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  1. Looking for Cole romance cover proofs in excellent condition. Thanks. Ken
  2. This one came in today. Issue #1 with no graded copies.
  3. You could say that. $$$
  4. Take HOS 90 per PM. Thanks.
  5. Human Torch 23 CGC 9.0 ow/white. This book is cracked out but the label will be sent. The book has excellent color and the front cover presents like a 9.2/9.4. There is a small moisture stain on the bottom of the back cover and some of the interior pages. Classic Schomburg robot cover. Seldom sold this nice. One 9.0 gpa sale for $8,000 in July 2019. Asking $6,950 shipped. SOLD
  6. Hello, Listing one special book tonight. First in the thread wins the book over any PM negotiations. Personal checks and PayPal are accepted but I would prefer personal check or a combination of both. Shipping in the US only at this time. You may return the book within 10 days for a full refund but you pay return shipping cost. Thanks for looking. Ken
  7. Beware Terror Tales 1 CGC 7.0 ow/white. Excellent color and a bright white cover. Was $675. NOW $595 SHIPPED.
  8. Hello, First in the thread wins the book over any PM negotiations. Shipping in the US only at this time. No return on CGC graded books please. I accept personal checks and PayPal. Thanks for looking. Ken
  9. I have collected for a long time and prefer having my books in Mylar so I can take them out now and again. I also like the way they look in Mylar more than in a slab. I realize that it may not be the most prudent decision in terms of them holding their value but I have not had much of a problem in general selling books for market value that have been cracked out.