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  1. Yeah I just found it Wowsa! Thanks So FMV on a 5.5 is legitimately 32k?
  2. I've sent pics to a couple pressers, they feel the grade is correct
  3. Oh wait....you already knew that PAULLLLL!
  4. I'm not sure, maybe it's your personality...maybe you are easily irritated
  5. This book has been graded, but I'm thinking of a clean and press...what do you think about it's current grade
  6. I agree....saw a 6.0 selling for 40k or 45k in trade, and momentarily I was thinking 'upgrade' but then I was like naw I'll hold my 5.5 for awhile longer
  7. Yeah it definitely has that cut defect people talk about...but $1300 is a lot