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  1. Thanks for that info how do I check gpa never heard of it before
  2. Cman 429 I been keeping an eye on eBay to find one in similar conditions to see how much they sale for but they all look worst than mine and I also believe it would be a 7 7.5 . I think ima take the chance and send it in to get graded and pressed and hope for the best .I didn’t pay that much for the book after all . If for some reason comes out better than what we think then I’ll see how much someone’s willing to pay for it on eBay. Or I’ll just save it for the future I’ll post it back on here when I get it back . Thanks
  3. Hello fam hope not to bother anyone with my question I’m somewhat new to cgc haven’t been on here that long .so I posted this comic book a while back already was looking for my old post but couldn’t find it. I been looking online for a graded copy of this book and couldn’t find it , I paid about 15$ a while back for this and wondering if I should get a quick press to maybe get the dry cleaning done. Is there a big risk in damaging the book color etc?? If this was your book would you keep it as is or get it graded? What you think it’s worth as is ?Thanks for taking the time in reading this. Truly appreciated
  4. Yes he informed me of it but I took the chance in getting it . I actually got it yesterday but I got lucky today I found a better copy today and purchased it and I traded this one with the color touch to a friend of mine for a book he has that I been wanting As well . So a win win for me I believe
  5. Oh alright I’ll leave it as is to avoid damaging it thanks .
  6. I wonder if I can use an electric eraser on the interior of the cover for the bleed ?? Do you think that would work ? But even so even if it’s possible I think I would still not get a blue label due to the front cover if you look on the bottom right corner by the corner of the desk there’s a mark going upwards toward the edge of the comic
  7. Yea I was told it was colored touched you can tell like you stated due to the bleed and if you see the bottom right corner you can see a mark where they colored
  8. Thank you for your grade . Ima see if I send it in. If I find a better copy for a good price I’ll try and get it
  9. So in your opinion what grade do you think it could be ?? I would like to send it in to get it graded by cgc but not sure yet
  10. Alright thanks was hoping for a better grade but I take what I can get
  11. So I just picked this up today for my personal collection I don’t have many books but this is one I always wanted I have another one but in bad condition and when I saw this one I had to get it so I’m im wondering what you guys think about it’s condition and your opinion on it’s grade ? From what I can see and from what I was told it looks like someone might have done a lil bit of color touch on the cover
  12. I know it’s been a while since I responded back I wanted to say thanks for your grades etc I just wanted to see if I would get a good grade before I send it in . I just saw this on eBay and I would like to say in my opinion my comic looks so much better but maybe I’m wrong it would be great if I get back an 8.0 or higher
  13. Yea for some reason my phone doesn’t take great pictures , alright that’s not that bad then for the year it is. I bought this from a local store that closed down last year I think I paid about 15$ for it