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  1. And the last one for now, another "7 Bertha"
  2. A "Shirley" and then one with three names including "Bertha"
  3. Here's a "7 Mayna" in pencil and "Jo" in pen upper left
  4. This one has two names after the "7", one appears to be "Mayna", the the other "Lorraine" and has pen "Kat" upper right which also appears on another book.
  5. "7 chase(?)" and checkmark with mark through it
  6. I came across a collection recently with some interesting markings and thought I'd share. These are a sampling from the collection, the most common pencil notation looks like "7 girls" , then there are other pencil notations that are names(anywhere from one to three per book). A couple also have additional pen names in ink, maybe it indicated who had read them them? Anyways, I believe most of the books were romance and hopefully I will be able to get more of them over time. First up are two that seem to be "7 girls"- On man's face, also has "X" stamp on woman's arm(not seen on
  7. That's it for this thread, let me know if you need any non-posted back cover scans. I have a 1st Appearance of Machine Man posted HERE
  8. CLOSED- book moved to, PM with any questions! One book for this thread, a different price point than the ones I posted earlier this week Check out my Copper/Modern Thread HERE for Aliens #1, Moon Knight & other slabs. The rules: Shipping in US $12 for 1st slab, $2 for each additional slab, PM for international shipment info.