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  1. Which is why I'm thinking this 9.0 manufactured without staples is a rare gem........ Is there a way to find out if other green label 9.0 (or higher) "manufactured without staples" exist?
  2. Thanks for all the feedback comic book community. Very interesting and knowledgable stuff, gives me a much better understanding of this book. I've sent some of my fathers childhood collection to CGC, and all come back blue universal, which is why this green label threw me for a loop. I am going to hold on to this one for a while because there does seem to be something special and rare about it as it was no fault of human destruction but a problem at the staple factory. Cool. And I love the cover, start of a great new Avengers line- up?? and Captain America screaming "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!"....... doesn't get much better than that. Thank you!!
  3. Hello all fellow comic book collectors!! I am new to CGC chat rooms, and am super pumped up to be a part of this. I just got this green label book back from CGC and trying to understand the value of it. It is straight from my fathers collection when he was a kid, not even sure if he read it as it might fall apart with no staples?? Weird. Anyways, Is it worth more or less than a blue label 9.0?? Since the defect is a manufactured issue and not a human created issue it seems that it is something special. Are comic books "manufactured without staples" common? thank you for reading this.