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  1. That does not look like Romita to me at all. It looks like another artist copied a Romita pose. I think it's a fake. I hope it wasn't too expensive.
  2. My understanding is that he is on vacation in Thailand. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Mike will come through.
  3. I bought the Darwyn Cooke complete 11 page story to Phantom Quarterback from Albert a few years back. This was based on the original 70's DC story, and has dialogue by Stan Lee. It's a great read and a really fun story! The word balloons are not on the originals, however. Here the pages...
  4. The reason Disney doesn't or won't sell original art is that they don't own any. They have no inventory. They would have to buy and resell, and that's not the business they're in. Much better to have Spider-Man mugs purchased from China that they have good margins on and no trouble getting inventory. Trying to buy quality art for resale would be a major headache for them. The closest would be prints of giclees that could be mass produced -- again no inventory problem. But these are hardly original.
  5. That's not bad. For $15 bucks more, this bag is much better. Best one I've owned. Doesn't rip. Has additional straps to support the bag. For $40 bucks its probably better than the $240 kickstarter bag. I've owned the Pratt bag -- it rips when the load gets heavier.
  6. Many new vintage listings at my CAF for PANEL PAGE ART. 60s-90s. Too many to list. Pop by and see for yourself... Thanks! Glen
  7. It would be easy of you picked out a few strips that might work and then went to Mike and asked if he owned them. That makes it easy for Mike to just check his collection. Then he'll give you a price when you select the one you want. Probably faster then asking around elsewhere. Just my take.
  8. You should contact Mike Burkey. He owns more than half of the newspaper strips from the first 3 years and I'm sure he'd sell you one.
  9. The LA COMIC ART SHOW on Saturday, MAY 11. 10 AM - 4 PM. This is the ONLY art show in LA dedicated to comic art exclusively. No comics, JUST ART! Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles/Redondo Beach 2410 Marine Avenue Redondo Beach, California 90278 TEL: +1-310-727-9999 FREE PARKING Admission is $10. You don't want to miss this show. Art dealers and collector tables expected: Tri-State Original Art (Hans Kosenkranius) Genesis West (Mike Thibodeaux) Koch Comicart (Pete Koch) IDW Publishing (Scot Dunbier) Cool Lines Art (Rich Donnelly) Josh Gray Leo Chua Nostalgic Investments (Bechara Maalouf) Odyssey Comic Art (Saul Zimmerman) Panel Page Art (Glen Brunswick) Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center (Tom Kraft)
  10. Honestly, I think comparing the Conan cover to ASM 69 is REALLY jumping the shark and kind of skirting the point. There are plenty of covers with the hero in a weakened state that I would find desirable -- that Conan doesn't happen to be one of them.
  11. At the end of the day, I personally feel the real problem with that Conan cover is the way Conan is depicted. I don't want him bound and on his back. I wanted him fighting mad with a sword in his hand. I think this hurt the sales price more than anything. I've recently sold Conan covers from this period at record prices. Just my take. Glen
  12. Thanks Bill! I found the owner on the Byrne Forum.