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  1. If book value is based on movies then Hulk 181 is valued accurately. Up until recently Wolverine had appeared in more movies then any other superhero, they actually go out of their way to find how to put Wolverine in a movie "So we are just about finished with Spiderman 652,l 'Death of dude on top of apartment in AF15 I'm wondering if somehow we can put Logan coming out of a variety store with a bag of doritos as Spidey flies by!" The only character/person who appears more then Wolverine is Stan Lee (RIP Champ) But tbf Wolverine is probably ranked in the top ten superheroes of all time That book you wanted has gone up $400 in 2 years, which is more interest then a GIC (canadian bond)
  2. That is probably the best analogy of paying for grade I have ever saw I guess I was a few thou off...lol but it definitely moves the needle in terms of fair market value This book is smoking hot right now tho!
  3. So as I have said I have focused my collecting goals to Silverage....These are some recent purchases
  4. Your trapping us Because the MCU is only ten years old if you took every marvel movie, then that is an entirely different conversation But honestly Heath Ledgers Joker has been the best villain for me, Black Manta was pretty good too Ivan Vanko was a good chatacter And if its MCU then Thor definitely beats him with my Kryptonite theory
  5. But Thor also got cooked by Thanos in the beggining of Infinity War, what does that mean for Superman if Thanos wants a go?
  6. Your moving the Goal posts! Well then in that case Kingpin is in there too even Michael Clarke Duncan did a good job Apocalypse (disagree with the movie, the character was good) Magneto Juggernaut Dark Phoenix
  7. Thanos (Thanos team) Galactus Any Spidey villain actually( Venom can't really be considered a villain anymore) Rhino Shocker Kraven Green Goblin Vulture Mysterio Doc Oc Sandman Kingpin Dr Doom