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  1. Yeah the “make me an offer I can’t refuse” is either someone joking or being a bit of a d bag. Either way they don’t sound like serious sellers and the negotiating seems likely to fail. I’d still ask a tad under fair market value to start. If he declines then up it to fair market. After that it’s in his court whether he excepts or starts the gouge game.
  2. Honestly I saw on my phone and thought 3.0-3.5 However closer inspection on a better screen brings me more with what others are saying. It’s definitely better than 1.8 and I think nicer than a lot of 2.0 books so for me it’s 2.5
  3. Yeah those indents on the rolled spine tell me the paper isn’t the strongest. I’m also thinking 3.0-3.5
  4. Anyone ever see a Feb 29 stamp? I’ve seen Feb 28....
  5. This is 100% correct. Knowing what can and cannot be pressed is the key.
  6. I'd go with Terrific #5 for the following reasons (based on cover): 1. Better visual appeal. Your eyes are drawn to the damsel in distress, then the torture wheel and finally, the background and all that is happening. With the All New Comics #8, your eyes are drawn to the hero first and then it takes some time to dig through the background and other images, which are very busy. It is still great but not as great for me personally. The foreground, midground and background on Terrific Comics #8 is just perfect to me, whereas All New #8 is a lot and quite messy. 2. Colours. Red and yellow work so well together. It has a dark and mysterious aura to it. With All New Comics #8, the white and multitude of bright colours gives the sense that good fun things should be happening but the opposite is true. It just doesn't work for me artistically as strongly.
  7. I mean would I pay $10-20 for a pulp with a cool cover? Sure. But that would be the high end for me. I can never see myself spending more because I’d rather spend that on comics. We might see certain covers that are horror or headlights or sci fi related go up a but but I can’t see it becoming a booming market. Does anyone have a VF copy of a pulp from the 30s or 40s? Every copy I’ve ever seen is 2.0-5.0 at best. Then again I don’t see many cuz they aren’t really on the radar.
  8. Yeah 3.5-4.0 on first glance here too. Hard to could hit 4.5 but I think anything higher is outta the questions based on what I see.
  9. Yeah I am also 3.0 and perhaps an expert presser could make the spine a little more centered but those corner creases are there to stay.
  10. Pretty deep cut...if it does not go all the way through, I would think 8.0 would be where I would feel safe. Tough one though, would be interesting to see what CGC knocks that down to.
  11. 7.0 maybe 7.5 when pressed. Great book!
  12. This site is better than most. Facebook is absolutely brutal and eBay is always a wide array. I find prices here fair to good. The odd overpriced or same as eBay price but those I personally ignore. If I can buy it now on eBay for $49.99, I am not paying someone here the same. But if you offer it for $35-40 or better, I am game!
  13. $10-20 raw depending on condition. Any more and ya paying too much, any less and you getting a decent deal provided the book is high grade.
  14. That harsh on that corner eh. I guess I’m too lenient on these mags lol.