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  1. Just an update. Had 9 radiation treatments so far and one Chemo treatment. The Chemo has damaged my kidneys a bit so they admitted me to London Hospital on Wednesday. I have had nonstop IV’s since then in hopes of repairing the damage. Fingers crossed I get to leave on Friday and spend the weekend in my own bed. John
  2. I am amazed that this thread is still going strong....What started out with the question "Does anyone know who was actually answering all those letters in Sgt. Rocks Combat Corner" Turned into a thread with 10.8k replies and over 1.1m views.... Truely amazing John
  3. I would be remiss if I also didn’t mention Kevin Boyd...Kevin you always went out of your way to help me at conventions...picking stuff up so I could pick it up at a convention...all for a low low cost of some Coca Cola...I believe it was a case of Coke zero.You are a good man Kevin and Thank You.
  4. With me...I woke up at about 5am on a sunday morning in October with a huge long lump on my neck (lymph nodes)..sore throat and a cough...I was in emergency by 5:30 am and being looked at by 6 am. I was asked at the time if "I thought it was a good reason to come to emergency" Well ...uh ya the Cancer diagnosis proved it.... I could have not went but by the 1st week of December everytime I swallowed it felt like someone was punching me in the throat...I would have gone then... but then the diagnosis would have been a few months from now. Bottom line is if there is somethin
  5. Thank you for the kind words everyone. Aaron it is storys like yours and others that have made me reflect on my situation ever since the beginning of December when my ENT said it might be Cancer. There a people who have a tougher battle than what I am going through...there is a 90 % success rate for me...way better than what my dad was given...His was zero but he still fought as will I. I have a good group of people around me including a bunch of my co-workers who use the words "Whatever you need johnny just let us know" so many times I can't count. I am very at ease and not wo
  6. It has been awhile since I have posted on the seems I have lost interest in the hobby and have auctioned off some books over the past year or so.My Dad passing daughter getting sick (see below)....the company I worked at for 28 being sold and working for the company that bought ours....Life just got really really busy.I had decided to clear out most of my collection via auction comiclink/heritage except for some that I am leaving for my kids. Well my snails pace to clear it out has come to a stop. This is where the public service announcement comes in. Ca
  7. On my way to the show...if you go and you see a short guy wearing a Tyco BMW Motorrad jacket ..thats me say "Hi" I will try to get a few pictures of the comicbook dealers booths that are there today.
  8. This sunday at BINGEMANS (Conference Centre - Marshall Hall) in Kitchener as usual there should be a good selection of comicbook dealers.
  9. I went...there was quite a few comicbook dealers there...few with good wall books. The one in Kitchener at Bingemans on Feb 24th will be good too for comicbook dealers.
  10. I have been through this BS with paypal before....they wanted a copy of my drivers license...copy of bill confirming my address...and they wanted to know my political affiliation...all because I supported a motorcycle racer from Northern Ireland...this was all through Paypal messaging on their web site so I knew it wasn't a scam....I no longer use/deal with Paypal for anything...they can kiss my 🍑
  11. I am gonna throw this thread off on a different tangent for you guys in Ireland...any fans of the brave that race the "Roads" over there. Still crushed we lost William Dunlop , Dan Kneen and others this year....tough year on the "roads"...I am hoping to get over for either the Northwest or Ulster Grand prix this year. Hopefully there will be some comicbook stores in the area that I can check out.
  12. Toy and Collectables show in Woodstock this sunday... Always is a few dealers with comic books.
  13. No ... I just did a quick check on
  14. My original artwork from this issue...pages 9 & 10 I think these are my favorite pieces of original artwork I own. Some really tough books to find in this thread....thanks to all for posting them
  15. There is usually a bunch of dealers with comicbooks at this show. Show is Sunday the 16th Ancaster fair grounds main building.