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  1. Movie spec is ridiculous and pointless For every Eternals 1 Walking Dead 1 Batman Adventures 12 You have New Avengers 11 New Avengers 27 Shazam 1 Xforce 11 Pearl 1(?) Die 1 (yet to bear fruit) And countless other books that have done zilch based on movies... Buy what you like.... Stick to the mainstayers Spiderman Batman Avengers Books that will always build
  2. The hammer has sailed on Thor 339 It would be like...okay I got nothing, you are right
  3. I prefer buying 9.8s of the comics I like. I feel strange about having other grades. I know, it's crazy. On moderns of course.
  4. This makes alot of sense considering the price is so low on them...and probably the price being so low is the vast amount of them too... What about standards when it comes to different ages/eras?..would a regular comic from silver age be graded to different standards than a modern age?