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  1. I see why a lot of people have signature lines turned off. Now back to PCH pricing.
  2. If I had to sell my Bat 1 4.0 now I would probably take a 20% loss. It took 9 months to raise the funds to purchase the comic and last payment was Jan 2019. In saying that, 100% of the money to purchase the Bat 1 came from selling comics. 2 big comics helped with $100K of the purchase. Looking at current market on those 2 big comics they also have dropped 20% in last year. Had I took the hard earned saved money out of the bank and bought the comic I would be in the hole. So let's just say I need to sell my Bat 1 during this Apocalypse it would look like I'm losing a big chunk. Well if I still had all the comics I sold to get the Bat 1 I would get less now than 1+ years ago. Now for my Bat 1 .5 purchased in 2011 I have $400 into it so I don't think I'll ever have to sell it for a loss. I hope all my fellow comic geeks are staying safe.
  3. It listed around 2 am local time couple nights ago for $42K, next day went to 38K then dropped to $29,950. Yes a great buy. Someone wanted to sell quick. Thing is this will take couple weeks to get money I would think. Seller has to ship to Clink then Clink ship to buyer.
  4. I thought the Detective 36 1.8 with taped up split and detached cover went for a strong price. As for Cap 1 face it true believers the numbers don't lie. Correction, soft market, economy concerns, to many being offered at once or whatever it is Cap 1 is just not as strong as in last few years. When I look at my 401k after it takes a hit I think "man I'm glad I don't need the money now" same with my Cap 1. Still a quality comic so let's hold onto them and see where the future takes it.
  5. Don't see a 5.0 on Heritage. I see a 5.0 in my sig line.
  6. I actually will be attending Sat only. Bringing some family with me to the show and spending a few days downtown Chicago. Maybe we'll run into each other.
  7. I agree that can't be conserved. I have a few books in the current Comic Linl auction you guys need to bid on. Incredible Hull 181 CGC 4.5 Incredible Hull 340 CGC 9.8 Ewols 12 CGC 9.8 Darl Mysteries 21 CGC 5.0 Rool 1 CGC 9.8
  8. What are chances same book just recently posted? We both did good.
  9. Sell me a page for $10K now and save fees.
  10. I don't usually get into the pre-code horror comics but I have always been intrigued by this cover.
  11. Get better soon. Hope this takes care of the problem.
  12. For an old guy your computer skills are awesome!