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  1. My mom was very supportive of my comic addiction. The only thing she never helped or knew I started was my small playboy collection. Except that one I bought in front of her that had the walking dead comic story in it. Taught her how to handle comic books, and she learned a lot and knows that funny books ain't just what they use to be. Last crazy thing she helped me do was hunt down a copy of batman damned #1 within four days of being released and learning the news. Hehe travelled very far.
  2. I wish this was not true, but wow. I wish I had got to see him again, and had a picture taken. But I won't complain, when he came to Pittsburgh in 2009, that was the most epic experience ever. R.I.P. Mr. Lee, it was a pleasure, though short a brief.
  3. I accidently gave myself one many moons ago. Since then with all the forum changes the forces at be tried to reset my custom titel. But alas, I fought, and refused to give up somethign that never made me any more special they anyone else. And for what? Pride? To stand out above and differently then those without? Nonesense! I just feel entitled.
  4. Am I asking to much? Am I asking to little? Am I nuts? I have LCS's, but the thrill of the hunt overexceed's my time to hunt these down. I have what....794 and 795. And these are the 2nd print!!! What issue are we up to? 799? 800 Releases next month? I enjoyed the first two reads, also, if getting any issues before 794 is needed or should be had, i'll take em. No clue what I am looking to spend. Message me and lets see whats up! Yeah I know...lame to WTB the most newest issues, but at the one comic store their flying off the shelves, by the time I get there I am out of luck. Anyone who can help me out, thank you.
  5. I been here to long people.... I have books I bought from people here that was slabbed before I even existed here at the forums. Granted, the last time I took a look at any of the slabbed comic books, they look great. Maybe a little squeaky like a old leather wallet used for a disney animated movie. But do we really have to re-slab every ten or so years? I understand if they have taken a hell of a a toll or something. Mine are still well kept. (Surprisingly) Disucss?
  6. Absolutly CGC grading is far and off from realistic grading. If you search my thread history you will find out that my ASM #300 I got for $20 should of been a 8.0 or AT LEAST 8.5 (This is what most people thought just by pictures alone), mainly because of the massive over hang of the cover, and some stress on the spine, but when sent in for SS CCG it actually came back a 9.0 or a 9.2...can't remember. Then I had some other books sent in RAW expecting less then steller grades, but actually turned out better then I had thought! Good thing I was not a grader at CGC, i'd have graded your books lower then they actually was. With a more then not on the target grading. *Only posting here in a 8 year old thread because of other people. And CGC Rocks....?* **And if you are actually good, you can get pretty accurate grades by pics alone. This is why we do not work for CGC.
  7. Not much of a question, may very well be in the wrong spot. Grats on the upgrade to IPB!! So far digging it. Though being on a cell phone, i prefer the look of the full size forum. But honestly it isnt to shabby for the cellurized version. Rock on!!
  8. Just got news about this comic con, it has been years since ive been to this place...and i got time to plan this one to go. I hope i can!! So who all from cgc will be there?
  9. That is what I thought. So what he said to me I thought was strange. I think something is missing. Supposedly one other store around here that does sell comics. Only way for me to know is to lurk. But I have found LCS's in the most strangest, and bizarre of places. Cities and locations you'd think you wouldn't find one at
  10. I was told by a really good store that the reason they don't sell comics out here in Odessa/Midland is because the cities are big, and that in big cities, comics don't sell well. Unless you are a retail store. I suppose that is true, or could it just be better advertisement for said store? Opinions? Input? K THX Bye...oh and
  11. Aight. You there Sunday as well? I take that is a obvious yes.
  12. Is anyone going? I am this saturday.