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  1. i'm agree with that, buying some pages is out of range for most people, i 've bought all the EC and love all of them, Wood and Ingels are for me the best ones. i pick up last week end the crandall AE and reading stories at this size is really really fun i've bought the Born again , the Romita's Spidey and Kirby Thor and FF I'm waiting for the large art Kirby's FF in July which collect some great stories i think quality on this books worth the money , and here in France is far more expensive than in the USA
  2. You are 100% correct. But some of us did go the extra mile to help IDW get the best possible scan so everyone buying the book would enjoy it. One of my Watchmen pages is in the book, Scott Dunbier contacted me through CAF and asked for a scan and permission to use my page in the Artist Edition. He also told me I would get a credit in the book and and a complimentary copy. Because I wanted the scan to be as good as possible, I opted not to have him use the scan on my CAF page but went to a copy shop and paid them to make a high res color copy which I sent to Scott. Alas I never got to see how my page turned out in the book as Scott never sent me my promised copy. After contacting him through CAF and his email address and not getting a reply I finally asked about the comp book in this thread : http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=8125292#Post8125292 I was told some comp books hadn't been sent out but all would be by the end of October 2014. It's now March 2016 and I'm still waiting. I liked Scott. Had great chats with him at SDCC, went to the IDW Artist Edition panel and championed the idea of the AEs, but this whole affair has left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I haven't purchased a single volume anymore since the Watchmen book came out. It's not about some free book, it's about the principle for me, I was raised with the notion that your word is your bond and it's still hold true to this day. Ok, a follow-up and credit where credit is due... I was contacted off-board by a fellow collector through my CAF, who told me he had been in the same boat, but talked to Scott last SDCC and he told him some had slipped through the cracks and he had no idea anymore who got left out. This collector received his comp copy a month later and advised me to give it one final try and send Scott a mail. I received a reply within 15 minutes, with a heartfelt apology, a promise to get my book out today and an offer of an extra comp copy of my choice. Thank you Marcus Wai, for the advice and thank you Scott for your reply. Let's hope in a couple of weeks I can follow-up with the good news I finally got my comp-copy Looks like persistence pays off, my comp copy of Watchmen AE arrived at my US address yesterday, Scott threw in another book of my choice to make up for the oversight, which was not necessary but appreciated (and greedily accepted by me )