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  1. Not a panel but an interesting section of cover. Hope that's allowed...
  2. A great deal on some sweet raw comics, expertly packaged and shipped fast. Would definitely buy from Michael again. Thanks!
  3. Spec. Spider-Man in Spanish Archie's Giant-Series 137 Hot Stuff 65 Marvel Tales 11 Marvel Tales 14 Star-Trek 1 at 65% off Claim Two-in-One Annual and Thor freebies if still available and eligible to claim, thanks!
  4. Happy New Year Mad freaks! Sorry if this has been covered but I can't find anything after searching... I want to preserve my Mads in Mylar. I like to use the Mylites2 and full-backs for my comics. Is there an equivalent for Mad-sized books? On Gerber's site they list #875 ("Large Comics, Mag. and Letter") and #900 ("Standard Magazine"). Based on the sizes listed, the 875 seems too small and the 900 looks huge. Which ones do you guys use? Thanks for any input.
  5. Got some sweet old Spideys from Mark. They were fairly priced and showed up quickly, clad in armor. Thank you!
  6. A poor choice for scratch paper, but a fine job of "carrying the one".
  7. Wow, they should at least throw in free shipping.
  8. Thank you for what you do! That's just outstanding. And a great name for your pooch as well.