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  1. I can see why Suspense Comics #3 would be hard to find. Seems like a prime candidate for "burning" back in the day as part of the "comics are bad" movement. Why is Amazing Man #26 so hard to find? And is there any data available anywhere on print runs of some of these books?
  2. I don't think anything would be more valuable, but perhaps there is a comic more rare? And I mean a comic that received a legitimate printing. Not a variant or alternate printing or a book with a desirable defect like 16 covers or something. Just a book that was printed, likely in the Golden Age, that copies just do not exist of but is also very desirable. Like is it accurate to say there are between 50-75 confirmed copies of Action Comics #1? Is there an actual count somewhere? And is there a book with fewer confirmed copies in existence that is desired?
  3. Well it was mid grade to begin with. I will send pics of what does return. Supposedly I am getting a few freebie books as an apology. One of them may be Marvel Preview 21, a book he had that I had expressed interest in purchasing but passed on. We shall see... I am confident something is coming as he took a photo of the receipt.
  4. Oh I don’t have anything graded. This was my first because it was a book I was gonna maybe flip but now I might keep it. oh and I just confirmation that they are being shipped back so fingers crossed a safe return by Friday!
  5. Wiser yes. It sucks because it is a book I am unlikely to get a deal on ever again. Having talked to some others on Instagram, he has apparently been very sloppy in the past but books were returned. So I actually do think I will get them back. I still think he should be known because this shouldnt happen to a customer. All I ever ask for is communication. You say you are shipping next day, I expect that. If something comes up and you do not, I expect to be told...I shouldnt have to double check or ask. Customer courtesy 1-0-1.
  6. Yesterday he claimed he shipped it but left the tracking information in his mom's car. I am anticipating that the next line will be that his mother's car got abducted by aliens. But the good news will be they have the license plate for these aliens so perhaps I can contact them? I dunno, the level of amateur here is unlike any I have seen and I feel terribly stupid for not having taken the time to find someone reputable.
  7. I am feeling 6.0, maybe a shot at a 6.5. Mainly due to the wear along the bottom and leading edge, as well as some of the spine ticks.
  8. As is, I am at around 6.5-7.0. Some waviness to the cover and some non-colour breaking marks. Is that colour loss to the top edge? If so that is unfortunate. If it is glare, yay, because this book seems like a press could bump it closer to VF
  9. I will say 3.0 2.0 seems too harsh and 3.5 seems a bit high. That mark is interesting, looks insect-esque
  10. And Happy Remembrance Day to all our Canadian armed forces members who have served and are currently serving! Thank you!
  11. I will be the first to say I would keep B. That ding on the bottom left corner is super noticeable and that is all I can stare at. Sure the centering is a bit better but I think B looks structurally better overall.
  12. Everyone always rains on people's parades but does anyone ever parade on people's rain?