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  1. Picked up this book today. The atomic explosion with purple dinosaur motif pulled me in.
  2. Beware Terror Tales 1 CGC 7.0 ow/white. Fabulous eye appeal on this book with bone white front and back covers. Was $650 Now $600
  3. Love Letters 43 7.5 ow/white. Deep colors and nice gloss. $250
  4. Space Adventures 2 5.0 cream/ow. Light foxing right edge of front cover. $150
  5. Terrifying Tales 13 6.0 cream/ow. Classic LB Cole cover with outstanding eye appeal. One tiny dot of color touch on front cover bottom left corner under the “D”. Light moisture stain on bottom right back cover. Beautiful colors and gloss. Was $1,500 Now $1,380
  6. True-To-Life Romances 6 5.5 ow. One of my favorite Cole romance covers that doesn’t show up for sale too often. Was $575 Now $515
  7. True Love Problems 26 9.2 ow. Flat and glossy with terrific color. Nice Lee Elias cover. Only one 3.5 sale in gpa from 2011. Was $185 Now $135
  8. Famous Funnies 215 7.5 ow. Excellent color and gloss on this classic Frazetta cover. Minor scuff in the octopuses head keeps the grade from being higher. I have collected Frazetta Famous Funnies for years and in my experience this is the toughest issue to get in nice shape. $2,200