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  1. Ronin still holds up as one of the best comic stories ever written. My $.02.
  2. Action Comics 54! One of my favorite WW2 covers. At one point in the 'aughts (2001-2009), Metropolis had virtually the entire Action run in mid-grade for sale—many with multiple copies—all at market prices. Every month or so I'd hop on the subway, ride a stop, pop out and choose from a stack they'd set aside while I hung out with the guys and talked about all things geek. Collecting seemed really fun, casual, and personal back then, and it's a time I miss greatly. I bought this one from them on just such an occasion as a raw VG-.
  3. It's definitely getting a bit squished by the slab, but I think the tear happened pre-slabbing. Staple still attached. FWIW, the book has not been damaged by the slab in any way since I got it.
  4. Action Comics 55! Superman getting to work assembling planes. I picked this one up at Comic Connect auction in the midst of the botched CGC new slab switchover. It really threw pricing for everything I was after into a flux, with books finished MUCH cheaper than normal. A big reason I was comfortable going for this run was because of the certainty of CGC's grading, restoration detection, and storage security, so I was kind of waffling on buying the new slabs. This ended up being a mistake, as I could have bought a plethora of want list books for 60-75% of going value at the time. I did get this book for a song , however.
  5. Action Comics 56! I picked up this cool cover on eBay one Christmas season, as a present to myself. I believe it's the only Superman comic with an actual Hitler story, but could be mistaken.
  6. I keep waiting for prices to drop. Hasn't happened yet on anything I usually watch. (doesn't mean it won't, as nobody knows the future)
  7. Action Comics 57! The second third Lois Lane cover! I have questions: who collects Lois Lane? Who seeks out Lois Lane covers? I bought this copy from a Comic Connect auction a few years back, a stack of books slabbed by "that other company" which I guess Metropolis prefers to use? They seem to carry a lot of that competitor's slabs.... they had graded it a 3.5, and CGC disagreed by a half point.
  8. Prediction: this doesn't sell through Sotheby's, and is later either auctioned off piecemeal, or sold direct to a dealer.