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  1. Not offended. Just calling it what it is. People are tired of bigotry going unchallenged. Society is constantly evolving. Folks who are upset by the pace of change respond like you have. It is human nature to resist change from a state that is comfortable, I understand why it happens. I'm a Slayer fan so I know your handle "Angel of Death" is usually a reference to Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who experimented on humans. Interesting that you jumped in so quickly here.
  2. That is blatant anti semitism. It is shocking to me that this is in a mainstream publisher's comic. Call them on it.
  3. He did not believe in compromise, had no empathy, and he rejected imperfection. Not what I look for in art and literature or even just pop culture. Quite the opposite. To each his own, but I find him to be abhorrent.
  4. The key piece of evidence. A pedigree like Gaines, that has no physical identifiers, is verified by provenance and that has essentially been lost by being cracked open and moving around the comic book marketplace. I think this saves the day.
  5. A traditional Polynesian tattoo... on a Hawaiian. You gotta respect that.
  6. Hang 'em in the garage.
  7. Buying boards and bags is a good excuse to make a trip to the Local Comic Shop, say hi, look at a bunch of cool stuff, see a few weirdos, and spend a few bucks in town. Support your LCS.
  8. 'Better' means 'higher quality' in the context of a conversation about page paper color. Are you 12 years old?
  9. Not happening. My motorcycle mechanic accidentally killed his father recently in Colorado. Mechanic was sick, had a negative COVID test so thought he was safe to recover at home where his elderly stay at home dad also lived. He gave his dad COVID and it killed him. Mechanic ended up with scarred lungs that were diagnosed after the fact. He was never hospitalized because he never felt hospital sick but his lungs are jacked for life and his dad is dead. COVID is serious, COVID is going to get worse before it gets better. That is according to the experts who have been right all alo
  10. Skull action figures are my favorite. I haven't seen this one before. Thanks for posting. The white plastic is nice and white, I did a quick search because now I want one I saw a yellowed one on fleaBay, yours is much nicer.
  11. If it is partner as in "business partner" or partner as in "howdy partner" I'd charge something but if it is partner as in "love partner" then it's 0%.
  12. I'd get the better copy unless $50 is a lot to you. If it is a book that you really love then you are probably always going to be eyeballing better copies, even after you buy this one.
  13. I think it's just a desire to make their opinion of flippers known. I can understand why someone who produces something has a distaste for flippers. Artists are justified in hating on flippers. Flippers... get lost, eh. I bought an old motorcycle from someone who basically interviewed me to see if they thought I was worthy before they would sell it to me. I totally understand that. I wouldn't sell an old Harley to a d-bag either.
  14. I loved the Sea Monkey ads when I was a kid. Just for kicks I did some googling to find out more about the guy who sold Sea Monkeys. Now that's a crazy story. There is no end to the creeps and weirdos in comic history. I usually like them for being different but this guy... no.
  15. 250 comics is a big package in both weight and volume. 40 lbs? A box the size of a long box? I've never had that many books shipped but $133 doesn't sound bad to me. I just paid $200 to check my surfboard as baggage on a flight. Shipping anything big or heavy costs a fortune.