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  1. It has the same effect on me asking questions when said emoji is posted.
  2. @kav told me about this guy that also does reproduction covers, you might be able to work something out with him.
  3. Just like the tactic they use in all the cop dramas. do you want someone else to fall prey to his tactics that might not be as methodical as you were with checking up on it? If not then I would out him here.
  4. Rule #1 never click on links on the internet from random people, your eyes will thank you.
  5. I would donate but pretty sure farting in a ziplock bag and sending that is considered a form of terrorism.
  6. Don’t fall into a crowd. Be your own person and come to your own conclusion. If it happens to fall in line with the others so be it. But take the time and do it right.
  7. I can only say I too stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night to your MD comments. As that was my 1st thought while reading them. One should not throw their weight around, so to speak, it just makes them look pompous to me. But that is my opinion. Use your knowledge not your title. You are correct just because it is someone’s opinion does not make it accurate. Normally if someone is passionate about their opinion, no matter how faulty it is, you cannot change it. It is almost like it is in their DNA.