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  1. Hi all, reminder that per the CGC Chat Boards rules, this is not a place for "Inappropriate references (analogies, etc.) to significantly emotional topics such as Nazis", and political posting is also against the rules. It's understandable to discuss how an actor's departure will affect the show, but that isn't where the recent discussion in this thread has gone. Grogu wants you to talk about some of the many other things in the Mandalorian.
  2. Hi all, I wanted to mention that we've updated the usage guidelines for the Forum Only Selling Area to include dates for the sub-forums, to help users post in the correct place. Please see below. Thank you!
  3. Cutoff dates for the Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Only and the Copper / Modern Age Only sub-forums have been added to help users post in the appropriate forums.
  4. Please keep discussion primarily on the topic the original poster has introduced. The original ~20 pages of mostly off-topic posting have been removed.
  5. This is a reminder that the CGC Chat Boards are not the appropriate place for political discussion. See the links below for details. Thanks!
  6. Minor language tweaks for Rule #9. Same rule, just with slightly different language for clarity. The updated language says:
  7. Thank you all for your input. You all introduced some great points from varying perspectives. We’ve decided to update this rule in the guidelines for use as follows: Thank you!
  8. Hi all, We've noticed a large number of threads lately that don't include a price range the thread creator is willing to pay for the item they're looking for. We wanted to get opinions from buyers and sellers on this forum about this rule. Do you think the rule makes sense as-is, and that we should be more strict in removing threads that don't give some sort of price range? Or do you think it would be better to change this rule, and not require buyers to give an indication of what they're willing to pay? Ultimately we'll make our own judgment (and it may diverge from any consens
  9. Hi all, Just wanted to mention that we've updated rule #2 in the Usage Guidelines thread for the Forum Only Selling Area: The rule is now: Thanks!
  10. Rule #2 updated: This is a change from the previous wording that said to group for sale items into "as few threads as is reasonable." Most users already limit themselves to one thread per sub-forum, and this update should eliminate any confusion about what's considered "reasonable." From now on, sellers should have just one thread on the front page of any particular sub-forum in the Forum Only Selling Area.