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  1. HULK 181 and ASM 14. Not sure of the price difference but just don't want a green label
  2. Well the book would not be an 8.5 green it would be most likely like 3.5 green so id rather have the blue
  3. Hey everyone I'm getting ready to do my first sub and had a question. Say if I have a book with a cut out or something missing and I want it to get the universal 0.5 grade instead of the qualified green label than do I have to make special note of that on my grading sub? I wasn't sure how this works. Thank you in advance!!
  4. Hey guys was thinking about having hero restoration do some comic pressing for me and was wondering if any of you have experience with them? Im one to always be worried about other people touching my books so I'm a bit hesitant so wanted to see if anyone here can chime in. Thanks!
  5. Looks very good to me but let me know what you guys think. Spine isn't exactly flat but took the best photos I could. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, Recently started pressing comics and I have one of those "angles presses" not sure if thats what you would call it but I will post a pic. Anyway I have been thinking about buying a swing away one. Reason being is that I feel the press I have now might place more pressure on the box closer to the press. I feel that due yo the angle the press comes down on the book it might not distribute equal pressure. But if you have a swing away its not placed at the same angle as the other press and when you want to press down it just all goes down at once and I feel thats more equal distribution
  7. Yeah I agree now as well. Not such a great buy then, Oh well ill have to wait for another copy. Thank you guys for all your help!
  8. Yeah I was thinking with a clean and press possibly an 8.0?
  9. Yeah I don't think they break color. They wanted $1250 for it so might be a good pick up!
  10. Need your help guys! Stopped in a store and they had this book. from the front look like a 9.0 atleast!! but on the back as you see its rather dirty and those two long creases on the back put me off...Im having a hard time deciding if they can be pressed out or not? What do you guys think??? Thanks!
  11. Looking into getting started with pressing and am I need of silicone parchment paper. I know Uline sells them for $85 but thats for like a thousand sheets. Anyone know another place to pick up less quantity? Thanks
  12. I agree and yeah ill just have to go thru the hassle of a PayPal case..
  13. And what do you guys think about that top edge?
  14. Im very concerned about the right edge of this book. Was this trimmed or very poor quality control?? On the top it hasn't been trimmed because it has significant edge hang. Even on the right side is all jagged and if it was trimmed I would think it would be straight and not the way it is. What the hell is going on??? thanks guys!