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  1. Yes. Look at the threads for estate sales where people announce the smoking hot deal they got and brag flipping a book they bought that day from a dead guy's collection. Anyone with an expensive collection should consider that. Most heirs probably don't have the expertise to get a fair price. If I died and someone bought my stuff on the cheap and then bragged about it online I'd have to come back and haunt them. I hate those estate sale threads.
  2. You said you are a hustler and will sell to a sucker. Neither of those will work for long. Maybe you were joking but collectors don't like those kinds of jokes. Investing in collectibles is about as high risk as it gets. If were easy to make money from it more people would do it. The vast majority of old comics are not worth the time and space they have occupied during their lifetime. The same can be said of most collectibles. Watch 'The Antique Road Show'... Old and rare does not always mean valuable.
  3. imo, the problem is with giving free stuff (effort, data) to a for-profit company. They can fold if they can't pay people to produce their product, it's a sad but natural evolution.
  4. I say collect them. I like to collect accessories. They are so compact! I was pretty heavily into vintage SW action figure collecting and when I started running out of space I started collecting accessories. I now have a very large collection of vintage SW accessories. I have most variants of the accessories for all the figures plus things like the accessory packs. Accessory collecting is fun!
  5. This looks like clay shapes that I saw a guy make on a TV program about how brains work. The guy was able to see numbers as shapes like this. He had been diagnosed with autism and his brain did things with math and numbers to make numbers appear as shapes to him. When given a number like 10,435 he would shape a ball of clay into a shape that looked like the image he saw in his mind. They tested him by giving him different numbers at different times, separated by long periods, and compared the shapes made, say a year apart, for a bunch of numbers and the shapes matched.
  6. It was not a $5 book it was a $40 book. When you buy something remotely the TOTAL price is what matters, not the item price. Everyone who looked at that listing calculated the shipping as part of the deal... Except you. By backing out of the deal after the fact you are breaking the calculation that everyone else used, including the seller. By asking for a discount after the deal you are breaking the deal. Anything the seller agreed to for a discount after the fact was to make you go away and not waste $35 worth of their time. I agree with others that sellers who gouge on shipping are bad people but it's right there on the price tag, bro. Don't buy something without looking at the price tag. Now you are the bad guy if you don't pay $40. This is why I don't sell my stuff. One incident like this is like an hour lost and my hours are worth a lot more than 5 or 10 or 40 bucks to me.
  7. Oh, ha! You said it, it's Dark Carnage. I should read some super hero comics... Awesome rendering.
  8. Very cool. Is that your character? That would be a good character in The Manhattan Projects https://imagecomics.com/comics/series/the-manhattan-projects
  9. I think collecting is an impulse. I have collected one thing or another my whole life. My mom does too. Not sure if my collecting is learned behavior. I'm guessing it is a hereditary brain structure. Like diarrhea: it runs in your genes.
  10. I bought two of your books. I brought "Now and Then" with me on vacation, I love staring at it.
  11. Cool. Good to see a comic vendor who understands technology.
  12. That guy sounds like most of the failed hires that I worked with at a construction job I had last year. Very familiar behavior. They are the guys who can't even work a shovel and say they need to be inside with the carpenters because they have mad skills. Losers, every one of them. They just can't do as they are told to do and it pains them that they have failed at everything they have done in life... and it is never their fault. Imbeciles. And that guy was definitely going to steal from you.
  13. I used to collect vintage action figures pretty seriously so I know variants are super important in that hobby. I'm not as experienced with comic collecting, I'm a reader and comic history buff, but it seems to me that comic collectors don't get very excited by variants.