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  1. Professor.Marston.And.The.Wonder.Women

    I'm not a big Wonder Woman fan but I'll go see this for sure. I'm sure a lot of fanboys hope this gets R rating. One could imagine there are a lot of great movies that could be made on how super-heroes came to life.
  2. I would leave it alone. You could send it to a professional that restores and get his opinion on possibly removing it and what effects it would have on the comic. I feel advances over next few years in resto and un-resto will keep advancing that tape removal could be a simpler task where it is now difficult. Beautiful comic! Where did the 1.5 brittle sell at?
  3. Drew For 3 months between Jan and April I have one weekend that I'm committed to something and it's the weekend of this show. So no I will not be at this show. I will say this is the St Louis Comic show I recommend comic fans should attend. Very well promoted and a great selection of comics. Just comics! No booths that don't belong at a comic show.
  4. Justice League Picture I did this year

    Very nice! We have some very talented artists on the boards and you can be included in that group.
  5. I sold some golden age last week so you are 286.
  6. My favorite picture ever posted on the boards. It was my desktop background for a couple years. You should start a thread called Best of Bangzoom and post all the pics you have.
  7. Anyone else who still hangs up a calendar use a vintage one when they repeat? Way more cool I think. eBay is about out of these at the moment so if you have one to sell now would be the time.
  8. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    That book is sweet! I can see why it's your pride and joy.
  9. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    +1. Must be a low supply and high demand on these type funny books.
  10. This thread is interesting talk about values from 2011-2014 on Cap 1. Mitch predicts on page 1 how Cap 1 is the best GA investment. The post above in 2014 thinks a 2.0 would bring possibly 35K. With the 1.5 just selling for $71K I thought this would be interesting read. Page 3 has a pic of CGC 9.4 Cap 1 so worth the just for that. 2011 was the turning point for Cap.
  11. ComicConnect Nov auction

    I didn't win the 36. I couldn't afford the upgrade! That's a stunning 37 you won. Congrats.
  12. Does this confirm the closing of the gap between Cap1 and Bat 1? 1 year ago Bat 1 2.0 sold for $80K.
  13. When will the “comic con” bubble burst?

    Besides possibly setting up at a couple (somewhat local to me) St Louis shows in 2018 I will only be selling at C2E2, Heroes, Wizard Chicago and Baltimore. I'm dropping 3 shows that I did sell at in 2017. I'm dropping them because I need time between shows to restock and some of those shows are just a couple weeks from the shows I do really good at. For me Baltimore is a long haul but the buyers have showed up 2 years in a row so I have to return. If you know my setup I do really well with $5 and under priced comics that are not worth the hassle to sell online. I also on occasion have some quality inventory but nothing like Dale, Bob or Greg so in that group I'm 4th by a mile. As long as these shows keep bringing the buyers I would imagine I'll keep doing them. Leroy
  14. Clink Tec 168 Nov Auction

    $19,000 with 3 hours to go.
  15. Yes. I really don't want to get into it but I've had major problems from a few buyers in the past. I just gave up trying.