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  1. ArE wE tAlKiNg In AlTeRnAtINg CaPs NoW?
  2. You also have to remember that the new members may not be sure of how to search. They are new, after all. We also need to realize that these members have obviously read a few threads and want to participate. They see the boards as a fun community to be a part of. We should encourage that. Saying they need to talk less and read more is insulting. It won't make them want to stay if their first experience is negative.
  3. If he wants to start threads to discuss topics and ask questions, he can do it. Shouldn't we want new people to start new threads and participate to help keep the boards alive?
  4. Your origin is better then mine. When I was young I collected every foil cover I saw for sale. (This was not in the 1990s, by the way..)
  5. I don't know, really. I think its because it was one of the first relatively "big" keys I ever bought, so it made a large impact on me. I also just really enjoy reading the book, looking at one, etc. It's one of my favorite books to own.
  6. In this journal I shall post about my Spider-Man #252's and my quest to obtain more. I bought my first one about two weeks before my birthday last year, and now I have about 13-14 copies. I have just received my first Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.4, which was a personal grail for me. It is my second graded copy, the other being a 8.5 I may have overpaid for. I'll try to post some pictures of the other copies. Also, if anyone has any Spider-Man #252's you would like to unload for a (hopefully) good price, let me know.
  7. I have never watched a single football game so I have no idea what that is. Looks fun?
  8. obiedagod

    G.I. Jane 09 (Australian)

    That's awesome!
  9. Bad photo quality, but these are my favorite/ best.
  10. A tiny, unerased quick sketch to see how this costume would look on a human figure. From a comic I'm thinking of writing/drawing.
  11. I managed to complete my goal of owning 10 Spider-Man #252s before the end of the year. Started January, finished around June-July! Also got my first CGC book in January, and now I have around 10. Great year- lets hope 2020 is better.