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  1. That's it for tonight. Will leave up till after Memorial Day. Have a nice weekend with your families. Memorial Day weekend is the opportunity to thank and remember those that have served, lost loved ones during times of war, they are the reason I can sit behind a computer and offer these books for sale. Here is my grandpops and his brother heading off to serve in George VI's Royal Air Force. Some of these Comic Books listed were being made then..
  2. Classic Comics 32 "Besides being the only story Baker did at the Iger Studio that he received official credit for ("Illustrated by Matt Baker" clearly stated on the splash page), Lorna Doone constituted in very many ways, Baker's first foray in the romance genre, of which he would eventually become a master."--The Art of Glamour. CGC 5 $525
  3. Planet 57 CGC 5.5 (As with all Planets, color is key, this has better colors IMHO, than my higher copy...but you are what your record says you are...) $500