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  1. Why does it seem that 1/3 of the Batman 1's or pre-Robin Tec's for sale have Slightly Brittle or Brittle pages? As for starter of this thread who even owns a Batman 1? Is such a book obtainable these days?
  2. Yes I do. I agree it looks incredible for .5. Thanks
  3. Not even close. ComicConnect sold a Bat 1 5.0 within last month for $240K.
  4. Thanks but your signature line is awesome and has a book I need to complete my Tec run old buddy old pal!
  5. I started buying comics off the spinner rack around 1975. Was a Marvel fan with the Batman exception. Then Warlord came out and I was hooked on that title. Had an opportunity to buy this recently. Man I loved Mike Grell back in the day.
  6. Yes we already have a Batman 1 club and I never started a thread when I got my .5 copy but I couldn't resist on this one. It took me 8 months to pay off and I've had it a couple months now. To save all the board detectives the work this was a 3.5 that sold on Heritage Feb 2018. I don't mind at all a book that has been dry cleaned and pressed. I bought this as a 4.0 so the buyer of the 3.5 made a little extra $ for his efforts. So which do I like better Batman 1 or Cap 1? Well I do have 2 Batman 1's.
  7. Get the big books graded before attempting to sell.
  8. 2 different grading companies so no 2nd time around to miss anything. So which is worse, the buyer who possibly bought a trimmed comic or the seller who sold an untrimmed comic for the trimmed price? I've sent comics to CGC that I suspected trimmed and a lot come back not even though they look suspicious. CGC job is to know the wacky cuts the printing process can do and identify them.
  9. At one time the cover and interior were owned by me and cool to see that have found each other and got married. The cover was bought off eBay 6 years ago or so. It came with a matching back cover which I still own and it looks beautiful. The front cover was exposed to elements but not back cover. The interior came in a collection 2+ years ago that had a Tec 31 coverless and Tec 33 coverless missing CF. Whoever wins the auction should try and convince me to sell the matching back cover. I believe I have pics of all interior pages as well as inside front cover if the winner wants me to email them.
  10. I'm not saying the process was easy. You have to deal with CIS, the outside agency that CIS uses to feel you out and make your story is legit, dealing with police, police detective, people who run Wizard, people at Rosemont convention center etc. It helped that it was 1 comic and I had a police report filed and purchase receipt on the comic. Could be a nightmare if box of 100 comics stolen worth 50K trying to gather receipts. Took just over 3 months to get payment. I also had great scans of the comic which haven't done any good at this point but one day I feel it'll turn up and be identified. I have a friend who had a theft a couple years ago and was insured by CIS and they dropped him before paying the claim which was about half of my claim. So who knows what criteria they use to pay, cancel, increase premiums etc. So far I feel fortunate but I miss my comic.
  11. The stolen comic was mine. I will say Collectibles Insurance Services was good to me and paid out very close to my asking price. No increase in my rates to speak if and I'm still insured. Ive been with them 10+ years and never a claim. Thanks for bringing attention to mine and maybe one day it'll be recovered. Leroy
  12. My 3 from 1939. My Jan 1940 comic is pretty cool but he's just not old enough.
  13. That was a motivated seller who wanted to move a big key and the buyer will be very happy with the comic as well as resale value when they decide to sell. Nice looking 6.0 so hopefully a collector.
  14. This is one of 2 pages I have in my collection.