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  1. you can go search Ebay completed listings or Watchcount (which also can srch thru Ebay completed sales) and see what graded issues are selling for, then for whichever issues you feel are monetarily worth it for you, post a topic for that issue here. You can also try the free part of GoCollect to get a ballpark idea of what Sandman issues go for. Welcome!
  2. My wife did get to talk to the mailman today. He said he saw my daughter pull up into the driveway and assumed she was going to get the mail. So he said he signed it and put it in the box. She said she told him several more would becoming over the next several weeks and that they're important to me so we'd appreciate it if we could sign for them. He said no problem and that was that.
  3. well I'm certainly not qualified to be a teacher on this. I go off a copy of the Overstreet grading guide I have, which isn't the CGC guide, but there's no detailed public list of what that is. If I double click on the pic enough I get an enlarged shot then I just try to come up with a count of defects. The O/S guide has an explanation of quantifying 'minor' vs 'large' etc accumulation of defects and a chart of ranges of defects per grade level. of course, that's just a general guide as severity of defects matters and other things. There's also explanations of the types of defects per grade distinction. With spine tics which are close together - is that considered 1 or 2? then I try and find online graded copies and compare them against the range which i came up with. I wasn't successful in finding examples in this case Anyway that's my approach and I will steal from CGC when I say I don't guarantee my grade!
  4. thanks - With having to work today, I'll prob miss the mailman to ask him about the registered pkg left in the mailbox Last night I asked my wife to ask him but she'll prob forget. she didn't seem too thrilled as I was swapping the 10 slabs into mylars. She asked where I was going to store them I was going to say 'how about you get rid of your junk in the other room' but decided on discretion. I get along with current mailman - seems like a nice guy. The prev guy we had for a long time. He was a gem. Loved dogs. 3 yrs ago when I was tossing a frisbee to my ,then, 1yr old Golden, he decided to take a lap around the house (dead end street so cars not an issue though I prob wasn't too smart there). After a fews seconds he doesn't come back so I go out front to look for him Here he had seen the mail truck and bolted to him. The guy stopped his truck, got out and chased him down waiting for someone to come and get him. We gave him (mailman not dog) a big gift that Xmas
  5. bought it from LCS back in the day. Got lucky my hands were clean and I didn't bend the pages back too far when reading it. As great as a story it was, I think I only read it once. Had to come into work today. On the bright side the scanner here is big enough for slabs
  6. -- Is the killing joke graded? I heard they are sticklers on the grading on that book 9.8 don't have the pic on the pc currently but there's one on the "this week back from cgc" thread
  7. Is that a tear or crease on back cover by LLC? creases on the edges, discoloration on back by LRC, I'll guess 7.0
  8. My 1st batch of book back, left in the mailbox. Killing Joke had a small scratch on the back and light NRs, rest are perfect
  9. Don't know if it's with regular mail or a separate delivery. I have seen mail trucks on off hours so I do know some type of deliveries occur apart from normal mail. If I can catch the regular guy tomorrow , I'll ask if he brings registered pkgs. This was my 1st big package. A few days ago I had Killing Joke come by itself as it was made into a separate order since it couldn't get pressed. My daughter pulled up just as the truck came to my house so she signed for it. Who knows if they would've left that in the box
  10. -- That's a big mailbox thank my dad. Bought the house 25 yrs ago. Got up one Sat morning back then and saw him with a pole digger out front. Said the existing one was too small. Now I have the biggest and ugliest box on the block, but it does come in handy.