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  1. Just picked up this nice raw copy of ASM 72. The seller claimed in the description that the centerfold was hanging on without a picture of any of the interior. Got the book a few days ago and inspected it page by page and then found four full pages detached from the bottom staple. From the fourth image you can see the lower staple end seems to be clipped. Could this be a defect? I've caught two books from 1968/1969 in the last few months with a lot of staple issues. Anyone have any insight? Thanks
  2. Tried a Goo Gone spray and it cleaned the platen quite well. Will rinse and repeat a few times
  3. Hello, Wondering if any members have some experience with the Seal 160M Jumbo Press? I purchased a used one on ebay for an okay price. Temperature works well and even my first press test on a beater was fairly successful. My question is about the foam bottom portion.There is this piece of plywood with the remains of the original sponge foam stuck to it. I'm going to replace the foam asap, but is there a bottom piece that is missing? My guess is that the original owner didn't want to replace the foam so they just stuck the plywood in to make up for the gap. Also if there is any cleaning I should do on the surface that you recommend would appreciate recommendations. Thanks -Ray
  4. Thanks for everyones' the input. I agree this is a production error. I've put in a request for a refund. The seller claims the book wasn't in this condition when it was sent out Clearly the seller is trying to blow me off. I was reasonable and offered a partial refund, mind you I feel like I should put the cash towards a better copy, and is where I'm leaning to. @flashlites Interesting that you think it could grade 3.5 - 4.0. I feel like four pages being without a staple would be at best a 2.5.
  5. Looking for some advice on a recent ebay purchase: I bought this copy of SS 4 from a new seller. Some of the images were blurry but the cover(included picture) seem clear, good colors with fairly good corners. I asked if all the pages were intact, missing staples etc, prior to making an offer. The seller responded it is intact with some more pictures I requested of the interior. My offer was $300 and he accepted. Upon receiving it I noticed seven pages were not attached to the bottom staple(see pictures). Also there is a tear on the first seven pages at the top staple. The book also has some water damage, that a press would take out or at least help with. This book is pretty hot so I'm conflicted on ways to proceed. . I'm wondering whether I should return it and use the $300 towards a higher grade, or ask for a partial refund to bring it down to a more appropriate grade and keep it. I'm thinking it was a 3.5 - 4.0 at best prior to the page tears. But with the page attachment issue and the tears I'm thinking it would be more a 2.0-2.5. How do page tears like these affect the grade at Good/Very Good?
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I really appreciate it. After some thought after reading your responses I'm going to return it. I already have a low grade reader and my intention for purchasing this was for a finer copy.
  7. Hello, I purchased this quite pristine copy of ASM #39 and upon receiving I found the right side of the page chipped off. Looking for advice on whether to have the small portion taped with archival acid free tape to maintain the integrity of the cover. I feel that it would benefit the book, but I'm worried it could detract from the book's grade having the tape applied. Thoughts?