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  1. Just added: JUNGLE ACTION 16 COVER (BLACK PANTHER), original art, MARVEL, 1975. A great battle cover with Black Panther both pencilled and inked by the master of Marvel covers, Gil Kane. These don't come up very often at all. 11x17. Price is 19k. Contact:
  2. FANTASTIC UPDATE AT PANEL PAGE ART! Two vintage John Byrne FF pages.Spider-Man daily strips inked by John Romita Sr.Spider-Man Sundays.Jack Kirby pages.Vintage Avengers pages.Humberto Ramos assorted pages.And much more...See it all, right HERE, right NOW!
  3. Tonight we have the pleasure of chatting with long time original comic art collector Frank Giella. You can view Frank's incredible collection on CAF ( Frank's father is the legendary comic artist Joe Giella and he has many of Joe's artworks in his collection ( Join us tonight at 9PM EST!
  4. PANEL PAGE ART has NEW fresh to market covers from ROB LIEFELD! In this offering, are the very first, never offered before, covers from LIEFELD'S new G.I. JOE, SNAKE EYES series from IDW shipping in JULY!Rob took this title from selling 3500 units to pre-orders of over 70,000. Anticipation for this series is at an all time high. Snake eyes is a big nostalgic character for Rob. His enthusiasm is contagious and his art from this series will be in very high demandWe priced this new batch of covers at a reasonable sweet spot with the idea that we wanted to get his art into the hands of as many fans as we could that appreciate him.Also priced to sell are his masterpiece variant covers from Wolverine, Justice League, Superman and too many more to mention.WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?THEY MAY NOT LAST! Check them all out right now...
  5. As fate would have it we've found out a few days ago that a Dealer we've spoken about in prior episodes is visiting with Mike Burkey tonight and they've agreed to chat with us on our live stream this evening! No names this time around again like our last mystery guest, but we promise it's going to be an interesting show! 9 PM EST.
  6. NEW ART ADDED! COVERS! PAGES! DPS! Check out the new offerings... JOHN ROMITA JR. STUNNING DPS SUPER VILLAIN TEAM UP COVER FF COVER by FRENZ/ SINNOTT Many more NEW exciting covers and pages. Too many to mention. Get over to the PANEL PAGE ART site now and find yourself a Father's Day gift! Okay to shop even if you're not a father.
  7. AN EXCITING UPDATE! A phenomenal JACK KIRBY twice up THOR splash. A magnificent MIGNOLA HELLBOY cover. A sensational Savage Sword CONAN cover. See them all now at PANEL PAGE ART!
  8. Tonight Bill, Mike, Glen and Will, will be joined by an as yet unknown guest (Will G knows, but he's not telling) who will give us the details on a true original comic art tragedy from many years ago. We'll also be doing our usual Q&A with viewers in the stream, so we hope you tune in for another episode of Comic Art LIVE! 9 PM EST.
  9. I asked Bill about this and he told me that you had to choose between setting up as a dealer or a collector. You were not allowed to do both. If your friend did this, then he got away with it but it's not what Bill wanted.
  10. Sorry, I'm West Coast. Yes, it's 9 PM EST. 6 PM PAC.
  11. Bill went offer to Burkey's house to fix the mic issue.
  12. EPISODE 3 - Tonight at 9 PM EST. This evening Owner Bill Cox gets together with Glen Brunswick from, Mike Burkey from, and Will Gabri-EL from to talk about Comic Art LIVE, Comiclink's results, and more...
  13. It looks like its just a page removed from that IDW artist edition book of covers.
  14. PANEL PAGE ART will be offering brand new, fresh to market, comic art at the COMIC ART LIVE CON from: Jack Kirby John Byrne Darwyn Cooke Frank Brunner Jim Lee Adam Pollina Paul Ryan John Buscema And MORE! We will update our site with all the new offerings as soon as the CON opens to premium members, Saturday morning at 10 AM EST.