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  1. From what I can tell it's completely random. The books you can't see are different in every pack. I'm going to my Walmart tomorrow and get a few more packs. I'll let ya know what I get. I was there Monday and they still had about 10 -12 packs left.
  2. Dutchman I know that one of the packs had Totally Awesome Hulk 22 and Spider Gwen. The others I'm not sure
  3. Thanks for the advice Lifesuggs I'm probably going to put it in just to see. I think it's in great shape and a cool cover. Just a 50 yr old guy having a little fun lol.
  4. Would any of the Captain Marvel books be worth getting graded. I picked up 4 at my local Walmarts and they are all in great condition in my opinion. Just asking I may send two in to be graded just to see. But thanks for any advice. KR
  5. Thank you for taking the time to explain I completely understand what your saying. KR
  6. So will that help the value or hurt the value ? Just asking cause I'm very new to all this. Thanks for the help KR
  7. Hello have a quick question. Pretty new to the comic collecting did it as a kid but haven't done anything for a long time. I came across a Spider Man #1 Torment Green Cover. It is signed by Tod McFarlane, and has the red spider web stamp on the back cover. The comic looks to be in great shape, I am not by any means a grader but looks like high 9's. Will CGC grade it as a SS series? because all I have saying that it is McFarlane's signature is the red stamp, from what i researched that was the way they did things inn the 90's when this was signed. Last is it worth to send in and get graded? Thanks and sorry this was such a long post. Any help Would be helpful. Also first time on these boards. Thanks Again KR