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  1. Layton and Daniel although I am not a Daniel or Finch fan. Can I just take Layton and Buscema
  2. Not to be confused with this pence copy...
  3. Appears to be 5.5-6.0. The top left corner hurts the most
  4. Th ink transfer you see on that book is very common. Common with a ton of late 80s books. Might affect the grade if you had a high grade copy (ie might distiguish between a 9.6 and 9.8) but here, it plays little to no roll. I would say 6.5-7.0 for this copy. The spine ticks and back cover wear along with some smudge marks in the price box have me putting it in this range. A press and clean could likely make it a strong case to guarantee 7.0. I cannot see 7.5 or higher.
  5. Yeah, that book has a good cover and a solid story inside. Also, black cover, square bound book. Those are tough to find VF or better a lot of the time. Add in the Dr. Doom spec and it is a great book with some room to grow.
  6. A book like that has to be kept for sentimentality alone!
  7. A lot of guys would have beat off a lot of other guys for a good beaver pamphlet. Those don't come around too often.
  8. I would have done the same regarding the legos
  9. I feel bad that it was my error but thankful the seller negotiated. As of right now, it is in the road to a very positive transaction.
  10. Really? I was under the impression some sellers can block people with strikes
  11. He has a US address posted on eBay but actually lives in Canada. I have similar as I live on a border city and usually ship and have stuff shipped stateside as it is cheaper for me. However due to COVID, that option is gone. His appeared the same but he actually lives in Canada. As for shipping, there are cheaper options which would fall in the $8-12 range for one comic (with tracking, you could do without for a couple bucks but why take the gamble of losing a comic in the mail). The flat rate box that Canada Post sells is $20 and can safely fit 20 raw comics. It’s a great deal for bulk but to ship one comics is a bit overkill.
  12. If I didn’t notice and the seller had a flat rate of $50 on a $5 book I would politely ask to decline buying. Thing is I might get hit with an unpaid item strike. I know better for next time and didn’t look like I normally do to see it was a flat rate. I asked but didn’t get a clear answer and I still wrongly assumed it was ebays weird quote it sometimes gives. Still tho I feel if I don’t get tracking and it comes in an envelope that the seller paid maybe $6 to ship, I can be a little miffed at his practices.
  13. I know I am fine with that if it comes in box. I’m used to that. It was the $35 that seemed high that’s all. If it arrives in box tracked I will be happy because the seller worked with me and that’s great. If it arrives in an envelope with no tracking well...I’ll likely just not return to buy is all. i was more so curious if people report people who appear to overcharge on shipping to try and make money. Or if as long as it’s posted it just is what it is. Pay it or don’t bid.
  14. So we are both in Canada. The book in question is raw, bought for $5. Prior to bidding I asked if he shipped to Canada and if so what postage would be. Response was “hey I live in Canada so that’s not a problem”. So I bid. After winning, it’s $35 to ship. For shipping I was expecting $10-15 at most with tracking. I politely said asked if there was a way we could work together on shipping and he says “I use a flat rate. Sometimes I wil sometimes I lose. It’s always $35”. But then he agrees to lower to $20. Which ok, and technically he did post a flat rate but I can’t help but feel it is definitely gonna arrive cheaply shipped with no tracking and he will be profiting off it as I’m sure he does from others. Is this something I should leave feedback on? Or just take my books when they arrive and not return to buy in the future without much fuss because again technically was my error.
  15. Scenario: You put a bid in on some comics and win. After you win, you realize that the seller has put their own flat rate for shipping (and it is extremely high for one comic, $35). Do you a) mark it as your error because it really is b) say something and try to work to find a more reasonable price with the seller c) pay but then complain with negative feedback about this I am curious what others would do. Or perhaps you have an alternative solution