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  1. Probably should have said people that don't typically collect comics. Walking Dead has an appeal to people other than comic geeks because of the show. TMNT has same appeal because of toys, movies etc.
  2. Well I just discovered today the craziness on Turtles 1 when I got the Clink email and the 7.5 was at 10K. Looked on eBay and most all the copies I saw on there last month are gone. Here is my 9.0 that I bought several years ago and had it for sale at C2E2 3 or 4 years ago. Then I got to thinking, what other comic has this much appeal outside the comic industry? Walking dead maybe. So after C2E2 I decided to hang on and see what happens.
  3. I'm actually in process of buying a house for my in-laws to get them closer to me and wife. It would be an investment on our part. I asked my tax guy if I could trade some comics for the house to avoid taxes and he said no.
  4. Adding this Batman and Robin action page to my small collection of OA.
  5. Working on my Bat 1-10 run, Just added this #4. I now have 1, 4 & 10
  6. I owned the cover and interior of this comic. The front cover and matching back cover I got off eBay about 7 years ago. The interior I bought in a collection in Michigan in 2016. Sold front cover soon after I got it thinking I'll never find an interior. Kept the back cover for my missing back cover Bat 1. Now the front is married to the interior I also bought. Here is the back cover. Wasn't exposed to elements like front was.
  7. I'm sure CGC will correct it now that this has been posted or once a boardie points it out to them. If I were seller I could see the benefit of hanging onto it.
  8. Everyone can agree we have 2 grading options for comics. I believe CGC to be the best option but I see no problem with other company calling what was a CGC 4.0 now a 4.5 for them. If you submit enough comics and have done a straight crack and resub (no press) you will see even CGC can be anywhere from .5 to a full point higher or lower. Since this was once graded by CGC and seller can prove it that should give confidence to buyers that are doubtful. As for signature verification I also see that as a plus. I think the buyer was smart to do this. Probably a little optimistic on asking price in today's market but I bet over time he will do quite well.
  9. Now on eBay. Bat 1 CGC 4.0 Bob Kane signed that recently sold on MyComicShop for $110K
  10. I just bought one too! The only thing I ever purchased out of a comic was some coins from other countries in the early 70's.
  11. I just wish I was in the market for Bat 1 as I would love these prices. Gotta have faith they'll rebound. Still not planning on selling soon so that's a good thing.
  12. Less than an hour to go and currently at $89K. The 4.0 Bat 1 on eBay looks really nice to me and is asking $155K. Was $145K until the Bat 1 1.5 on Heritage sold last week for $78K. Bat 1 My Comic Shop
  13. I see why a lot of people have signature lines turned off. Now back to PCH pricing.
  14. If I had to sell my Bat 1 4.0 now I would probably take a 20% loss. It took 9 months to raise the funds to purchase the comic and last payment was Jan 2019. In saying that, 100% of the money to purchase the Bat 1 came from selling comics. 2 big comics helped with $100K of the purchase. Looking at current market on those 2 big comics they also have dropped 20% in last year. Had I took the hard earned saved money out of the bank and bought the comic I would be in the hole. So let's just say I need to sell my Bat 1 during this Apocalypse it would look like I'm losing a big chunk. Well if I still had all the comics I sold to get the Bat 1 I would get less now than 1+ years ago. Now for my Bat 1 .5 purchased in 2011 I have $400 into it so I don't think I'll ever have to sell it for a loss. I hope all my fellow comic geeks are staying safe.
  15. It listed around 2 am local time couple nights ago for $42K, next day went to 38K then dropped to $29,950. Yes a great buy. Someone wanted to sell quick. Thing is this will take couple weeks to get money I would think. Seller has to ship to Clink then Clink ship to buyer.