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  1. Ultra nice seller for a big book. Shipped quickly and packaged properly. Thanks Lee
  2. Have my first order in the mail already. One worlds promo Pokemon card and paid up for express to see how it goes.
  3. Yep, posted by Quinn today in an MTG group, but we have nothing official except for the teaser as of now
  4. These are absolutely incredible. As a pulp rookie...what size are these books? Same as regular gold? Thank you!
  5. Would love that as well. Especially in Pokemon that would be a game changer
  6. I'm hoping CGC will begin slabbing and grading sealed packs (wax, everything else). PSA currently takes 100 business days to do so, and they destroy the pack as well. If cgc does this right they have my business
  7. Can't believe I missed 43...great books