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  1. What a coincidence. I also have 2 of this page. Mine are still stuck with all the other pages they came with originally.
  2. I first met Bob in 2003 at the Motor City promoted Chicago show in March. I had just purchased a early/mid 60's DC collection from Ringgold GA with white pages. Bob loved white pages! Each backing board was crudely stamped "Ringgold GA. Collection". He loved them so much he came to the next Indianapolis IN show I setup at and bought more. So the couple times a year we would meet at shows that collection was brought up. Such a great personality and passion for the hobby. I had PM'ed Bob over last year and a half until few months ago when he just got too sick. I was able to keep up with his decline through a mutual friend who would visit him. Bob Meadows I miss you already.
  3. Just waiting for you to include the Elvis whiskey decanter! Only 1 King of Rock and Roll!
  4. Someone explain this please. A Bat 1 CGC 2.5 Heritage auction on Sept 10 2020 sold for $102K and then resold by the make offer to owner for $132K on Sept 16. Now is available again with make an offer for $172K. Is it that easy to buy mega keys and resell without ever having Heritage send anyone the comic??? GPA only shows the $102K sale.
  5. Posted this pic in comics general thread about Overstreet 50th. This is the light blue 2nd print. Then and now.
  6. Thanks. Kinda hard to tell but It's the light blue 2nd printing. VF+ range and had it about 15 years.
  7. I think the 34.5K bid was not by a bidder but Clink showing that just 1 more bid and it can be yours. Probably the seller thought the comic wasn't going to hit the $35K reserve so he told Clink to lower the reserve to 30K making the new high bid by Clink (not a real bidder) be $29.75. Looks like that reserve won't be met. Hope so for the seller.
  8. Probably should have said people that don't typically collect comics. Walking Dead has an appeal to people other than comic geeks because of the show. TMNT has same appeal because of toys, movies etc.
  9. Well I just discovered today the craziness on Turtles 1 when I got the Clink email and the 7.5 was at 10K. Looked on eBay and most all the copies I saw on there last month are gone. Here is my 9.0 that I bought several years ago and had it for sale at C2E2 3 or 4 years ago. Then I got to thinking, what other comic has this much appeal outside the comic industry? Walking dead maybe. So after C2E2 I decided to hang on and see what happens.
  10. I'm actually in process of buying a house for my in-laws to get them closer to me and wife. It would be an investment on our part. I asked my tax guy if I could trade some comics for the house to avoid taxes and he said no.
  11. Adding this Batman and Robin action page to my small collection of OA.