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  1. The paper loss look bad but any fading could be difference in scanners.
  2. It will be Friday maybe 1 hour before open to public. I have a lot of organizing to do getting new inventory into my existing stuff. Check with me Fri morning and I'll be giving everyone time I'll be ready.
  3. I'll be setup with comics4less at booth 1504. Since I last sold at Wizard Chicago I have restocked with about 18 new long boxes as well as having 40+ key books that will be onsite graded and should be ready Saturday. Leroy
  4. Looks like the red chip you believe to be filled in was just a piece of the cover that was folded back in the original picture. Meaning the inside front white cover was being seen. As for bottom left edge probably just a press technique that got the paper to go back to its original position. These are my thoughts.

    For all you PQ snobs this CR/OW TOS 39 CGC 8.0 just shattered previous record of $17,000. Sold for $24,277. I sold my 8.0 2 years ago for $15,000. Oh wait I sold it to help pay for my 9.0.
  6. Read about it here in Silver Age
  7. Spider-man 1 CGC 3.0 Stolen?

    If comic is stolen I can see him selling for $1500. I'm just trying to verify it's stolen and if so help recover it. If not stolen then it's just a scam and I'm done with him.
  8. Spider-Man #1 CGC 3.0 !! Original And Unrestored !! Silver Age Key !! CGC cert #1057036001 I have a guy in St Louis wanting to sell me this comic in for $1500. I found this listing of exact comic by the pictures he sent me. Does anyone know if this comic has been stolen of if he is just wanting to scam me. At this point the meeting is not happening but as of now he's not aware I suspect something not right about this. If someone knows that it's stolen I can maybe get police involved at the meeting.
  9. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    OK I missed that discussion so not a big surprise then. I can agree with the 3.0 grade as it did look the part but that bottom left corner was brittle.
  10. takes it over any PM negotiations. Price firm for 48 hours then I'll entertain offers. Free FedEx shipping in US. If out of country I'll ship but only secure shipping by FedEx with tracking and full value declared. PayPal accepted. 60 days to pay is acceptable with 10% non refundable deposit. This means the 10% not by Paypal. Since the CGC 6.5 sold last night on comicconnect for $29,500 I thought I'd test the waters. My asking price is $14,500
  11. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    And I'll add the non CGC graded 29 3.0 with slightly brittle pages at $20,000. I've had a few CGC slightly brittle and brittle books that I submitted and I never recall a slightly brittle looking like the bottom left corner of this comic.
  12. Captain America Comics #1 Club

    I hope you get the full asking price!
  13. I visited the naval aviation museum in Pensacola today and this picture was taken in the 1940s exhibit. Cap 1, Sensation 1 and Sup 14. All repos but still cool to see.
  14. Wizard World Chicago -- August 24-27, 2017

    I remember several of those. I had a lot of organizing to do so even though I got to show on Wednesday I still needed several hours Thurs to get ready. I set my time for early birds at 2 pm Thursday. This picture was taken about 2:05. As for all the Stuart Sayger comments the guy is super cool and very talented. I had him do this commission for me about 6 years ago at the small Indianapolis con. It hangs in my office next to a Kirby Thor page. I had a great show and plan on returning.
  15. I like them and I have these 2 in my collection. I also sold a random Sup 1 page at Wizard Chicago this past weekend. Welcome to the boards.