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  1. You have some research to do. Plenty of Youtube videos (& threads here if you search for them) on how/if to submit to CGC since you said you plan to grade them. Read the sticky in the 'Buddy Can You Spare a Grade' forum. You can post pics/scans of them to get estimates of their condition. That can help you search thru sites like goCollect, Ebay sold listings, the auction houses (you can make free accounts with Comic Connect, Comic Link, Heritage) to see what comics similarly graded sold for. GPA Analysis similar to goCollect but they let you look at all their sales data for free for
  2. If that isn't a WTF cover then I don't know what is.
  3. The TRS-80 Whiz Kids! (I had both the comic & the computer!)
  4. how do you define "high end"? Ebay's big advantage is the number of potential eyeballs The downside is taking on the risk of unscrupulous buyers and higher fees (though you could look into opening a 'store' for a month or two to lower the fees - I'm no expert concerning that) . I'd imagine there's been much much more smooth transactions for high price items than nightmare scenarios, but it's a matter of the level of risk that you're comfortable with.
  5. I've been hearing that since the Dow was at 14K about 15 years ago. Lots of very intelligent people with persuasive arguments filled with all sorts of statistics. In all that time it had 2 crashes, one bigger than the other. Both times it recovered to new highs and kept going, one faster than the other. So were they right or wrong? A lot of them thought once it crashed there would be a 'new norm'. The ones who believed that and stayed on the sidelines long term certainly were wrong. With all this tax law change, sometimes I think I'll just hold my bigger keys until retirement an
  6. I had never heard of this character before, though apparently a very popular anime figure. If you are like me and unaware who he is, he is strong enough to win any fight with one punch and also incredibly bored because of that
  7. Dark is a *great* show, though you should watch it with a notebook as it is a show you really need to pay attention to. I also didn't think the English voiceover acting was the best, so if you don't mind subtitles watch with the original German audio.
  8. CGC doesn't note all defects. What they did note isn't going to be improved by a press Personally I can't say from that pic if it would get a bump from a press Some more pics from diff angles may get you some responses from folks with more experience in this area
  9. Do you have fairly common comics? if so then don't look at active auctions on Ebay. Use their filter to look at completed/sold listings to see what similar copies actually sold for. Ebay only shows sold data for something like the last 3 months You can also try goCollect.com as they have a free version of their service that shows graded comic values (as long as there's enough sales data) There's a sub-forum here called "Buddy Can You spare a grade" where you can post pics of your books and members will give you their estimates of the conditions. Read the sticky to get all the ru
  10. There's the person who bought the comic. Say they sell it & report the gain (poss having a cancelled check to prove their cost basis). If they get get audited then the IRS would know that you sold it to them. If they then decide to follow up on your return, they'd see that you didn't report the proceeds.
  11. for something like that I would suggest calling customer service CGC directly.
  12. I've noticed that the free info on goCollect is certainly behind for big keys As an example, Hulk 181 @8.5 was selling for 8500 over the last 2 weeks until the last 2 Ebay sales at 12-12,500 while goCollect lists it at 6750
  13. I found this to be an incredibly smartly written comedy with wonderful characters. Unfortunately they left the last season on a cliffhanger and Netflix didn't bring it back for a 4th season. All 3 seasons were excellent