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  1. Honestly, I think comparing the Conan cover to ASM 69 is REALLY jumping the shark and kind of skirting the point. There are plenty of covers with the hero in a weakened state that I would find desirable -- that Conan doesn't happen to be one of them.
  2. At the end of the day, I personally feel the real problem with that Conan cover is the way Conan is depicted. I don't want him bound and on his back. I wanted him fighting mad with a sword in his hand. I think this hurt the sales price more than anything. I've recently sold Conan covers from this period at record prices. Just my take. Glen
  3. Thanks Bill! I found the owner on the Byrne Forum.
  4. Does anyone know the owner of this art? Please contact Glen -- Thanks!
  5. My pleasure! I'm sure you'll find it helpful, as I have.
  6. This falls into the life is too short category for me. Join if you want, ignore if you don't. No good deed goes unpunished, it seems -- that's what I've learned in the many more years I've walked this earth, vodou. Honestly, if the guy finds a way to monetize this in a few years, he deserves it for the work he's put in. In the meantime, you can use his info. I'm pretty sure your email isn't headed to the Russians. And if it is, I trust you'll still know how to vote.
  7. This is a pretty silly comment. This guy spends a lot of his time putting this together for no monitory gain. It costs you nothing to join and you can benefit greatly from the info. But you continue to be pessimistic. You certainly don’t have to join. I really don’t get the negativity though.
  8. For those unaware, PANEL PAGE ART would like to highlight an important resource for the comic art community... It's a newsletter called COMICART.TIPS. Every week, Francesco Brisighelli, compiles info about the comicart auctions that have recently closed, and more important HIGHLIGHTS the best of the art offerings for the upcoming week on eBay and the other auction houses that are about to conclude. It's really an incredible resource that he spends many hours compiling each week. Basically, if you are a comicart fan, he does your homework for you. You can sign up for his weekly newsletter at his website in the link below. This is your holiday gift! Happy Holidays, and happy art hunting! Glen Brunswick
  9. Also part of the BLACK FRIDAY sale. Three fantastic HFH 2 battle pages, pictured below! They are priced at $2800 each for the duration of the sale. Once the sale ends, they will go back to $3500. Historic battle pages from LUKE CAGE #2 - (1973)This is one the earliest pages of Luke Cage you can own—the first issue is complete and in the hands of a collector.The last pair of pages I had from this issue SOLD the day I listed them. This is the climactic sequence battle between Cage and Diamondback. It really doesn’t get any better. Issue 2, is also the first full issue in costume.George Tuska and Billy Graham are still figuring out the Hero for Hire look on these early pages.Don’t miss your chance to pick up a piece of Luke Cage and Marvel history! Contact Glen at
  10. PANEL PAGE ART is having a BLACK FRIDAY Sale going on now. The sale will end at midnight on Saturday, 11/24. THE SALE IS CLOSED!