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  1. I don't have a practical way to post pictures i only use a tablet w/ 2mp camera! I can't even take a non blurry cat pic! Sorry! the only thing I use computers/tablets for is buying or looking for comics! Anyway, I live in a fairly humid environment and the NR's definitely showed up after the fact! I was ready to send off my first batch of 25 for grading when this issue first came up for me but now who knows!? I broke my new red wagon on Christmas day about 35 years ago; that pretty much sums up my feelings on the situation... The only reason I'm here is to maybe get insight? if I can help w/ anymore info just let me know but I will be working til midnight or so! Thank you!
  2. Hello has anyone ever heard of rings appearing after a year of more? I had a couple that's been hanging on the wall for more than a year i started to take them down to sell to upgrade and there were rings one very excessive? also do the other grading companies have this problem? Thanks!