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  1. The last thing I want to do is disagree with a talented artist like you, Scott. But it's the awkwardness of the Batman figure that actually draws me more toward the cover -- I mean he's falling from a great height and that worried awkward figure enhances the drama for me. If I just wanted an iconic pose, there are many other Adams drawing that would suffice. The cover could also be cleaned and the crowd distraction removed...but it does not bother me a bit.
  2. The Neal Adams grail that never was! At some point I decided I had to own a Neal Adams cover. I'm a picky guy so it needed to be a great one--the Adams I would keep and not be tempted to sell. The Brave and the Bold 86 cover would have been perfect. It has all I could want in an NA cover and its inked by Adams as well--a plus for those that love Adams. Unfortunately I was offered this cover, many years ago, for the sum of 17k. At the same time I was offered the JLA 91 cover for 11K. I couldn't afford to buy both so I opted for the JLA 91--it was cheaper and it had all those other additional heroes on it. What could be better? I kept the scan of the B&B 86 cover and kept comparing the two--a mistake--once you make a decision between two covers delete the other scan. Don't let it continue to haunt you! I finally decided that I didn't like the inks on the JLA and sold it for about 15k. My plan was to get the other cover even if I had to add in additional cash. But it was too late, the collector that had the B&B 86 had sold it to a dealer. Now the price was way higher than I wanted to pay. The cover finally went to a seasoned Adams collector who has made it a permanent fixture in his collection. Not one to give up the Adams hunt, I found this beauty, Brave and Bold 88 cover at All Star Auctions table an San Diego--also many years ago. I tried to work a deal but at the time this was a trade only piece for them. The only trade they wanted from me was one of my Romita Spider-Man covers. Well, that wasn't going to work--I had to wait for my next Adams opportunity... BATMAN 224--I really thought this was going to be a keeper for me. This was a tough cover to get. I found a collector at Wondercon that was willing to move this cover to me. The only problem was he wanted a Cardy Action cover in return that was owned by Steve Donnelly. Uh-oh, I had never been able to do a deal with him. We'd talked about deals for many hours, but we never got close enough to actually get one done. The Cardy cover was worth about 5k. I offered Steve 7500 and he turned me down. The Cardy was a trade only. I finally offered my MR. MIRACLE 18 cover, a cover worth 10k back then, by Jack Kirby straight up for the Cardy. I expected Steve to jump at this deal--it was clearly in his favor. Steve appeared tempted, but he wanted to know what the catch was. He wanted to know what kind of trade, with someone else, I had in mind for his Cardy. I asked him why it mattered when this trade was so clearly in his favor. Steve hemmed and hawed, but finally agreed to the trade. I took the Cardy to the collector with the Batman 224, and after adding in an additional 5k on my part we had a deal! I finally had my ADAMS!!! After owning the cover for a bit, some of the ink lines started to bug me. I still had that stinking scan of the B&B 86 to compare ink lines. The 224 was not inked by Adams and did not feel as slick. Remember what I said about deleting scans? Soon after that I decided that the 224 was not the perfect Adams cover for me after all. I sold it for about 22k. This would have been a fantastic cover to own, Batman 255 cover, pencilled and inked by Adams--it sold many years back for 55k when these covers were thought to be worth 15k. Never had a chance at this one--just showing off the scan! My next shot at the Adams grail was this very nice World's Finest 175 cover. This had an added nostalgia factor for me. I grew up in New York when Palisades Amusement Park would put adds in the back of comics. They used this image at one point and it stuck in my brain--maybe this would be the keeper cover. I managed to get this one in a trade with Bechara for about 15k. But a few months later, Steve Fishler offered me 18k for it and I folded. It's a beautiful cover with inks by Adams--but the Superman and Batman statue figures felt too small for me for it to be a keeper--I told you, I'm one picky fella. Now this $%&# Cover would be a keeper. World's Finest 208--I know where it is, and I'm sure it's going to stay there, forever! Which brings me to JLA 86--I LOVE THIS COVER! If any one knows where it is, you know where to find me. I'm a picky buyer that's just looking for his Neal Adams grail. Help a brother out. Finder's fee happily paid! Even if you can't help, you got to agree that's a friggin' nice cover! I've posted the B&B 86 cover here. Come see the rest of the images on my FB Panel Page Art gallery page and please LIKE the page while you're there: Thanks, Glen
  3. The NOVA covers I've never seen are 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 14.
  4. The Official Feb 22-24 Heritage Auction Thread

    I think it's great you got that bid in on the ASM 100 cover, Gene. You still may get outbid though.
  5. Thanks Mark! Do you still own your favorite? You don't post it anymore.
  6. This was many years ago, and I'm not holding it in my hands to describe, but as I recall the paper was a little coarse and thin as if it had been exposed to water or moisture. A good restorer can fix that now. At the time I didn't realize it. If I had know, I wouldn't have sold it. It's a good one.
  7. Right, I forgot about Brian Peck's cover. I love that one with Spider-Man!
  8. I was so into the Buscema stuff at the time that it was a shock to the system when Infantino came along on the title. Looking back I really like the work Infantino put in to the series -- it just took a while for me to fully appreciate it. Post up the page if you want -- love to see it!
  9. I'm a big NOVA fan! I bought 100 copies of issue 1 at a local convention when I was a kid 'cause I was sure he'd be the next Spider-Man and these things would be funding my college education. We'll, they're worth only slightly more than I paid for them back then--not my best investment. But the OA covers are a different story--I love them, but they're hard to find. I bought the 2 cover by John Buscema at one point from collector pal. The condition bugged me at the time so I didn't wind up keeping it The Nova 4 cover by Kirby/Sinnott - I think is the gem of the run. I got it from Alan at Heroes in a trade which included the DD 14 splash. I sold this a number of years back at what I felt was a very high number although it moved to another collector a few years back at an even higher number I understand. The 5, another Kirby/Sinnott cover sold through Heritage--was never really a favorite of mine. A few years ago I got the 7 back, also Kirby/Sinnott, from a collector buddy who was kind enough to hang on to it long enough to trade me when I told him I had to have it back. I used to own it, but sold it after getting the 4. Of course, after parting with the 4, I needed it back. So where are all the other Nova covers from the original run? I'd like to pick up one or two more. Here are the other covers I have seen on CAF at one time or another 10, 13, 18 and 25. Where are the rest? I'd love to know...anyone seen 'em? Come see the covers to 4, 5 and 7 on the PANEL PAGE ART page:
  10. (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    I love this hobby of ours and have been participating in it for 24 years. Some things I have bought as a collector--I still have many things I bought in the 1990's in my collection. Sometimes I buy things for resale. As Mitch points out, I have bought things from him that I sell right away. Mitch's business model has always been to sell things quickly and prices things reasonably. As a result there is sometimes room to make something on purchases from him. I think he likes to do that and considers it a win/win for both seller and buyer -- you'll have to ask him if I'm correct there. I have many personal family expenses, kids, private school, etc. I do sell things to help pay for my expenses. I wish I could keep more. But I do still have a lot of things that I love. I also do find that it it's fun to buy and sell, and I like to do it. I never tell anyone when I buy something from them that I will not resell it--no one should expect any different. I do not resent anyone who sells something they bought from me at a higher price or a much higher price--even if it is on the same day. I'm just happy to make my sale. I always try to be fair and accurately represent pieces to the people I sell to. If you don't like a piece that you buy from me you can always return it for a full refund if it doesn't meet with your expectations when you first get it in. Obviously once the piece is accepted by the buyer the sale is final. I recently have been buying and selling more than I used to. I have a little more time on my hands to pursue doing this. Thanks! Glen Brunswick
  11. Just added to my CAF folder for sale: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 224 - COVER John Romita Jr--pencils, Bob Layton - inks One of Romita Jr.s best covers from his first run on ASM. Fun stuff in this issue with Vulture finding it hard to adjust to life in the old age home. Very crisp inks from Bob Layton here. Time payments or trade is possible. Thanks! Glen
  12. Just added two new beautiful pages to the CAF sale folder: Avengers 23 page - Heck/Romita Our Love Story 5 page - John Buscema/Giacoia Link to my CAF: Thanks, Glen
  13. I don't remember what else I got -- I remember that situation -- some of the early San Diego Cons run together in my mind's eye. I may have come back with some money and bought stuff out of the CBG which I used to have flown in from the East Coast in order to get the deals listed at the same time as collector's on EST.