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  1. Looking to buy an Amazing Fantasy #15 for very low grade, I have some pretty solid trade ammo if anyone is interested. Looking to hear from yall!
  2. Yeah, i think im gonna need it. I would probably do better going to a vendor at a show, but they just ask too much for low grade AF15 in my opinion.
  3. Title covers most of it. Cover detached low grade FF#1, ASM#1 missing last ad page not affecting story, Avengers 1 staples added , Various low to mid grade Dtiko spideys. Wiling to try and make a deal for an AF 15. Will add photos of anything on serious offers.
  4. I am looking at an issue of AF 15 that needs some work. I have some donor ad pages lined up, what would this label look like from the graders? Would the donors immediately make it a restored issue? or could they be just considered detached, the spine on the AF 15 is essentially ruined, btw.
  5. Wow, you are a golden god, thank you for the information. I really appreciate it.
  6. See i thought this would make sense too but apparently it isnt the case, after some sleuthing, I have determined that the back cover of Patsy walker #102 does not ahve the same inside cover as AF15 even if it does have the same back cover. Also the ad page inside the issue isnt the same either. Frustrating but i guess I wont be purchasing the partial AF 15. Time to save up some more cash.
  7. Does anyone know if the other issues printed in August 1962 have the same back cover as AF 15?
  8. Does anyone know if the back cover of AF 15 coincides with any other Nov. 1962 issues.
  9. Title says all, I would prefer a complete book, blue label, but if the right restored is avaliable I will consider. Also considering Raws.