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  1. Thank you so much! They look great! But under Figment I cannot find a spot for my variant sketch cover cert # 2005221005
  2. Hi I see the Disney Kingdoms ones has Figment and Seekers but can Figment and Seekers have their own as well like HM? And can all be added to the Disney Kingdoms? I cant find Tiki room or thunder mountain. Thank you for your inquiries and patience. Upon more research, it was determined that these sets could share a "completed" set as well as individual sets. Also, Enchanted Tiki Room and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are not titled starting with "Disney Kingdoms" like Figment is. Their sets are under their respective first letter titles.
  3. Hi the ones I have graded are Haunted mansion and are not listed. Also the Figments I have are not listed. How do I get those added? My apologies, these sets have been created.
  4. Hello did I do something wrong with my request? It seems to have been skipped over. Thanks| I apologize if it was overlooked, however, I did update it a few days ago. Please see the original post for my notes. Thanks!
  5. Hello Can you please add the following sets with variants? Disney Kingdoms: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (2015) Disney Kingdoms: Figment (2014) Disney Kingdoms: Figment 2 (2015) Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird (2014) Disney Kingdoms: Enchanted Tiki Room Disney Kingdoms: Haunted Mansion (2016) Haunted Mansion (Slave Labor Comics) Sets created of existing CGC graded comics. The others will be added once they are submitted and entered into our database.
  6. Hello, Would it be possible to get the Slave Labor haunted mansion set added? As well as the Disney Kingdoms sets and variants? Figment Haunted Mansion Seekers of the Weird Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Thanks!