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  1. A poor choice for scratch paper, but a fine job of "carrying the one".
  2. Wow, they should at least throw in free shipping.
  3. Thank you for what you do! That's just outstanding. And a great name for your pooch as well.
  4. UPDATE: The books did arrive yesterday. The box was surprisingly unscathed despite its month-long Media Mail journey from Modesto to Paso Robles via Reno (and God knows where else). I'm very happy with the comics. I contacted the seller and told him I wanted to pay him. Here is his response: "We are very pleased to hear that you have finally received your order. As we stated when your refund was issued the items are yours as a token of our gratitude. We will not accept a payment for the items that were delivered in an untimely fashion however we would happily accept a positive review if you feel as though we provided a positive service." Wow! Well, I tried. Not sure what else to do, except give him extra-positive feedback (done), go shopping for more books in his store (done), and give him a big shout out here for being such an awesome and generous EBayer! His seller name is loon1980.
  5. Yes, that's what I was wondering about. I checked and there is no insurance data in the tracking. I will, thanks ADAMANTIUM!
  6. About a month ago I spent 15 bucks on some cheapo reader comics on EBay that were shipped Media Mail. They ended up getting stuck in USPS tracking purgatory and after no movement for more than a week I contacted the seller to let them know. They replied they were aware of the problem, and told me to check back if there was no movement for two weeks. After two weeks passed, I checked back and the seller refunded my $ including shipping. Today, just for fun, I checked the tracking again, and lo and behold they have shown up at my local post office and the estimated delivery date had been updated to today. I'll believe it when I see it but it appears they may show up after all. Here's my question (forgive me if it's a stupid and naive one but I've never sold on EBay): Did the seller of these books just take it in the shorts when they refunded my money, or did they have some recourse and make a claim with USPS to get their money back? The seller did say that I could just keep the books "as a token of our appreciation" if they did eventually arrive, but I don't want anyone to get hosed and will gladly pay for these books if they do show up and the seller has not been made whole. Thanks for any info...
  7. Great price on a beautiful Avengers 11, perfect transaction, THANKS!
  8. I've been looking for this book ever since you posted yours tvhorror. I finally found a copy. It's a little wrinkly but it'll do! For some reason these don't come up very often on EBay. Riot at Roboworld can be found all over the place, but for some reason these are harder to find. I wonder why? Seems like there'd be boatloads of them out there...
  9. Hi Sharon! Dang, I was late to the party... I'll take the Archie's Joke Book lot, the Betty and Mes, and the Peps, thanks! Oh, and if there's free beer I'll take one too!
  10. Very sorry to hear about your Mom's unexpected passing Reggie. May she rest in peace. Thanks for your outstanding efforts on this thread, which is one of the best on the forum. And thanks to the rest of you too--whenever anything new pops up here it's always a "must read".
  11. I remember the owner's wife at my LCS. She was cool, and I always liked it better when she was behind the counter instead of the greasy owner. My LCS days were in my pre-job and pre-car days, so all my comics were bought with paper route and allowance money, and she seemed to know and appreciate that. I vividly remember the time I made my first "big" purchase--I paid 10 bucks for a Marvel Feature #1. She rang me up and put it in the bag and when she handed it to me she said "You worked hard for that one, didn't you?" She got it.
  12. An absolute joy to work with. Buy from Sha. It's a great experience, from the moment you say until you unwrap the bubble wrap, which is as colorful as her text. THANKS!
  13. Sorry you're leaving the hobby but If I got rid of all my comics that's the one I would keep too. My avatar is from that book. Maybe we should start an "ASM 59 Owners Who Married a Redhead" club.