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  1. Drawing of an Angry octopus from this weird comic thing I drew. Inspired by a stuffed animal.
  2. I had an idea like this a year or two ago, but I thought it would be impractical. Darn.
  3. Small update: I got my first CGC graded Spider-Man #252, my 12th copy over all. Decided to read back through this thread, found it interesting how some people were saying that opinions didn't matter, then saying that it is obvious that 252 is the first appearance. (Which I agree with) And yet, them saying this is them expressing their opinions. I found it interesting, though, that majority of people voted that #252 was the first appearance. When the book increases in value over time, that book will be the one that experiences the most growth. I am glad I never bought a PPSM #90, though.
  4. Those aren't prints- They're original art. They were being displayed in the lobby!
  5. I did! Got my Spawn #1 signed, saw some awesome original art. Great fun. Did have to wait three hours and now I have a sunburn.
  6. Great! I waited in line for a few hours, but it was worth it. I got my Spawn #1 signed by Todd McFarlane and Tom Orzechowski. And I can now say that I shook Todd McFarlane's hand! Also saw these:
  7. This event if free, with only one sig per person. Do most people still do tickets for free limited signings?
  8. Hello, I'm getting a comic signed by Todd McFarlane this weekend, and it's the first time I've ever had a comic signed by the creator in person. I got a few questions: 1. Window bags? If not, what should I use? Do I bring a top loader? 2. How early should I arrive? I'm up for waiting maybe 1.5 hours at the max. 3. Really any advice is welcome. Thanks!
  9. Are any of these books ever gonna come up for sale?
  10. @Jaylam So I ended up actually not buying what I was originally going to- A Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.6- and bought a CBCS 9.2 Spider-Man #265, dual signed. Shipped fast, however, the box had a large dent on one of the corners, which slightly ripped open the top flap. Book was fine, though. I will say, though, that the CGC slab is far superior to the CBCS slab.