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  1. True But keys 'open' too so those books open the comics universe like say ironman 55
  2. That is a good "key" grade scale I haven't broke through the threshold of super keys yet
  3. That's amazing and makes total sense A key gets you in the garage A mega key gets you in the house And an ultra key is to the city!
  4. Hollywood1892


    I paid $400 CDN for New Mutants 98 when I first started collecting... he said it would come back 9.8. I was naive, so it is my fault. But you learn from these mistakes as a collector. You have to be internally satisfied with the price you pay when your buying a raw book.
  5. Hollywood1892


    Seller "I'm not a proffessional grader, but this is a guaranteed 9.8, raw 9.8"
  6. That happened I know there is value increase on a book character appearing in a movie, but I'm wondering if there is a value increase if the book appears in a movie?
  7. I would agree Stubbornness can mask itself as foolishness
  8. I would vote @kav for his predictability about books about too pop People should listen
  9. There is a difference between telling and teaching Probably a difference between following and stalking too
  10. I think the entire boards are beneficial in some form or another. You can learn from positive posters and negative ones