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  1. I'll chime in here. I'm new but I've been spending $ like a drunken sailor on raw comics and have seen lots of different shipping methods, both on books bought here and on EBay. The only comics that have arrived damaged were mailed using envelopes and cardboard pieces. The "cardboard sandwich in an envelope" method works fine AS LONG AS THE COMICS ARE IMMOBILIZED within the cardboard. If the comics can slide around loosely between the cardboard, all it takes is one good whack somewhere in transit and a corner is now poking out, waiting for the next whack to dent the corner. Most sellers who ship with this method have used blue painter's tape or something similar to immobilize the books safely within the confines of the cardboard. I can't understand why some people who regularly sell comics don't get this. But then again, I've heard the phrase "I've been sending comics this way for a long time and never had a problem" three different times now, 2 from EBay sellers and one here, so I must be an unlucky guy with an extra clumsy mailman.
  2. A great guy to do biz with! Cool stuff, very fairly priced.
  3. That IS a cool cover! And if those are teeth marks on the lower right back cover, it only adds to the appeal.
  4. I'll take it per PM, thanks!
  5. I should have known that was a dumb question to ask on this site! Very cool tv horror.
  6. Thanks Marwood! And thanks for a stellar link site too. Cool!
  7. My brother is a science teacher and he has a few of these left over from back in the day. It was printed in 1991 and it's vol1 no2. Has anyone ever seen these before? I wonder how many issues there were, or whether or not they had different superheroes in other issues. It's 16 pages long, and it's basically a Spidey story designed to get kids interested in engineering. Alex Saviuk and Chris Ivy do the art, and it's written by Dwayne McDuffie.
  8. Perfect, thanks for that mrc!
  9. My wife and I will be in London at the end of April. Any suggestions about which comic shops should not be missed? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Frank is a pleasure to deal with. I'd gladly to buy from him again.