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  1. I've just started collecting a new run, going about it as follows (Yes, it's Master of Kung Fu, so go ahead and make fun of me): 1. only buy in grade! 2. only buy at GPA or less 3. key books first, if possible 4. all available books next 5. only start overbidding / overpaying when your checklist shrinks to the last batch of harder-to-find books. 6. complete run, then immediately sell off 7. pick new title, go back to step 1!
  2. Strange Tales 135, first SHIELD, seems way undervalued to me, but whaddaiknow...
  3. I mean, if you told me 5 years ago that romance and Archie comics would suddenly become hot, I'd have laughed.
  4. Weird Tales of the Future 2 CGC 1.8 Off-white. Nice eye appeal for the grade! $600 (less than I paid)
  5. Strange Terrors 4. Classic Egkren cover, hardly ever comes up for sale CGC 3.0 Off-white $500
  6. Black Cat Mystery 45 CGC 4.0 off-white. Note that there is a slight crack on the back of the case. $550
  7. • First 'take it' in the thread wins • shipping USPS at cost, priority box, usually $10-15 • No HOS or Probies. • payment by PayPal only • returns accepted, buyer pays shipping Thanks for looking!
  8. Looks like they pulled the website down.
  9. I cannot imagine they'd feel at all confident running an auction with the website like this.
  10. Updated: bought some, expanded the search to 17-125. Gotta catch 'em all!
  11. My professional opinion: trainwreck.