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  1. Not a chance I had a box delivered on 1/14 at 10am, still not in the system. At some point you have to expand your company or increase staff because come on, 8 days and not even checked in? On top of 80 plus days for grading? Any other grading company would’ve gotten crucified. 80 days ain’t gonna work when your flipping books, especially working towards your grail. Might have to hold off.
  2. UPS, excellent service, no problems, missing packages or delays.
  3. I can’t tell by the photo, just send it to me so I can get a better look.
  4. So I was a life long Superman fan, my father bought the Fleischer Superman cartoons on dvd, I love it. Of course this was around the time Justice league cartoon was on the air as well as Smallville. Around when I was 12 yrs old in 06, my best friend asked if I wanted to head to a comic shop, I said yeah. Walked in and it was free comic book day, picked up I think Green lantern book by geoff johns. But that wasn’t even the hook, my mother took me to B&L Comics, I walked in and asked for a Superman comic. The old man ask “ Which one?” I said and don’t laugh..... “ I want the first one” The
  5. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I sure as heck underestimated Future State teen titans 1.
  6. First slab of the year, Wonder Woman key and Bronze Age book. Starting year two of collecting off right. 👊🏾
  7. Yeah it already has a notation for Atrocious and Larfleeze. I just sent mine in with a request to put Saint Walker on the label, so will see. I requested they mention the first appearances of the Blue, Orange and Red lantern corps. But I told them if nothing else I wanted Saint Walker. Hopefully all will be well.
  8. If don’t already have an account, go sign up at Cost like 10 bucks a month, although not perfect it is a very valuable resource.
  9. I love GL 25 too, now settle this for me.... I swear this issue is the 1st appearance of Saint Walker, early design yes, but that’s him right?
  10. “80 working days” that’s crazy, they need more graders 😤
  11. What’s your prediction on resell? $100, $150 each after graded? Teen Titans Go 23 still showing strong sells between $150-$200 raw, on eBay.