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  1. that's a really nice copy. Poor placement though of that date stamp If a press smoothed out those regions you highlighted maybe an 8.5?
  2. I'm at a 5.0 due to the staples, discoloration and visible CB creases
  3. Nice, several small tics on spine. Looks like tiny color breaking crease on front URC. Some discoloration on the back edges I'll say 7.5
  4. There's Polypropylene bags and then there's Mylar bags The latter is kinda like a plastic film. It's more rigid than a poly bag which you can ball up in your hand without a problem The former is less expensive and what you would find going thru a dollar bin Also, the environment is just as or even more important, ie the temperature range, humidity level & direct lighting
  5. bought these (not at the same time) off the wall of my local LCS back in the day. The presser I used caught the restoration on #94. I believe it's in the upper right corner are, prob under the comics code. His opinion is that the book would have to seriously gouged to remove it. So I elected to leave it as is rather than have small pieces chopped out of the cover.
  6. I think u should get an extra 0.5 for the thread title, though if it was a broccoli pizza then fuhget aboud it!!! I was thinking 8.0-8.5 without the special sauce, so maybe 7.5 as is
  7. Hard to tell as I don't think the pic quality is quite up there, but it looks like tiny tears at the top bottom spine and bends at the top/bottom right hand side of front cover. I dunno if the front cover pic is god enough to see any finer flaws (if they're even there) If you have access to a scanner, that would give a better pic anyway I'll guess a 8.5-9.0 range due to not getting the best view - I think it's a press candidate welcome too BTW
  8. wasn't all that thrilled with the preview shown for Birds of Prey - not that it's any indication of whatever the film turns out to be. i did like Margot's Harley portrayal in the Suicide Squad movie. This has nothing to do with comics, but they also showed a preview for a movie based on Harriet Tubman's life which looked quite good.
  9. One of the 1st back issues I collected as a kid was the Starlin cosmic stories involving Warlock & Cap Marvell I was thumbing thru the quarter bin when i found this. It maybe a beater copy, but it's my beater copy
  10. Mine finally came back from Florida-bought it back ~1980
  11. just got mine back from a very long extended stay in Florida. Bought this off the wall of my LCS waay back in the day. Very lucky for me that it came in a mylar as I read it once and put it in the storage box for 35+ years. I didnt have the money for mylars back then and there was no internet to hunt around for good prices...