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  1. 4 for sure...my newly reholdered pedigree book will be a collectors item I guess when this changes
  2. I actually quite like cbcs cases for modern (take up less space lol) and of course for red label but you'll never find me putting a golden age book in one of their slabs.
  3. Price drop on weird science....$45 shipped
  4. I havent seen too many 9.8s myself but was shocked when I saw the 9.9 edgar church on metropolis right now!
  5. Planet Comics 69 Looking to upgrade this one so selling this copy. Purchased originally from Jared.1.0 with spine split with tape. Colors actually very nice Asking $45
  6. Weird Science 19 Ray Bradbury adaptation Used in SOTI Wally Wood cover Grade: Was sold to me as complete 1.0. Lots of tape. Asking $45
  7. Hi everyone, two cheap books today. Selling so I can upgrade one of them Rules: No HoS, no probies in the thread gets you first into the game. Please PM any offers if no one has taken. If you want to see any extra photos, please ask and ill get them posted as soon as I can get in front of the book Shipping - $7.90 for protected gemini in legal sized priority envelope to CONUS. Combined price is same for 1 or both books together. Payment - PayPal. If you want both books, PM me and i'll give you a discount Returns: Accepted
  8. I didn't even see it! Lmao thanks man
  9. Hey what is missing from this issue? Thanks Jared!
  10. Taken as per PM. Thanks again!