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  1. Speaking sure to tune into my Comics Vault Live stream! Your vault live stream netted me a #foilfever, so I am a believer. Granted that was from Skybound Xpo not SDCC. I am surprised #blametom didn't cancelled the Xpo!
  2. BTW, I talked to my contacts at AMC. They said this was your fault too! Wait so the TV Series AND the comic is all because of @BladeTX???????? So it isn't because I added WD to my pull starting with 192.....
  3. This just makes me want to find you on FB. Already found a few boardies on it just from various comic groups.
  4. Do you believe that you should be treated like a customer when you access these boards? This is not a simple Yes / No imo. Yes I am a customer to CGC, but not all of the forums are tailored to being a customer facing environment. Do I feel that I should be treated fairly and with respect, absolutely, as long as that is how I am treating others. The moment that changes, is the moment the gloves should come off. (joking posts aside because we should all be able to laugh and have fun) Are the boards an ad for CGC? I would hope so. Do they serve as a place for CGC to sell ad space? Absolutely, they also are a place to show off their product, both good and bad unfortunately. Do you think CGC makes money off of you being here and participating? Also not a simple Yes/No. While they do gain members, they might not gain paying members all the time. In some instances they get 1 and done posters and others get ran off for misunderstandings, this can leave a person with a sour taste in their mouth and blame the company and thus not wish to experience the good the company can do. But overall, I would hope they do make money thanks to the boards and its participants. And should you expect any minimum level of service as a result, much as you would at a store of any kind? I expect more a minimum level of participation from CGC on the boards, not really service. Their product is their service. @theCapraAegagrus Appreciate the easy copy and paste Question / Answer format for me to use.
  5. This kid needs to crawl back under the heatpress he was birthed out of.
  6. Black Knight Mania runnin' wild! That is some serious hype spec'ing!
  7. What a great way to get your auction higher sales, @Xenosmilus!
  8. It was indeed added to the invoice upon receipt and movement of my most recent Fast Track invoice. I have another one about to get ran in the next few weeks. Lets see if there is another added charge on that one too.
  9. I fixed it for you. Just my opinion though based on his actions and his attitude. Dude needs to go fly a kite.