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  1. Yeah I agree now as well. Not such a great buy then, Oh well ill have to wait for another copy. Thank you guys for all your help!
  2. Yeah I was thinking with a clean and press possibly an 8.0?
  3. Yeah I don't think they break color. They wanted $1250 for it so might be a good pick up!
  4. Need your help guys! Stopped in a store and they had this book. from the front look like a 9.0 atleast!! but on the back as you see its rather dirty and those two long creases on the back put me off...Im having a hard time deciding if they can be pressed out or not? What do you guys think??? Thanks!
  5. Looking into getting started with pressing and am I need of silicone parchment paper. I know Uline sells them for $85 but thats for like a thousand sheets. Anyone know another place to pick up less quantity? Thanks
  6. I agree and yeah ill just have to go thru the hassle of a PayPal case..
  7. And what do you guys think about that top edge?
  8. Im very concerned about the right edge of this book. Was this trimmed or very poor quality control?? On the top it hasn't been trimmed because it has significant edge hang. Even on the right side is all jagged and if it was trimmed I would think it would be straight and not the way it is. What the hell is going on??? thanks guys!
  9. Hey guys in my personal opinion I don't believe the book has been trimmed for a couple of reasons. 1. The book is the exact same length as my other two copies 2. I can tell the side edge has not been trimmed due to over hang 3. you can tell the whole picture is shifted upwards vs the other copies Even with all that said I just wanted others opinions as I haven't seen a copy with a cover picture shifter so far up that it cuts off the top of the comic code stamp, thanks!
  10. Yeah mine does look pretty similar to that. Have to agree with you on that one.
  11. hmm I've been looking at 5.0s graded and all of them appear to be in worse condition than mine is but I guess that is possible. Well so far we have between a 5-7.5 quite a difference haha
  12. Very true. The only main issue is the spine on the book. Hopefully it can get that 7.5
  13. Wow what a great first comment haha I would be more than happy with a 6!
  14. Would like to keep it being that this could be a high grade. I have really been wanting this book in a higher grade so maybe this is it. Would love to hear some more people chime in on what they think this could grade.