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  1. Also known as gameshow time at the "home"?
  2. I think this is the largest worry. I would thoroughly inspect that book in the slab before purchase. Also make sure however you pay for it there is some sort of buyer protection, in case it is a fake.
  3. As others have said I think it should be sent via PM to not derail the sales topic as a whole. Also if you are aware of the pressed status you could just put it in the overall topic also. And if you don't know, just be honest, no need to be shady up in here. At least he didn't end his post in the 3rd person.
  4. Saw this last night, mini-me enjoyed it, I did as well. But I went in not expecting it to blow my mind.
  5. Probably now safely in the comic vault of Nic Cage
  6. I just had this same conversation at the LCS this past week. We talked about more than just Joe Mad though. I am really not surprised he is passing the torch, so to speak, it is sad that he is not finishing what he started.
  7. Is there somewhere stating someone cannot win it more than once?
  8. Not mine. I could see a Kav forumite of the year! You got some catching up to do with @ADAMANTIUM though.
  9. I have absolutely no issue paying more for a CGC sig compared to a non, so long as they are keeping it within reason. I have all 4 Wolverine limited series, would love to have Frank Miller's signature, I am however not willing to pay the $100 a pop he charges. Just not something I think it is worth to me. However I absolutely would have paid it for Stan's when he was alive to put on something that I feel it would have been worth to me. But then I am not intending to flip what I have signed or slabbed. Not my goal whatsoever. Will I sell some at some point, maybe. Just depends on what it is and what it means to me. $80 for a Liefeld signature, that is a hard pass. Hell $40 for a Liefeld signature is a hard pass.
  10. Look him up, see if he is rich and have him pay for what he has done!