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  1. I'm going to try because it's a strange grade. I submitted through my LCS And if it came polybagged how could it get damaged
  2. It actually came back 8.0 I just want people to tell me what noticeable defects there are. Because honestly I can't see any
  3. But in all seriousness I've seen some horrible advice on this section of the boards. Guys suggesting 8.0 on a book that comes back from CGC at 9.6 and look at my ironman thread. The difference between opinion grades and actual grade is about $500 in terms of value My advice is submit the book
  4. Well tbh I'm not a proffessional grader, so there's that
  5. I really thought that would have impacted it But I'm really happy with the grade
  6. I finally got it back today No fault from CGC on the length of time it took... And very happy about the grade
  7. Everyone knows this is the best artist, and clearly the most mindful of it's canvas
  8. Tbh Ryan "Venom boy" Stegman is a strong candidate to be put on that list, but maybe he doesn't have a large enough body of work too choose from