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  1. So sorry to hear. I haven't been here very long but Bob was one of the first to welcome me to this forum and help me with my noob questions. RIP Bomber Bob.
  2. According to the guy hanging onto the train, humanity is lost. From the looks of it, I'd have to agree! Just for fun, I looked for a copy on feeBay (didn't see one of course). Yikes! Some of those books go for some serious dinero!
  3. Hey, they translated RRO to ROO! That's MY comic and I never knew it existed! Those are very very cool, as is this whole thread.
  4. The last pic shows the ink line and smudge that appears in 3 or 4 pages of this book. Does this affect the grade? Thank you in advance!
  5. BTW, I'll trade you anything you want for that ASM 23. That looks like a nice copy and mine's a real beater!
  6. These are the other APR 1965 Marvels. See anything different? I've always been puzzled why these didn't have the MMMS box too. Didn't they want girls to join?
  7. Thanks Frisco! I've got my "Birthmonth Marvels" on the wall. I was lucky enough to have been born in one of the MMMS cover months.
  8. Love this topic and thread! Here are a few more...
  9. Eventually, but to not anytime soon. It's "wait and see" for us too. Movie theater sounds a lot better than a plane, though. Not sure when we're going to fly again but it'll probably be a while.