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  1. I agree that can't be conserved. I have a few books in the current Comic Linl auction you guys need to bid on. Incredible Hull 181 CGC 4.5 Incredible Hull 340 CGC 9.8 Ewols 12 CGC 9.8 Darl Mysteries 21 CGC 5.0 Rool 1 CGC 9.8
  2. What are chances same book just recently posted? We both did good.
  3. Sell me a page for $10K now and save fees.
  4. I don't usually get into the pre-code horror comics but I have always been intrigued by this cover.
  5. Get better soon. Hope this takes care of the problem.
  6. For an old guy your computer skills are awesome!
  7. Ignore the comics in my signature line. I'm going with this beauty.
  8. My top 3. Hulk was my man back when I was a kid. My 3 favorite comics were TTA 93, TTA 100 and KS 1. I now own art page from 2 of them. Just need a page from KS 1 for the trifecta. The 2 comics are just cool comics. Can't afford Action #1 so why not get the 1st ever appearance of Superman? The Bat 1 took most of 2018 to pay off and had to sacrifice some PC comics. I thought I would let my Bat 1 .5 go but just couldn't do it so I have 2 Bat 1's. I'll take a 3rd if the opportunity presents.
  9. I'm not a Timely collector but I know a lot of you are. They have some very nice double page centerfold splashes. See what you have and share them here along with comic and issue #. Doesn't have to be Timely just cool centerfold art that takes up both pages. Action 13 would qualify with double page ad for Superman 1. Who's got that? Young Allies #2
  10. Auctions ending in about 24 hours. Beat up comic goodness. 80+ Auctions Mask 1 All New Comics 8 Science Comics 4 Classic Comics with Gift Box 1943 Teen-Age Romances 39 Strange Tales 28 Chilling Tales 14
  11. I just found the link to click on for my saved titles. Now when I use this it saves my preferences. I thought to get back to my saved titles I had to click on Analyze Prices at top. That way reset everything so no bug to fix.
  12. I like the ability to filter out signature, qualified and restored. I just wish it would remember this permanently when I switch from one title to another.
  13. Here is a low grade copy of Mask #1 I will be auctioning raw on eBay next week. Hope it have it up by Tuesday night or sooner. I listed a group pic of some old comics in the Comics Market forum that will get auctioned. I know this isn't the place to pimp ones books but what the heck. No PM's with offers please. I already have several and have promised it will be auctioned. Some interior pics also for those that will never get to see inside one since they are almost always slabbed if sold.
  14. When I see books posted in this thread I assume they are for collections. Then I see it as make offer to owner so now I think it's for a quick flip or just curious what offer I can get but I'm keeping it. Reminds me of the commercial where guy buys an expensive painting at auction and is immediately ready to sell it before going onto the next item for auction. Do people have good luck at times doing this so soon?