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  1. I liked Miller/Jansen a bit more than Byrne/Austin. I was always surprised at the diff when I saw Miller's work without him.
  2. The point of any hobby is to enjoy the time and money you put into it. No one can tell you ur right or wrong for what u get out of it. If you fully understand the financials of ur decisions then go for it. Also nothing wrong with taking ur time if there's parts u font fully understand. IMO read a copy of the Overstreet 2016 grading guide. Plenty of YouTube videos on why to press. Good luck
  3. personally I alternate every other book
  4. I collected during both their hey-days. I always liked Perez's work a bit more than Byrne's
  5. There was a thread somewhere around here about the things people use to fill the empty space to get the books to sit in there perfectly upright. Maybe try some searches and you can uncover it. I forget where it was at. I do remember posters saying not to use bubble wrap as the gasses could affect the comics. Some used rags.
  6. The turnaround times in the grading tiers just means how many working days it should take once they log the book into their system As Avi said, the value you specify on the submission form drives the tier level, the insurance if something happens while CGC is in possession of the book and the insurance with the mail carrier for the trip back to you. You can put any value you want depending on how comfortable you are with risk and time. CGC may up the book to a higher FMV on their own as charge you the difference. I've heard of it happening and I've heard (& experienced) it not happening.
  7. You can always use USPS registered mail which forces the package to get logged every step of the way. it's slower, but more secure.
  8. Wouldn't a reasonable price be the current sales of a 5.0 as seen on Ebay completed listings or Heritage website or what goCollect/GPA lists for a 5.0?
  9. Costs & shipping depend on how many you submit and what 'tier levels' they get submitted as. A basic answer when submitting is to try and maximize submissions for the same tier. CGC considers books at each tier level as a separate order. So if you ship 4 books and based on year/Fair Market Value, they end up in 4 different tiers, then you get 4 shipments of 1 book each (rather than 1 with all 4) Take your time and educate yourself on the whole process. Rushing in can lead to mistakes
  10. Well I can complement Brock. I have 207-209 but not 268. Sending u a PM with pics
  11. high grade Wonder Woman George Perez lot of 23 https://www.ebay.com/itm/324174757408 9.8 Wonder Woman #1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/324175310525 9.6 Wonder Woman #9 https://www.ebay.com/itm/324175321726 X-Men 221 (Mr Sinister) #9.6 https://www.ebay.com/itm/324175659882
  12. Put some pics/scans in the Buddy can u spare a grade forum and then look at gocollect and eBay sold sales for those grade levels to get FMV ideas