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  1. Not sure if with the stain mark on the back and the marker on the cover if 8.0 can be had....maybe. 7.0 is where I feel like topping out at.
  2. I’d buy it from you as a 3.0. I would make up some cockamammy take about how the stamp devalues the book, no one wants it, blah blah please sell me it
  3. Aw man what a sweet stamp on the back. A copy I would die for! It’s nicer than 6.0-6.5 that I have seen. I am thinking 7.0-7.5 personally. Great book!
  4. The big books I worry about possibly never getting now. Really, ASM 1 is the main one I personally would want (AF 15 is a mere pipe dream) but I’m too unfocused with my buying as I buy what I like when I see it for a good price. For example, I’ve spent probably $2000 in the last month in stuff...some lovely stuff but if I was able to refine myself a bit I could maybe knock off some more ASM books. But alas I like collecting variety....I am a quality quantity kinda guy I guess
  5. To answer the second question in the thread title about whether or not to buy...always buy. Just don’t be silly and buy stuff people are overpaying for. You’d be surprised the deals you can find still if you are willing to spend a little time looking. The problem I see is a lot of collectors (maybe they are newer maybe they are not) just click and buy. No patience. They see book for $60 they buy, they get it. When in reality a smidge of patience could find you the book for $30-40. If there is one thing I have learned it is patience when buying. If you want to buy keys related to a s
  6. Hi everyone! Im looking to knock off a key Spidey villain for my run. Preferring to purchase a raw copy in the 2.0-4.0 range. I live in Canada so keep that in mind. Let me know what ya have! Thanks, Eric
  7. I am also feeling 7.0-7.5 mainly due to the spine.
  8. I just assume 4-5 months before I see my books again. Maybe six. I hope not seven. Eight would make me sad. Nine is too long. Ten would incur slight rage. Eleven would have me consider never doing again. Twelve would cause Dylan level rage.
  9. An update has been posted at the start of the must vote here to enter the grading contest and a mystery book is going in for grading that will be part of the prize! That’s the gist of the update!
  10. You could randomly pick some:) throw a wrench in the ole results
  11. First Echo. That run is a fun run and people are going ga ga as she has apparently been cast for something....was a dollar or five book forever but now when paired with issue 10 from that run, seems to be fetching a cool hundo or more
  12. Spider-Man is a top tier character, arguably the company’s best and top 3 across all pop culture. So he will always have fans. And as long as there are fans, they will seek out early appearances of the best rogues gallery in all of comics. Ditko was a great artist and it seems he resonates well even with newer younger collectors. I would say the early ASM books are some of the best in terms of stories. The best in terms of artwork. And because it is part of the hobby, the best to invest in and speculate around. I would pick these books any day over certain “hot books of the moment” like s
  13. 4.5 (Was thinking 4.0-4.5 before I squinted and saw the grade) I wouldn’t press. I haven’t seen a 5.0 with that much chilling before and think this is the perfect grade on this book.