.
  4. Looks like you need a nap! Also look at you trying to grow out the facial hair like a big boy! Was still holding out hope you would get a 9.9 but it is still a great book to have in 9.8 You put on your calendar for the event on the 30th, right? Or do I need to call and remind you?
  5. Sure, I have the beard to go with the Santa persona (just not white). Might as well give a gift to go along with it. Sign me up!
  6. This is terrible and absolutely gutted about seeing that damage. From a facilitator no less. Egads man! I hope you get some form of resolution to this @Nic8612!
  7. Holiday Xpo was announced, chance at WDD and (possibly?) Negan red foils in the Mystery Boxes during again. Last time they sold out during Comic Vault Live once it was revealed to have those possible inclusions. Holiday Xpo - Tuesday, Dec 6th starting at 1pm (central). Cyber Monday Comic Vault Live (CGC 9.8 WDD Black Foil) - Monday, November 30th starting at 6pm (central).
  8. Please enlighten us with your wisdom.....
  9. The plot thickens! Welcome and thanks for clearing it up. Enjoy your retirement in the south of France, when you get there!
  10. Not really sure how much of your good name is being tarnished. The book is slabbed and if the slab has not been tampered the label will be intact. The artist can deny all she likes that she did not sign it but that label says otherwise. Maybe she is upset with your $28k price point on that book.
  11. I know what was I thinking wearing a Terminus shirt when that is the TV show only. But alas it is the only WD T-Shirt I have. But it does show that in the event of a real Walker Apoc, I would eat people..... (sorry, not sorry!)