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  1. Some of the most brutal back covers I've seen in terms of how nasty the dark edges are. Any thoughts on if this is permanent oxidization that can't be rectified or mitigated? I suspect that it's the case but wouldn't mind some expert opinions!
  2. A recent pick up in pretty nice shape. I'm terrible at distinguishing between finer grades and an looking for some help figuring out if it's as nice as I think it is. Defects spotlighted in photos.
  3. Received my sales thread book quickly and packed expertly. Thanks Steve!
  4. Picked up these issues of Vampire Tales for $1 Canadian dollar + shipping on eBay.
  5. I really love DC stuff Kirby did the 70s, warts and all. It's very true that many of the stories were wild and not necessarily cohesive, but the energy and imagination is incredible. There's a reason those stories are venerated by guys like Moore, Gaiman and Morrison - all guys who know a thing or two about comic storytelling. On the topic of his dialogue, a friend once compared it to sugary candy. It's great and fun but also will leave you a bit queasy if you consume too much of it in one sitting.
  6. Yeah, if you're patient you can put together an entire set minus #1, #4 and #8 for a hundred bucks or less. I suppose there's a possibility that the supporting cast take off in popularity due to the show and folks start hunting for the first appearances of The Corinthian or something, but it seems kind of unlikely tbh.
  7. Celebrated but somehow still not as recognized as she should be. There's a short list of people who have had that level of influence on the entire medium.
  8. Received my sales thread book quickly, and with bombproof packing. Thanks Randall!
  9. The movie uses Morbius (or Moribus)' original love interest Martine, and 102 is her first appearance. Might be a thing if the movie takes off huge.
  10. I have to ask, were there cases where you bought a raw book, sent it off and had it come back as a 9.6 or lower?
  11. Now that's a long term collecting accomplishment. Congrats!
  12. Tough book due to the staple damage to the front cover that even careful storage can exacerbate. I'd put it at 7.0 personally. Nice wrap on it, which you don't always see.