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  1. You can't bump a ten year old thread, then bump and quote of yours just made two hours ago.
  2. Sometimes death comes in surprises other then the original intention. So thus a reprise is required.
  3. Wait, so we are 8 years with a dead parker? I missed the entire superior thing. And still have not picked them up. I do think I got the asm 1 reboot. but seeing as I haven't read it, can't remember.
  4. I am also a bit rusty, I was thinking lower. But was not quit sure.
  5. @Eddie Curzon I am hoping they will bring this story to life. Introduce Kraven and Chameleon, which I think they actually already did with the latter part. I think they wanna get to the whole sinister six story line and stuff first though. Makes ya wonder what they got in store for the 'ol web head.
  6. I'd personally put a piece of white construction paper behind the comic. Or use a white piece of printer paper. Otherwise, it looks like the comic book and scanner got some uh, defects.
  7. There is. Not to shabby on the 316, I had mine signed by mcfarlane years ago. I forget the grade. But you got some of Kravens last hunt. Good read alone.
  8. My mom was very supportive of my comic addiction. The only thing she never helped or knew I started was my small playboy collection. Except that one I bought in front of her that had the walking dead comic story in it. Taught her how to handle comic books, and she learned a lot and knows that funny books ain't just what they use to be. Last crazy thing she helped me do was hunt down a copy of batman damned #1 within four days of being released and learning the news. Hehe travelled very far.
  9. I wish this was not true, but wow. I wish I had got to see him again, and had a picture taken. But I won't complain, when he came to Pittsburgh in 2009, that was the most epic experience ever. R.I.P. Mr. Lee, it was a pleasure, though short a brief.