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  1. 1) Was there an agreed upon deal in place? Yes 2) Was there a stated "Payment to be received by" date in the thread rules**? No 3) Did seller cancel deal without cause? Yes (as far as we know, having heard only one side) I would say definitely not HOS worthy, Probation worthy if buyer wants to make an issue of it.
  2. Doesn't look like it, it has a novel, serial stories, short stories, a storiette and Editorials-
  3. An Avon and some earlier pbs picked up while out and about in Maine last month-
  4. 1) Correct 2) See below for older models that can scan CGC slabs (CCD format). New scanners that work (CCD) samples posted in this thread EPSON DS-50000 new $1300+ EPSON GT-15000 pre-owned $300-1000 Scanning software issues for Mac Vuescan settings suggestions use vuescan = start with KKs settings UPDATED LIST: EPSON DS-50000 (added) Epson GT-15000 (added) Epson GT-20000 (corrected model number) HP 7310 HP 7400 (7710 is the actual number for a search) HP 7400C (added) HP 7410 All-in-one. HP 7780 AIO HP Scanjet 8200 HP 8250 HP 8300 HP 8350 HP 8390 (according to HP specs) Microtek Scanmaker i800 plus Microtek V6UPL Microteks 9600-9700-9800 Not yet confirmed(but I'm still thinking of giving it a whirl!) PLUSTEK OPTICPRO A320
  5. The Xerox Documate 4700 will not work as it uses CIS Imaging Sensor, it needs to be CCD. Most of the off the shelf scanners today are CIS, the CCD are harder(and sometimes way more expensive) to find if you don't want a used or refurbed model. I don't know anything about the software compatibility, maybe someone else here does.
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3 CGC 9.8 $555 Shipped in US, brand new beautiful holder Back Cover
  7. One and done today. The rules: I accept first unconditional & unedited with item info here in the thread or PM, text, email, phone call or smoke signal from comicdonna, timestamp wins(I get emails of all posts and PMs for timestamps). Payment due within 7 days of invoice unless arranged before "I'll Take It", I think it's reasonable to expect if you post then you have the time to pay in the stated time frame unless otherwise arranged. I accept Paypal, checks, MOs(sorry no International money orders). I'll accept returns mailed within 7 days if item is not as described, undisclosed restoration within 30 days, no returns on slabs. No HOS or Probation list members please. These rules aren't meant to be hard@ss but some are board requirements and some result of having to deal with many situations that have popped up over the years, and we are both better off setting the expectations! Shipping in US is included, PM for international shipment info.
  8. Ok, thread is closing down and books have been moved to, let me know if there are any questions. Will post the TMNT #3 when I get it in hand!
  9. I would recommend one of these three sellers of comic shippers 1) Hotflips 2) Hotflips and #3 (you guessed it) 3) Hotflips Oh, and if you need any more advice I'd recommend Hotflips.
  10. Are they showing up in sold or completed filter? If not the account may have been suspended.
  11. How much do you owe the Federal government? $750?