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  1. It took ages, but they're finally graded! Two more Robbedoezen to be graded, and I'm expecting a better result on those magazines.
  2. Sending in Robbedoes 1071 and 1072! So glad I found another 1072 copy.
  3. Marsupilami had the same kind of issues. Following the Smurfs succes Dupuis decided to make an animated tv-show for Marsupilami, they didn't even bother to tell Franquin about this plans, and he wasn't too happy with the results. At the time Ronald Reagan was in conflict with the country of Nicaragua, making it difficult to represent white people as evil in a Latin American country. They had to remove the dots on his tail to make animation easier. I've never seen this show, but after watching some Youtube clips one could conclude they really butchered the character. Marsupilami can't talk for example, he only imitates the sounds he hears. In 2000 the show was redone by Marsu Productions itself and they did a much better job staying true to the character. And in 2012 Marsupilami had his own live-action movie: 'Sur la Piste du Marsupilami':
  4. Marsupilami only appeared in the 'Spirou et Fantasio' stories (Spirou is the bell boy seen on the cover of 720) so he never met the Smurfs. Marsu Productions bought the Marsupilami rights and his first standalone story appeared in 1987, he briefly returned to Dupuis in 2016. The first Gargamel is Spirou 1130 I believe, in the second mini-comic 'Le voleur des schtroumpfs'. Just checked the census and the new labels show whether the magazine is French or Belgian. I wonder if my re-encapsulation labels will show this difference.
  5. Here you go I'll have to send 720 back as well if I want 1071 & 1072 re-encapsulated.
  6. Thanks! Just informed CGC. I hope it doesn't affect the grade.
  7. This got me thinking. 720 is First Marsupilami appearance 721 is First full Marsupilami appearance 1071 is First full Smurfs appearance Which number is the first Smurf appearance?
  8. Got mail today! My spidey sense started tingling as I opened the box. Something seems off
  9. A few months ago I almost bought a tmnt 1 (2nd print). The auction ended 04:00AM in my timezone, so I had to place an automatic bid. Winner paid 10 dollar extra. Same crowd
  10. Hard to tell, it's been a long time. My first submission was already at CGC so I didn't have the chance to compare them. I had the feeling my second submission was slightly better, so a 9,0 might be as high as it get's for me. My Spirou 1071/1072 and Robbedoes 1071/1072 are still at 'received' status.
  11. Just joined the club, couldn't be happier with these grades: And the key comments I was hoping for:
  12. Expecting my Spirou 720 results any moment now! (been saying that to myself the entire week)
  13. Having a Smurftastic weekend here! I was able to pick up a Robbedoes 1071 and a Robbedoes 1072 today. The picture quality is bad but the magazines look decent. I might send them to CGC if they consider my other Robbedoes submission as a first appearance.