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  1. As an update, I have called my card issuer to dispute the charge giving them the full story that was posted here. I have been given a temporary credit, and I am waiting to see what the next steps are.
  2. The pages were counted and complete. The pq on the detached cf was perfect as you can see from the picture. If we can't trust dealers with tables with 6 figure inventory to stand by their books then what's the point? This whole hobby, especially for GA and SA is built on trust. I get that you think this is somehow my fault but why are you deflecting blame from the seller?
  3. Absolutely, and thank you for your help. Can never hurt to be more educated and I now am. Here is the photo for discussion. The page quality looked very good to me: https://imgur.com/a/zxtmxqu I also don't want to take away from the point that overwhelmingly the boards agree that the seller should take a return or offer a refund for this book as he sold something that was not what he said it was. I appreciate everyone's input on all matters
  4. Correct. This has soured me, as there are clearly sellers that will not stand by their books post-sale and others that will blame the victim
  5. Detached centerfold definitely doesn’t always get a green. In fact this is the first time I’ve had a detached centerfold/wrap come back green. The other times they were blue with a corresponding grade drop
  6. You get 60 days from the CC statement to file a dispute. I still have a a couple of weeks fortunately.
  7. The traded book was slabbed. There is no reverse situation here. As said, the dealer thumbed through the book. There was no signs of color touch or trim from a review of the cover. What more due diligence could be done? Are you suggesting I deserved to be ripped off because I didn't take out a loupe and go page by page while at a con? That's absolutely silly.
  8. I agree completely but it does not appear the seller is willing to make this right. Do you believe a credit card dispute is the best route to go? Thank you to all three comments
  9. appreciate that. will leave the other up for a while and will move back if need be