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  1. I'll trade you a CF to Tec 33 for your Superman 1. This books deserves it's own thread. Love it! Congrats
  2. Can I have it all back? I remember when the guy presented me this Det 33 he was very excited to see what I would pay. I was excited also since how often in this lifetime do you get a chance to buy a pre-robin Detective? We were both disappointed when I discovered the interior was from a Tip Top comic. The Interior missing CF I got from a guy who had several coverless golden age comics. Glad they both found a good home
  3. You mean something like a CF? If I ever find 1 you'll get 1st shot.
  4. I was born Sep 1961 so with FF 1 having Nov 61 date I guess it would have been on the stands.
  5. New post in this year old thread. Back when I started this thread last year you could still go to Paypal and act like you were issuing a refund and the buyer email would pop up. Not any longer as PayPal now says if you want to contact buyer do so through eBay messaging system. No way now to get buyers email from PayPal or eBay.
  6. I have known the owner for 10 years as we are both Batman fans. It was just last year he told me he owned the comic but wished I not to mention his name to others. I don't think it's a secret that couldn't be found out. I so feel like I'm in an exclusive club just knowing the owner.
  7. I still have it and wish my Bat 1 4.0 looked this nice.
  8. Awesome! Congrats sir! I bid on nothing so I win nothing. Love watching though.
  9. I'm pulling for Cap but he will lose by $30K.
  10. Very cool pic! Thanks for getting the gang together.
  11. Here are my thoughts on why it went so high. Someone needed a back cover and maybe this one looks nice. An email to Clink and they would have sent you a scan. When in the last 10 years has a complete back cover been for sale? All I've seen is the trimmed out back cover sell a few times and that's it. What would a decent back cover sell for? $7K, $10K, $20K? You just bought this comic and have your back cover or front/back to your coverless Bat 1. Now sell the front cover if not needed, outer wrap for few thousand then break this up and sell individual pages.
  12. Probably talking about the inscription and not the Bob Kane autograph. In either case I would pay top dollar for this comic. I do though like that it's inscribed on back. Take a single signed baseball from a star player. Most of the time if not inscribed it goes for more.