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  1. I'm in Atlanta so no Tim Hortons, although... we do have this gem http://www.screamnnuts.com/ And that's where I am going after I get some nicotine lozenges and drop off this package for @SkOw
  2. I'd give my left leg for some this morning. Good plan.
  3. To each their own. Of course I'm going to be combative.
  4. I think there's a big disparity between your understanding of the word "great" and the actual definition. This thread feels more like a jovial "this is my moment" post for him.
  5. Did you not read that correctly?.. I don't think you read that correctly.
  6. Again. Mostly a collector. The entire point of me selling on here was to just rush funds into something else. I bet most would still take my money.
  7. I think there's a few things to take note of here. 1. I was wrong sure, I corrected it before you even made this thread. So you're goal to teach a lesson is sort of a moot point and creates undue drama. 2. I am almost solely a collector, not a flipper/vendor, so your attack angle will fall short here. I will say, @SkOw paid for the book and I will be shipping it out.
  8. Also, please censor my email out of your screenshots.
  9. Look man, I didn't reoffer you the book out of fear of being put on some blacklist. Either pay for the book or give it a rest.
  10. I offered him the book still and closed the thread. Kind of tedious to manage this on mobile, but if he's going to make a thread out of this, then so be it.
  11. Sold a Tomb of Terror 6 to Myles. Prompt payment and a pleasure to work with.