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  1. here's a CGC chart about return shipping fees based on # book and value https://www.cgccomics.com/pdf/cgc-return-shipping-fees.pdf
  2. Slabbed books don't automatically mean it was pressed. If it's a valuable enough book with flaws which a press can improve (ie per graders notes), then a 0.5 or 1.0 bump can result in a significant bump in value.
  3. get yourself a magnifying glass/jewelers loupe & a good light source and learn/practice going over a book to find flaws. No shortage of videos on YouTube
  4. personal pref would be Hulk 181 just cause of the impact Wolverine has had in pop culture. Spec plays a part simply cause I'm tired of the never rending house bills (putting in hardwood floors now and the wife has mentioned that I could try selling one of those old comics I had put into those plastic cases...) and it's nice to reverse the money flow
  5. Kinda in the same boat, just take off about 10 years. I'm only about 6% into moving my collection so far I've been able to move those on Ebay if I just keep re-listing the ones which don't initially sell. if there's no external stimulation for a book (ie TV/Movie) and it's not any type of 'key' (which is the vast majority of mine), I just don't expect anything more than a buck or two. I'd be curious to know if there's stats for sites like MyComicShop on how long a book sits before being sold You can always try here too.
  6. Hulk 181 cause eventually they're going to make a live action MCU movie where Hulk & Wolverine meet.
  7. Bagged and boarded, I still alternate front to back. I fill the box but not so tight that it's hard to pull one out. If a box has some space then I just add bubble wrap or packing papers so they can stay upright
  8. USPS offers registered mail which is the most secure way to ship,though it takes longer for it to arrive and you have to use brown tape. if you're asking which of the 3 does the best job shipping, you'll get 3 different answers
  9. try gocollect.com where's there's a free price guide for slabbed comics based on grade level. Not every comic may show associated grades (depending on #sales for that particular grade).It's always fun to look! mycomicshop.com doesn't have a price guide but they sell a lot of slabbed comics so that is another free resource. Of course there's Ebay sold listings You need to factor in shipping costs, to CGC & back (if you don't go thru a LCS), plus grading fees, plus any fees charged by a service if you intened to put them up for sale (Ebay or other auction houses),Paypal etc and compare that that against a poss selling price for the grade you'd expect. There's a "Buddy Can you spare a grade" forum where you can get opinions on the condition of the comic. A lot of times it's prob not worth the expense to get it graded once you factor in all of that There's also a selling forum here which has the advantage of no fees like Ebay has - though it may help to buildup an "online reputation" here fiirst good luck!
  10. I've got a few square bound with spines that look like they were compressed in sections. No idea how they got that way. I had bought them out of the back issue bins of my LCS a loong time ago so all I know is that it wasn't me! I would think a skilled presser could improve that book. The back seems to show the problem more than the front This is a guess , but I'd say tit looks around a 7-7.5 due to the spine issues
  11. If also say 8.5-9.0 range as is with those indent marks. A quality press could really give u a bump
  12. As already said needs to be scanned out of the bag with back and a pic of inside also helps. Could be in 4-6 range but you won't be able to get better estimatrs as is
  13. Newb mistake I made several months ago buying the wrong size These are Silver/Golden 775M2 mylar bags - each with Halfbacks (#750) A total of 191 sets of bags/boards (assembled). About 3/5 were never used. The rest sat in a long box for several months before I got around of getting proper sized ones. Bags are sized 7 3/4 x 10 1/2 with 1 1/2 flap. Boards are sized 7 1/2 x 10 1/2 Starting price is roughly 50% of the cost of new ones (based on Amazon prices)
  14. with that bottom corner, I'm also in the 7/0-7.5 range
  15. invest in a good pair of shoes!