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  1. If that's the case, then a Cerebus 1 in VF just saw a 300% increase in 2 months...?
  2. I consider married pages the kiss of death, so would go for trimmed given the choice.
  3. Giant Sized Master of Kung Fu #1 9.6, last sale $200. Last night: $1000+.
  4. All the companies owned by Warner (as DC is) were switched over to Warner media email accounts this year.
  5. "The sender claimed to be working for DC Comics (though he was using an AOL email address)" If this were a real request, it would come from a account.
  6. Not sure about infringing on ownership of the image (typically you would not own the image in such cases- the original artist would still retain those rights unless you had a contract otherwise), but certainly this would not infringe on TM rights of the character any more than the original did. The artist also cannot license copies of his artwork if it is of a character he does not own the rights to.
  7. They are obviously common books, but Ronin 3-5 have been $200 books for years, and 6 has always gone for more than that. Seems like people would be on top of it in this day and age? Note that slabbed Ronin 1s and 2s in 9.8 are very common.