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  1. "...a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot..."
  2. The only Lego thus far I have wanted and didn't get was the Vader Bust Target Exclusive. It sold out so fast online and the Target stores (to my knowledge) never received any. Originally it was $39 or $50 now it is going for $100-$150. Just can't bring myself to overpay that much. Good idea to buy the bricks on bricklink. Hmmmmmm.
  3. At one point I had close to 150 pops, I liquidated them down to maybe 25 of my favorites. I have added a few since, mostly just Thanos honestly. They come out with too many with too many combinations.
  4. I really enjoyed it. And with the recommendation of @BladeTX I reread 174 before reading Lives. I would recommend the same.
  5. I have seen a few posts on FB collectors where they have said they got em for cover price even. So the price spread is definitely going to be out there. I wish you could have gotten them.
  6. Supposed to be a new story telling what happens to Negan after 174 and before the happenings of 193.
  7. I am not seeing any defect in that corner, can you provide an image without the flash glare? And circle where you think there is a defect/tear?
  8. Aaaaand the new mysterious "doesn't exist" Ruby Foil Negan Lives as well that Kirkman spoiled on twitter. Not found any concrete info on it yet other than that brief image and it is on @Key Collector Comics's app already. Happy Hunting!
  9. It is another low print run hard to find in a high grade book. Census has 13 in 9.8 out of 221 graded.