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  1. So in these cases is the issue that people were colluding outside of the auction to keep the price down for one another? As much as that sucks for the seller, I guess my question is how not bidding on something could be problematic or a form of scam.
  2. The clown story comes from Arnold Drake: “Bob had gotten to the point where he never drew anything. Never drew anything on the Batman comics, anyway. [Sheldon] Moldoff was ghosting them all and when he didn’t, someone else did. The only thing I think Bob ever drew was when we’d be out somewhere, in a restaurant or someplace, and a pretty girl would come over to him and say, ‘Are you really the man who draws Batman?’ Then he could whip out a little sketch for her, a big sketch if she was wearing something low-cut and would bend over to watch him draw. One day I’m over at his house to
  3. Shady auction practices are completely normalized and have been for ages, and we won't soon see the end of them.
  4. I bought my first piece of OA some two decades ago ago now, but I think by the standards of this discussion I am a new collector: I bought more OA in the last 12 months than in the previous 20 years combined. I can say that there is plenty of bronze and silver age art that interests me, but very little of it falls within my modest budget. I did splash out on a piece of SIlver Age art last year (which was very reasonably priced but still a lot of money for me) but I don't foresee many more in my future for pricing and availability reasons. Thankfully there's plenty of great modern art by up and
  5. I started the year with the goal of acquiring a Doom Patrol cover, and I've sort of achieved it with my latest acquisition, J. Bone's original cover artwork for the massive Silver Age Omnibus DC released a few years ago. A great artist drawing my favourite team, just over the moon with this addition to the collection.
  6. I thought a lot about what you said and you were right: sometimes you have something special, and you don't even realize it.
  7. Update: I ultimately decided to hold onto the piece for a few reasons, firstly that I realized it had some sentimental value, and secondly the lack of anything comparable being sold in recent memory made pricing it too difficult. That said, when HA put up two Jean prelims recent I tracked the auctions because I was curious what they would fetch. The Runaways cover prelim went for $4800, and the X-Men trading card prelim went for $12,600. The Escapist piece is obviously less desirable than either of those (there's no published piece of work to compare it too, the character is not su
  8. Very sad news indeed. It says something that despite the brevity of his DP run, it's well remembered by those who were reading it at the time. Very fluid, dynamic figures and fun panel designs. RIP.
  9. Nowhere near as impressive as most of the ones listed, but I have a small collection of Doom Patrol art from all eras I am constantly adding to.
  10. One fairly simple goal: A Doom Patrol cover. Preferably from volume 2 (unlikely) 3, 5 or 6 (much more achievable).
  11. Unpublished Swamp Thing watercolour by Farel Dalrymple
  12. Well if I recall correctly Ghostface eventually melted down the eagle to make a medallion. Maybe if the buyer's museum doesn't materialize, they'll take a similar approach and break up the art for sale on a per page basis.
  13. I'm sure Dr. Alex Patterson would be cool about it. He seems like a pretty chill dude.
  14. God, what an absolute nightmare. I purchased a Kirby sketch (one from the infamous Roz sketchbook) and after reading up on some prominent fakery couldn't rest easy until I had consulted a repro of the drawing (from the Kirby Heroes and Villains hardcover) and e-mailed back and forth with a few folks whose knowledge I trusted. I'm confident at this point that my drawing is legit, but the whole experience made me wary of ever buying sketches again.