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  1. This cover is rockin'. Great pickup!
  2. Final thoughts: What do you do when you finish a run like this? After 15 years spent chasing essentially one title, with 90% of your comic money tied up in it, where do you go next? I tried to envision new comic collections, new runs to chase, and tried a few: golden age Sensations, silver age Marvel keys, bronze master of Kung Fu, copper series I loved as a kid. Nothing really did it for me. I got halfway into a Sensation run, but once I'd acquired all the key issues I wanted, filling the rest in seemed more like work than fun. I did get a bunch of low-grade Marvel keys like Avengers 1, Spider-Man, X-men first issues, and those are cool, but really easy to get, so not as exciting. I am a good portion into a complete MOFK run, but it's just taking up room to be honest. Then there's the money. I could afford to do this at the time because I was young, had time, and had disposable income. But the world changes. I'm getting long in the tooth. My daughter is nearly college age, and I'll have added bills to pay. Past all of that, I just don't want more of my money tied up into comics. I could break up the set and sell all but my favorites to fund a different run, of course, but to what end? So as for collecting comic books, this is probably the end for me. I do still have a great love of original comic art, and can afford to continue that aspect of it, especially with great dealers such as Felix making great new art readily available. I've been converting all the old floppies of stories I love into a collection of hardcover books to sit on my bookshelf. And I have other hobbies to keep me interested, from painting toy soldiers, to writing, to reading, to playing tabletop games. Looking back, the chase was absolutely worthwhile. I had a lot of fun digging around, collecting and enjoying these. There's nothing else quite like flipping through an unbroken run of books. I'll have some more pictures to share, including a massive group shot. For now, I can unveil a minisite I'd kept private for a while, showing the entire collection, plus a few more. Until next time: Up, up and away!
  3. Action Comics 15! The start of my run. The earliest book I own. My most valuable book. My holy grail. When Metropolis pulled it out to show me, I basically knew I had to have it. The cover was so flat, so clean. It presented way better than the VG they were selling it as. I slept it over one night, and ran back to buy it the next day. It was far and away the most I ever spent on a comic (at the time, of course). I let it sit in a box for years, worrying over what age, my storage situation, or my daughter might do to it. Once I decided to have it encapsulated, I worried over how to mail it. I ended up bringing it in person to the New York Comic Con and dropping it off. Trying to avoid people bumping into me along thew way was a challenge, but I held it tight. A month later, it popped up on the CGC website as "grading/quality control", which might be an all-time record for speed in all my submissions. I remember sitting in my office, fingers crossed, when I clicked on the grade. Would it be brittle? restored? dinged for some unforeseen reason? NOPE!
  4. I would buy the higher grade, crack it out, bend a corner, and resubmit for the 8.0.
  5. The ratings went down because the show sucked. It always did, it just took people a while to realize.
  6. Action Comics 16! Great non-Superman cover. This was one of the 3 early Actions I bought one fine day in the early Aughts, along with 15 and 18. Best-looking 1.8 ever, inside the slab.
  7. Action Comics 17! The earliest war cover in the run. I won this copy on Comiclink, seeing only the front cover scan, thinking "well, how bad can the back be to make it a 2.0?"
  8. You're welcome! Makes me happy to share it.
  9. Hey, there's a difference between "cool for my raw collection!" and "yeah I should slab this!" I don't think that copy would fit into a normal sized slab?
  10. Action Comics 18! Part 1 of 3 I decided I wanted to get an Action 12. It had a really cool black cover with a rocket, an ad for Detective 27, and was the earliest issue I thought I could afford at the time. On one of my earlier trips down to the old Metropolis Comics space I asked the guy there did they have a copy, did they ever get one, and how rare was it? "Oh we get them in from time to time, it's not that rare, and doesn't cost much." was the essential response. To paraphrase Old man Skywalker, "Everything he said was wrong." But he did have some other early Actions in my price range, and would I like to see them? He brought out dog-eared raw copies of Action 16 and 18, and a nicer Action 15 with a super-flat, bright cover. I was intrigued. I went home and thought it over, then came back the next day to complete what was the greatest haul of my golden age comic collecting days, buying all three in one go, and even negotiating 10% off on the deal. 10 years later, when it came time to slab them all, I realized that the 18, in addition to not looking all that great, also looked like it may have had a married centerfold. I sold that copy to a boardie, and won this copy off of Heritage to replace it.
  11. Assets hold value better than cash during inflation as a rule, so this really depends (again) on comic demand moving forward.