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  1. Here is the Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing painting... ROOTS OF THE SWAMP THING - COVER PAINTING, original, DC COMICS, 1986.This one of the largest, 15x20, and best paintings Wrightson ever did of his signature character, SWAMP THING. The cover was created for the the first issue of the DC series that reprinted the original Wrightson run.
  3. Those were the days when art like that would pop up on eBay with regularity. These days I place a snipe bid on a beautiful cover like that only to find out it's a transparency.
  4. If only my computer hadn't jammed at the last minute. It's a great cover Mike! I'm happy you've enjoyed it for so long. You're a good guy too! Glen
  5. More recent, with more ROMITA covers...
  6. I posted a majority of them on my facebook page a few weeks back...
  7. Thanks for cleaning up my mess. 62, not 63.
  8. Should be 62 not 63(which I think is the first small size)
  9. And for Ditko, I've seen 11, 28, 30.
  10. For ASM twice up, I have seen, 40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,53,54,55,59,60,61,63.
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  12. I saw this post on the Brian Bendis tumbler page. Bendis talks about a story told to him some time ago by former Marvel editor Ralph Macchio who went to visit Steve Ditko at his studio. Ralph apparently saw a pile of Dr. Strange art by Ditko that had never been published by Marvel. Ditko told Ralph that the pages were for a brand new Dr. Strange graphic novel--never intended to be published--just drawn for Ditko's own pleasure. I found this to be astounding. Here is the post borrowed from the Bendis page: Have you ever talked to Ditko? Any second hand stories even? Anonymous I had an amazingly similar experience to the one Jonathan Ross had. when I was doing my series of creator interviews for Wizard magazine I reached out to him. I knew full well that he didn’t do interviews anymore but I thought MAYBE if it was a creator creator interview there might be a slim chance he would be up for it. I got his number from our mutual friend and editor Ralph macchio. I called him up and explained myself and who I was and what I wanted to do. he said he appreciated that but he didn’t do interviews. I said I completely understand but, off the record, I was curious to what happened that made him not want to do interviews anymore. he said that’s an excellent question but it’s an interview question and I DON’T DO INTERVIEWS ANYMORE!!! before he hung up I was able to thank him profusely for creating Spiderman and all that that has given me in my life. I do know that on some level he heard me so I feel really good about that. Ralph told me that he went to his house yeares ago and saw a big pile of Dr. strange original art and he asked what it was for. Steve said that it is a brand-new Dr. strange graphic novel. Ralph asked when he could read it and he said: no, that that’s not for you it’s just for me. you have to admire the purity