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  1. Hello, I am not actively seeking to sell this book but I’ll show you and throw out a price. This copy is spectacular and seriously looks better than many 9.2 and even 9.4 books I have seen. I would want $12,500. Thanks. Ken
  2. I have a NM raw copy. Asking $45 shipped US. Ken
  3. Derek replied to a WTB thread I started and had a beautiful book out to me within a couple days. Great communication and a pleasure to deal with. Ken
  4. Hello everyone. The convention is being held at my business in a warehouse space that has high ceilings, double roll up doors and lots of ventilation. Everyone will enter and exit through a roll up door and masks will be required while inside the building. There is plenty of free parking on site. No admission charge. Bring books to sell, trade, or just show off. I hope this alleviates any concerns. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Ken
  5. ‘Avengers Annual 10 9.2 cream/ow. 90 day average $164. Last sale $222. Asking $140
  6. Batman 423 7.5 ow/w. Super glossy and has deep colors with some spine ticks and the bend at the top corner. The bend at the top only breaks color slightly near the spine. The picture shows mostly glare. Press would help. Asking $120