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  1. call it morbid curiosity..... it may not be worth much, but its the very first comic i got with the intention of keeping it in the best condition i could and it would make me rich later!..... granted i might of only been like 10 back in 93' so what did i know..... in any event, ive kept it still in the bag, corners could of been kept better.... but for having it for 25 years.... just looking for thoughts on what this might grade out for if i were to send it in?
  2. either this thread is fully of youngins that know nothing about truly terrible superhero movies from the past Masters of the Universe or we are sticking to the more recent? Green Lanturn
  3. recently attended megacon 2019. and took part in the 80 years of Batman Event. my and my brother each got a set of 3 variant DC1000 edition (Jay Anacleto Trade Dress Variant, Mico Suayan Trade Dress Variant, and Scorpion Comics Black Blank Variant covers) each book was signed by every creator there at the special event This special event Signatures Include Greg Capullo, Mico Suayan, Peter Tomasi, James Tynion IV, Tom King, Brian Azzarello, Mark Brooks, Mitch Gerads, Josh Williamson, Clay Mann, Marguerite Bennett and Tim Sale. all were sent off for SS-CGC, didnt realize my camera photo was so blurry... ive got other photos, but this one has them all... would love to hear thoughts.....
  4. unless a new is set up for this year, fairly sure they are still allowed, just like all events they will be searched before entering.
  5. now that Detective Comics #1000 is out, and all the comic variants seem to be known, is it possible to find out what the DC1000 variant covers are for the package? with the listing saying a Black Blank Cover Variant, leads me to think its maybe the Scorpion Comics Variants, as there happens to be 3.... thanx
  6. with the desktop verion the DB is saved to your computer, so you dont have to worry about their site being down, you can also make backups, and even export the DB into a number of different formats, like xml, csv, and even delimited text, that will also include all the fields from the DB or select ones, so you can move to a different platform or just have that backup for piece of mind readily at your disposal... i also saw questions about storing and purchase cost and date info, there's a tab for that too... you could, depending on the lvl you wanted to go with this, make up your own barcode system, add the BC to each bag, or maybe just for the ones that are too old for the UPC to be in the DB, for ease of tracking once in the App DB, using the user defined fields... its got loads of possibilites
  7. have you ever had a Con coming up, and you see a Comic Creator that you would like to have something signed by? but now you have to go through your collection, and hope you have a quick way to see every book that creator was involved with? i like many of you used to use the old excel, but found it lacking... it only had the data in it that i put, and had no way of growing unless i configured it... i tried the free version of Comic Collector from and wont turn back.... its a DB driven app, that works on both PC, Mobile or over the web, i use both the PC and Mobile versions.... much of the comic info and details is drawn from the central DB (see images for examples) but also lets you add your own personal info, alter any default info to what you want, and allows you to add new fields that might now be in the App... no its not free, but being able to simply search for 'Jim Lee' and find every comic you own that he was a part of does wonders when planning your next trip to the Con.... no im not part or in any was affiliated with the vendor, but i strongly believe in the product.... ask anyone else that uses it too....
  8. any time frame on when to comic creators will get announced? some ticket sales have already come and gone, and would like to have an idea of the creators there......
  9. i wasnt necessarily looking to get any sketches on the sketch edition, mainly signatures, but that does give me an interesting thought, IF i would to seek out a single sketch for the center of the cover, out of who is currently out there, who would be the one sketch i should look for? any specific reason?
  10. The Quest for New Hope!!! OOPS, err umm.... The Quest for New Sigs!!! (thats better) haha im on a quest that seems daunting, but im sure it can be done..... im very new to the CGC Forums, and through them ive learned about facilitators that i can send my comic to, to not only get signed, but CGC sig series graded as well... that being said, i have Action Comics #1000, both the Blank Sketch Edition, and the Standard Jim Lee Edition.... (would love to add his SDCC Foil Edition into the mix as well) since i cant travel much currently outside of SWFL, im looking for ways to get the harder to get signatures and the signatures of creators that dont come to southern florida.... im still waiting to see who will be at MegaCon Orlando this year. i see facilitators goin to Mexico comic con that has both Jock and Garcia-Lopez, and that started my idea... im wanting to try and get as many signatures graded on both of these books, especially the sketch edition cause of the room... who (in your opinions) will be my hardest sigs to acquire for this Nobel Quest, and why? im still starting to compare facilitators, to see who is traveling to what, and see who can get the most sigs when they do travel... any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated..... im not worried about getting this all done in one trip and know this might take a few back and forth, but would think getting the hardest ones first might be the best approach? thanx
  11. if i wanted to get signs/ and sig series by all these the Back to the Future cast at Megacon, as this is all new to me, what is the best suggested path? obtain the comic i want signed, go to the CGC booth and get a witness, then stand in the lines? any idea what else to expect? i see that MJF currenly is selling sig vouchers for $175, is it advised to get these? or should i be able to get it paid for at the event? i know some ppl have limited opening for sigs, and know with his condition this might also be the case.......any advise would be GREATLY appreciated!!!