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  1. wow - I live in Philly and it wasn't me! Their website say this about wrong delivery - I hope you're in the 1st scenario and they fix it for you Scenario 1 To be on the safe side and as a responsible person, the first thing you should do is let your post office know about the wrong delivery. It’s better if the sender calls or visits the post office in person and informs them. The USPS will note down a complaint and immediately try to retrieve your parcel if it was the delivery guy’s mistake or if the mistake was at their end in any way. In most cases, the USPS shal
  2. for "non-key" issues, I've found it easier to sell in small lots of 4-6 as it spreads out the shipping cost per book especially it you make the commercial USPS 1st class weight limit. I wouldn't say 'premium' but I think it's a little better than selling an individual book. I agree that when you start getting into larger sizes people are looking for a 'bulk discount'
  3. Teen Titans #20 & #53 - featuring Neal Adams art in issue #20 and final issue in #53 https://www.ebay.com/itm/324455889765 Teen Titans #22, #25, #26 (note title incorrectly lists issue #20 - pics & description are correct) https://www.ebay.com/itm/324455889765 Justice League of America #56 https://www.ebay.com/itm/324455930068
  4. The address of CGC?? Maybe if it paying for walkthrough tier you could indicate that on the box. Otherwise I don't think you need to write anything. Make sure your submission paperwork is inside with the books
  5. you'll get good & bad answers for each service. The handful of items I've sold have all used USPS and all eventually got to their destination, but Priority Mail certainly took longer than it's supposed to.
  6. When in doubt, post in the 'Ask CGC' forum or call their customer service Even if it turns out that you're filling out multiple orders , I'd think you should be able to send them in one package if that's your wish. You 'd just have to bundle each order with the appropriate paperwork and place them all in the package. Get in touch with CGC
  7. https://www.cgccomics.com/submit/services-fees/cgc-grading/
  8. Signed books can get pressed without affecting the signature. Though I have seen posts here that certain types of pens (like paint pens) could prove a bit problematic
  9. My father came down the basement where I was watching TV (or maybe playing Pong - that's how long ago it was) and tossed me a Flash comic. I believe it was this one: Of course that toss prob brought it from a 9.4 to a 7.5! I then quickly brought it down to a 4.0 after multiple readings I ended up up talking to a friend at school who was already collecting and I agreed to meet him at a local pharmacy where we went to the back to the spinner racks. That, occasional orders from the Robert Bell catalog and a trip or two on the train downtown to visit the comic shops was
  10. Mylars and acid free backing boards (not the kind thats just coated on 1 side) should be just as effective. Whats really important is temperature,humidity and lighting conditions.
  11. condolences on the passing of your Uncle. CGC would only take condition into account if you used the 'pre-screen' option where you tell them only to slab comics that pass whatever grade you want as your minimum threshold You can ship them all together to CGC. When you fill out your order, you have to select grading tiers. CGC will treat each submission tier as a separate return order. So your 1 package sent to them could result in multiple shipping orders back to you (sent at different times as each tier has it's own 'turnaround' time). You can ship as many as you want to them
  12. If you're shipping Priority Mail, I bubble wrap & insert into a USPS Priority mail box 1092 which I then insert into a Priority Mail box 1095 They can be ordered free from the Post Office
  13. there's an "Ask CGC" forum here or could you could just call their customer service
  14. you could try to find out what raw copies are selling/have sold in the same shape