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  1. Billy Madison quoted this? That's dangerous,its crazy how much things are in your subconscious that are brought to the surface in everyday conversation. I worry about that,since I write,so I may think I'm being creative when in fact I'm just rehashing other peoples already preconceived ideas...aaaahh.
  2. That's hard to say Is it a limited series like Wolverine or Punisher limited series,or can it be a storyline in a on going series,because if it can be the latter than I'm going with knightfall,if it's the former than I'm going with Punisher,maybe even Batmans Dark knight.
  3. How dare you! We were engaging in a deep and heated debate on existentialism I was saying that I agree with Sartre "Hell is other people" she took Descartes point of view that "I think therefore I am" I retorted that people are better off independent of others and we can be more productive working on our own. She disagreed suggesting that when the greatest minds are put together they can accomplish astronomical things. I arched my eyebrow and said "The Manhattan project!"
  4. I regularly use my phone to go on you tube and for pleasure. As a matter of fact I am supposed to be working...and yet I am doing my hobby of provoking my boss to anger while using my phone to do my other hobby of chatting here,which by definition both are hobbies...or if youd like past times...like when I'm out in public with my GF and people are listening to our conversation I say "I told you to do the dishes and the laundry last night...you better do them when we get home" I regularly do this to annoy the people eaves dropping and I do it for my pleasure...as I regularly wash dishes and do laundry,not for pleasure so that is not a hobby.
  5. You are the type of person people build life long friendships with.
  6. It's been scorching hot ever since the invention of the smart phone
  7. Sorry this is the one I meant to quote from...unfortunately I have had many failed relationships because of this hobby
  8. Do you drink to enjoy the taste,or for more mind altering experiences?
  9. I saw 3 last night. Outside of the poor dialogue and plot development ot was a good movie. But honestly,they are working themselves into a hole. Get away from it Keanu
  10. Collecting Alcohol? Like for what purpose. I get rid of it as fast as I consume it.
  11. Maybe someone else could do Wolverine...or they could pay Jackman and use his CGI like they did in Logan