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  1. I’ll conservatively say 4.0-4.5. Dunno if those mystery stain marks can be cleaned at all but they would def help.
  2. It’s been pressed. I agree the creasing on the front will likely keep it from a 5.0. 4.5 looks like the best to hope for here.
  3. Definitely press it. After which, I think 4.0 is obtainable. Sucks about that corner....
  4. I feel it is a little lower. Back cover seems dirtied, spine roll seems very noticeable and the crease. 6.5 for me.
  5. Here are my options for my collection: 1) Pass it along. If my son (or future son/daughter) wants them, the comics go to them. 2) If my son and future children decline, I will work to sell the collection. I will probably determine all of this by the time I am 60 or so, giving me enough time to sell off my collection. The money will likely be used partially for myself and my wife, the rest to my children. Perhaps we all take a nice family vacation or something together and then the rest of the money goes to the children. As for stuff that does not sell, I have always thought of mailing out random comics to people who need them. Basically, they cover postage, the book (or books) are theirs. In this way, everything truly finds a good home. This or donating to a school or someplace where they can be enjoyed by the original people they were meant for, kids.
  6. Yup. Everyone from Absorbing man to Zzax could get their own show
  7. I kind of love that the hobby (in terms of keys and older books) is doing well. Be interesting to know if dealers are fairing better than ever or not though. I am interested to see if it will come crashing down. Seems like there is endless material to develop on TV/movies so until they cannot do any more there, I predict that almost any character who was ever of any significance in any comic realm will one day be seen on screen. This should serve to fuel speculation and comic values for quite some time.
  8. Had this for years. Wondering what everyone here thinks. Has a very slight spine roll and the top right corner is damaged as you can see. Otherwise looks sharp.
  9. You mean it has legitimate wakandian claw marks!? Well that ups the value considerably
  10. ^ seems harsh! 4.0-4.5. Cover presents well and yes there is some weird bite mark damage at the back but I don’t see that pushing this into 2.0 range personally.