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  1. Yeah, I think this is one of my fav Dell'Otto covers in awhile. Scorpion still has some of the Trade Dress, Virgin sets sold out.
  2. You will need to read it to believe that issue 5 actually does a great job of wrapping it nicely for Season 1. And issue 2 was amazing, it holds NOTHING on issue 4 though, I was speechless and teary eyed. I picked up the series solely on the recommendation of a LCS. I figured why not and got their last copy of 1st print #1. I am very happy I did. Yes "sorta"...... It is a futuristic story about Earth and how the planet has gone through many iterations of trying to destroy us but we have always succeeded to survive. Now we are told by some alien race that the planet will f
  3. @carter3175 Last thing I see is a hardcover artbook from 2016 -
  4. Anyone else reading this title? The #1 was imo a surprise "hit" that pushed it to a 2nd printing. Season 1 just finished with issue #5. The art is fun, the story is engaging, and they have QR codes in each one that link to Youtube music that is supposed to link to the book as you read it.
  5. Ha and the guy was from Va Beach per the article. Funny, so it had salt water air too hitting it here and there.
  6. When it is popular CVL offerings go very quickly. And they are great at adjusting those that add extra to orders to try and get more than allowed, whether intentional or not. I too grabbed a Radiant Black. I enjoyed the 1st issue.
  7. If you happen upon another let me know. I will check mine around here once they reopen. Any extras I will have available also.
  8. Yep. Kinda glad I passed on the 1st set now. While it is a pretty cover I am torn because it just doesn't fit the art style of the book imo.
  9. I agree, wish I could get one for pre-apoc prices. 😂
  10. There is another version of this coming Friday at noon eastern.
  11. Sorry was driving. 😂 I’ll take the vol 2, please. I love coffee table books. 🙂