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  1. This is a beautiful copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 with a gorgeous cover. I am the third owner of the book. The second owner owned the book for over 40 years, and had the book CGC graded before selling to myself. $9,500 will get you the book. Will override any PMs. PMs are welcome though, please feel free to reach out! U.S. buyers only. Book will be insured, and signature will be required by buyer. Accepted methods of payment are Cashier`s Check or Personal Check. Check must clear before shipping. No returns accepted as this is third party graded by CGC. No probation or HoS members will be considered. I will be happy to do a video call with any interested buyer if you would like to discuss the book face to face. Also, for reference - I have a very publicly visible job and it is very easy to research me. I will give details via PM to interested buyers so that you can do your own validation on myself. I promise you will be satisfied and feel secure in buying from me. I have also been selling on eBay for over 15 years with a 100% positive feedback record. I can provide details on that as well via PM if you are interested,
  2. Just arrived yesterday. Not the greatest copy, but I got it for an amazing price and love the cover.
  3. I’m not much of a DC guy, but I have to tell you that is beautiful!
  4. On a roll this week. First the Rawhide Kid 22 find, then the Amazing Fantasy 15. Then today this one arrived. 🐲
  5. I've decided to do exactly this, thank you so much for the advice. I'll keep you posted on any conversation I have with CGC on the matter, and will update this thread once I get the book back so that everyone can see what it came back as. Question for all - Should I attempt to remove the sticky left over from the tape, or will it impact the grade? If it doesn't impact the grade I don't mind it being there - as it is only noticeable in certain light, and if you are specifically looking for it. Thanks all!
  6. After many, many years of being patient for the purpose of finding a copy that I love for the right price - this arrived today. I was able to acquire this from a second owner who had loved this copy for over 40 years, and at a great price. With that being the case, I will likely put it back into the market quickly and use the returns to buy up into a blue label copy. For the moment though, I am happy to be part of the team - and even more excited for this beautiful book to have a home with us for the time being!
  7. It’s been a good couple days. After finding the Rawhide Kid 22 last night while away for work, I arrived home today after a long flight to find this had arrived!
  8. I’m definitely leaning that way, just as you suggest. Speaking of AF15... this just arrived in the mail today! 🕷
  9. @Get Marwood & I I just got home from a long flight back from Heathrow, and have been reading over your history with these era UK books - so interesting! Now I am hesitant to have it graded, as it would be a shame to no longer be recognizable as a U.K. version once encapsulated. I read your threads, and know that you have asked CGC to recognize these in the label notes - but that seems to no avail. For clarity - If I submit this, it will not get a U.K. liner note on the label, correct? This is one instance where I WOULD want the U.K. note on the label. I checked the census and there are very very few RK22 books graded, I would be so proud to have one - especially with it presenting as well as it does. What to do?!
  10. Yikes I'm sure your heart sank. Don't mess with Doctor Strange ha! As an update, I'll have another new shiny silver age acquisition to show off tomorrow. My wife just called from California, though it is the middle of the night here in London, to let me know an Amazing Fantasy 15 I had been long in search of arrived at home today! So excited! Will post up pictures once I arrive home tomorrow. Can't wait!!!
  11. Stunned you noticed that, never in a million years would I have even thought to check!
  12. A few more images for better visibility. The staples are extremely clean and firmly attached. Cover is tightly attached. Thanks again everyone!
  13. Hi all - I am traveling for work and found got several Rawhide Kid books today for 5 pounds each (about $6.50 USD) - among the lot was a RK22. Awesome! The short story is, great book - but the store worker was not careful when, after I inspected the interior of the book, he reinserted the book into the sleeve and got the tape stuck on the book cover (AFTER I had asked him if he could remove the tape before reinserting - and he refused to let me reinsert the book myself). I am thinking of having this book graded by CGC, but am now wondering if I should worry about the glue left from the tape. We thankfully were able to the tape off without pulling up ink - but there is a shiny sticky spot now. I was so frustrated when this happened, but in all reality - I am just very excited to have found this book in the wild. So a couple questions: If i were to have it graded as is (with the tape residue), what might some of you ballpark it at? All interior pages are equal quality or better to the centerfold. There is a very slight canned drink ring in the middle of the cover, but it is so faint I could not get it to show up in photos, no matter how I positioned it in the light. You can see the shiny residue from the tape next to the Totem's hand on the left side of the cover in the zoomed in image below. If I were to carefully remove the tape residue without damaging the cover - what would you ballpark the grade at? The full saga of the incident with the tape can be found on the on this page in the "What's new in your Silver Age collection this week?" thread if you care to read it Any guidance is appreciated, so excited to have this one finally in my collection! THANK YOU!
  14. Rawhide Kid 22 - Found in a London used book store I was shocked to find this today in a used book store in London while on a work trip, far away from home in California! I always stop in these kinds of stores while traveling for work in hopes of finding a gem, and on this trip I was not disappointed - but, there is a twist ending of sorts. I was over the moon and ecstatic to basically get this book for free as I have been on the search for this one for a long while, but have never been inclined to pay the average online price of this particular book! The issues they had in their longbox full of random issues were all in sleeves with a backing board (good) - but, all were heavily taped shut (bad). I politely asked the guy working at the store if I could remove the book from the sleeve and inspect the book. He said, "sure", and yanked the book out of my hands and popped open the tape sleeve and quickly and carelessly pulled the book from the bag. I almost had a heart attack, but it did indeed come out safely. He handed the book to me and I sighed a sigh of relief. The book does have a slight ring on the cover where someone sat a drink can on it once upon a time, but it is barely visible and you have to turn the book just right in the light to even see it at all. Otherwise - complete with all ads, and the staples are in amazing condition with a very tightly attached cover. Too good to be true! Then... I asked the guy if I could reinsert the book into the sleeve myself, and he said, "No... We have to do it ourselves so it doesn't get damaged". I asked him to please be careful, and asked in the most polite way possible if he could remove the tape from the sleeve before reinserting. He absolutely refused and said, "Nothing is going to happen". Of course... the tape stuck to the cover. I hung my head in disbelief. To his credit, he spent 20 minutes with me gently pulling up the tape, and he managed to not pull up any ink. However, the book does now have a bit of tape glue on the cover - and I have to admit, it is frustrating me. You can see that below near the Totem's hand on the left side of the cover. So in the end, I am ecstatic to have found this book! But, going forward - always be insistent with inexperienced store employees when tape is near a Silver or Golden age cover! Lesson learned ha! I also got these other Rawhide Kid issues, along with the 22, for just 5 pounds (about $6.25 USD) each! Happy hunting everyone!