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  1. GACollectibles

    Signed Comics Database- How Can You Help?

    Extremely! At least I got it right in the database.
  2. GACollectibles

    Signed Comics Database- How Can You Help?

    Now nearly 2200 different creators & celebrities listed! Some uploads don't have creator/celebrity added to the item description so there could be more- let me know if you see any that aren't listed. Here's a list of some recently added Signed Comics- Francis Ford Coppola Meatloaf Sharlto Copley B. Clay Moore Brian Reber Kelly Fitzpatrick Neal Holman Clay McCormack Wolfgang von Frankenstein Paul Reubens Ken Page Catherine O'hara Michelle Gomez Tom Welling Joe Flanigan Ted DiBIase Jogn Cena Alexa Bliss Amy "Lita" Dumas Mick Foley Colin Skeaping Rusty Goffe Mitch Gerads Sonia R. Hillios Lynne Yoshii Greg Smallwood Andy Hirsch Daniel Campos Karl Altstaetter Meat Loaf Gordon Murphy Paul Green John Mendoza Tim Proctor Gabe Eltaeb HUWJ Sina Grace Geena Davis Wallace Shawn Collette Turner Nick Justus Ben Harvey Kenneth Rocafort Brendon Small Matthew Dimasi Micheal Carter Stephen Baskerville Jay Fosgitt Tyler Crook Brian Atkins Dike Ruan Tony Saylor Roger Andrew Derek Riggs Ryan Kincaid Tommy Lee Wallace Irwin Yablans Charles Cyphers Jude Courtney Jude Courtney Chris Durand Brad Loree Don Shanks Tommy Lee Wallace Warlock George Wilbur Filipe Andrade Sandu Florea
  3. Quote their response(like you are doing) but also highlight desired previous post and click "Quote Selection" when it pops up.
  4. Ok, books have been moved, PM with any questions. Books can be seen on myslabbedcomics or along with my entire slabbed inventory at Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks! Which part, the nice books or the horrifying commentary?
  6. GACollectibles

    I'll pound you to a "Pulp" if you don't show off yours!

    I love the nightlife, I got to boogie, On the disco 'round, oh yea
  7. I'll add this copy and leave the thread open for a bit. Daredevil #164 CGC 9.8 $180
  8. And one last one, will have to post the picture a bit later- Superboy #229 CGC 9.8 $200
  9. Unknown Soldier #239 CGC 9.6 $50
  10. Sgt Rock #308 CGC 9.6 $60
  11. Sgt Rock #307 CGC 9.6 $60
  12. Brave and the Bold #179 CGC 9.6 $50
  13. Batman #307 CGC 9.6 $80 1st Lucius Fox