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  1. On my way to the show...if you go and you see a short guy wearing a Tyco BMW Motorrad jacket ..thats me say "Hi" I will try to get a few pictures of the comicbook dealers booths that are there today.
  2. This sunday at BINGEMANS (Conference Centre - Marshall Hall) in Kitchener as usual there should be a good selection of comicbook dealers.
  3. I went...there was quite a few comicbook dealers there...few with good wall books. The one in Kitchener at Bingemans on Feb 24th will be good too for comicbook dealers.
  4. I have been through this BS with paypal before....they wanted a copy of my drivers license...copy of bill confirming my address...and they wanted to know my political affiliation...all because I supported a motorcycle racer from Northern Ireland...this was all through Paypal messaging on their web site so I knew it wasn't a scam....I no longer use/deal with Paypal for anything...they can kiss my 🍑
  5. I am gonna throw this thread off on a different tangent for you guys in Ireland...any fans of the brave that race the "Roads" over there. Still crushed we lost William Dunlop , Dan Kneen and others this year....tough year on the "roads"...I am hoping to get over for either the Northwest or Ulster Grand prix this year. Hopefully there will be some comicbook stores in the area that I can check out.
  6. Toy and Collectables show in Woodstock this sunday... Always is a few dealers with comic books.
  7. No ... I just did a quick check on
  8. My original artwork from this issue...pages 9 & 10 I think these are my favorite pieces of original artwork I own. Some really tough books to find in this thread....thanks to all for posting them
  9. There is usually a bunch of dealers with comicbooks at this show. Show is Sunday the 16th Ancaster fair grounds main building.
  10. They are ‪@PaliareRoland ‬ on twitter... haven't seen anything about anyone else being able to join in yet. I am following them on twitter...if I see anything about others being able to join I will DM them about this thread...I am sure Roy has some helpful info ????
  11. If you are Canadian and have used Paypal to sell comics this classaction lawsuit might interest you.
  12. After many years of comicbook kids and I will be coming to this show...I will bring tissues just incase Jim cries
  13. If not that weekend .. I will be coming down for the Toronto fan expo so I can drop off books to CGC ??