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  1. I've received 3 shipments so far where the CGC shipping department just places a stack of my graded books in a box on top of a piece of bubble wrap with nothing between the holders. Not even a piece of cardboard or bubble wrap. I've received cracked, broken and scratched holders that were not caused by shipping damage, they were caused by the way they were put in the box, then shipped. The worst incident, were two issues of Batman Damned #1 which were graded a 10, and a 9.9. They just placed them on top of each other, and 2000 miles later when I received them, the plastic had just rubbed and scraped together damaging both of the holders with bad scratches. Naturally I complained to Customer Service, but since I didn't have shipping insurance, too bad so sad.... But the damage was not caused by UPS, FEDEX or USPS. The boxes arrived in great condition. I can't blame the shippers. Has anyone else experienced this problem?