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  1. lhcomics

    Ginger. She's red hot.

    It's funny how on their home page at the top it states "125+ World-Class Experts in 40 Categories" They seem to only know the obvious key items. I wonder how many consignors get burnt because of blunders like this?
  2. Wonder when we will see a topic reading "Wilhehm F. Uthe deceased"? Man I was so stupid back in 1985 sending him all those comics for a trade he never planned on honoring. Just shows how we comic geeks will loose all our sense of logic when that big score is just around the corner.
  3. lhcomics

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    It will one day. Maybe sooner than later.
  4. lhcomics

    Which "Hand Cover" do you prefer ?

    Talk to the HAND! Strange Adventures 110
  5. lhcomics

    Baker Romance

    It's better than 4.5 I feel so whoever gets it will be pleased. Of course I'll be at WW Chicago. Tables and Hotel booked.
  6. lhcomics

    Baker Romance

    Cgc 4.5. Can't figure how to price these so just gave it to Clink for auction. Did I see you at C2E2? I was swamped all weekend and may have missed you even though you were there.
  7. lhcomics


    He's not telling the whole story. In Kentucky spam in king but no way I was taking time payments. No wonder his wall books are so embarrassing. Next time cash and spam if you want to buy the big books.
  8. lhcomics


    Love all the nice comments. I subbed the comic and I'm pleased with the grade. I think we see a lot of books in 5.0 recently with chipping with selling prices that are underwhelming. It'd be hard to find a nicer 5.0. What I was hoping for and was lobbying for once I got the grade and before it shipped was White pages. No luck as they stayed with the original assessment of OW/W. I swear it looks like the interior never aged at all. Thanks again everyone. The interior is sweet.
  9. lhcomics

    Is Cap #3 the Action #7 of it's title run ?

    I saw that comic also and now I must have one! Congrats to the owner. Always encouraging to see the younger people keeping this hobby healthy.
  10. lhcomics


    So I gave this comic 1 (small) shot to sell at C2E2. Now it's mine after having a decent selling weekend.
  11. lhcomics

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    Please sell! Please sell! Please sell! I've really never been tempted to sell mine but that might change if they get close to asking price.
  12. I already filled out my onsite submission form and I was surprised to see that reholder was an option so maybe yes on reholder.
  13. lhcomics

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    If you're asking what I had to pay CCS to have the 2 covers removed from binder it was $500.
  14. lhcomics

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    No. It looked very rough since it was on the outside of the binder exposed to elements.
  15. lhcomics

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    I didn't need the front cover so grading it made it easy to sell. My Bat 1 is a .5 incomplete so no need to grade. If I did grade it would get qualified. P.S. you need to reduce the size of images in your signature line.