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  1. I saw it over the weekend. It's a fun film. The Fight scenes are amazing, and the final battle scene with all the gals doing their thing is fantastic. However, the story kinda meanders up until the 3rd act. LIike Scott Mendelson said in the twitter post above, it's very middle of the road.
  2. Wife and I are hoping to catch it this week before the Oscars. It's the last Best Pic movie we have to see.
  3. You just have to go with it. The best part of the show that it doesn't take itself seriously. Yes, Cavill's wig so dang annoying to look at.
  4. Watched this last night. Still enjoyable. First one is better. Best part for me was listening to The Rock and Awkwafina talk like Danny DeVito with a Jewish accent. Even though Danny DeVito didn't have an accent in the movie. Haha.
  5. MIne is a nickname based of my last name. The avatar is because people on here kept calling me Rodney. So the name is a nickame, and the avatar is from a nickname from a nickname. It's like Inception, but with nicknames.
  6. We should all pitch in and buy the booth space. Then have a huge Good-Bye party in it.
  7. I'm pretty happy with what I have. I was telling my wife the other night that I've missed out on some recent Bagley New Warriors pages in the past year. That's OK because what I have now is just fine.
  8. Anyone in Minnesota going to this? I purchased a VIP pass and Mark Bagley is going to be there.