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  1. Two fantastic covers are up for sale and have been added to my CAF sale gallery: POWER-MAN/ IRON FIST 51 - Just the 2nd cover from the relaunch of Power-Man with Iron Fist now as a permanent fixture of the book. Art is by Ernie Chan who composed a beautiful action battle shot of both characters --this cover is a gem! Love PM's fist going through the robot dude and his mechanical pieces flying every which way. MACHINE MAN 8 - Great action cover of Machine Man by Kirby. Very few of these have ever come to market. Not many to choose from and tough to find one this good. Don't miss out! You find prices for both listed here: Thanks! Glen
  2. Just added a number of new pieces to my CAF sale gallery. Vintage pages and splashes from Luke Cage, Hero for Hire by Tuska/Graham, Jungle Action pages by Graham/McLeod and a McFarlane ASM splash and more... See it all here: Thanks! Glen
  3. Here is the PANEL PAGE ART display from COMIC ART EXPO, and business card. Thanks!!! Glen Brunswick
  4. I'll be setting up at Terry Holtz and Zaddick Logenbach's NYC Comic Art Expo on Sunday, May 6th. I'll have my own table with a bunch of new pieces of art for sale or trade. I'm excited to hang with the East Coast collectors who will be at the show -- so please come by and say hi. If there is something you've seen on my CAF or my Facebook PANEL PAGE ART gallery that you'd like to see in person, please let me know: I'm just starting to get organized for the show as shown below... Hope to see a number of you there. Thanks! Glen Brunswick
  5. Just added to current inventory sale folder... A huge rare color illustration from DARWYN COOKE of his signature character PARKER with a beautiful femme fatale. Art is lovely, size is a whopping 15x18. This was rendered in 2009, around the time of his first novel in the series, "The Hunter." The PARKER graphic novel series was based on the crime novels by Donald Westlake. Price is $2500 Thanks! Glen
  6. Thanks! I also got the number 5 and 10. I'll post them up eventually.
  7. Hi Scott, No they had no Janson or Russell inked pages.
  8. Thanks! I did too -- this stuff really evokes those memories of my childhood growing up in NYC.
  9. One of the great experiences of my comic art collecting life happened recently. A collector friend of mine, Steve Kriozere, saw one of my earlier posts that I was searching for a Billy Graham cover to Luke Cage, Hero for Hire. He mentioned to me that the family was on FB and had posted a vintage cover to Hero for Hire. Well I contacted the family and a few weeks later I was on a plane to meet them in person in their hometown. They were so nice and hospitable, they were even kind enough to pick me up at the airport. A real treat was waiting for me at their house later as I got to peruse hundreds of originals from Luke Cage, Black Panther and more. To see all of those originals, still together, after all these years was such an unexpected joy. I don't think I can really describe how exciting it was to see all this stuff still in the original envelopes that the work was returned from Marvel in. It was like a time capsule getting to uncover this hidden treasure. At the end we struck a deal for the three vintage Luke Cage covers that they still had and multiple pages from Luke Cage and Jungle Action. I'll post a few here now but there are way too many to post them all up. I want to personally thank the Graham family for opening their home and hearts to me and treating me so wonderfully. They are absolutely the best people you could know. I'm honored to think of them as my good friends now. I noticed on the Billy Graham FB page that they are starting to sell originals by Billy Graham to the collecting public. If you are interested in buying a beautiful page by Billy Graham you probably want to jump at the chance as they won't last long. They're just too good. You can contact Shawnna Graham, Billy's granddaughter, on FB: She can provide you with contact info for their art rep. Here is fabulous cover to HFH issue 3. I've also posted the splash to 7 and 14 and a few other pages to enjoy that are now in my collection on the PANEL PAGE ART gallery: All I want to do is play the music from the theme from Shaft and Superfly while looking at these works of art that take me back to my misspent youth.
  10. glenbru

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    That looks like an all stat cover.
  11. Just added to current inventory FS gallery, two stellar pages, 10 and 15 from issue 200 of Thor -- the anniversary issue! These pages have everything you want in a THOR page, Thor in battle, Loki, Ragnarok, etc -- pencils by the master, John Buscema -- inks by John Verpoorten. Price is $4000 each page. Or you can look for free. ENJOY! link to FS gallery -- Thanks! Glen
  12. Just added to current inventory for sale gallery: Captain America 246 cover by Perez/Austin -- terrific cover with the bullpen names in the BG graffiti. Daredevil 269 cover by RomitaJr/Williamson -- X-Men villains, fabulous image! See them both here on my CAF sale gallery: Thanks! Glen
  13. The MCP 30 cover is sold! Thanks! Glen