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  1. I’ll have scarce war, romance, and sci-fi for sale at the show. 😎
  2. You promoted another show in my thread in the golden age forum. Not cool.
  3. Thanks for the promotion. 👍 A bit tacky to promote another show in my thread.
  4. Here's a picture of the space. We paint MMA and boxing canvases so lots of floor space and high ceilings.
  5. Not the same show. I have a pretty large warehouse space for my business and offered to open it up for a small show as I have large roll up doors and swamp coolers bringing fresh outside air through the building.
  6. Hello everyone, I don’t think many of my fellow golden age collectors pursue the events section on the boards, so please take a look at the Las Vegas Comicon post under Comic Events for information about the show on October 11. Hope to see you there. Ken
  7. LAS VEGAS COMICON Sunday, October 11 11am - 5pm LOCATION 4385 Cameron Street, Ste. A Las Vegas, NV 89103 FREE ADMISSION!! DEALERS ATTENDING Harley Yee Bedrock City Torpedo Comics Ron Murry Comic Cellar and yours truly Ken Spencer Safety protocols will be in effect so masks must be worn inside the warehouse and a limited number of 50 people at one time including dealers will be allowed in the building. Hand sanitizer will be available on site. Roll-up doors will be open with plenty of ventilation. Bring books to sell and money to buy!
  8. Unfortunate small chip off the top corner but best colors I’ve seen on this issue.
  9. That is a tough book and this copy has bright colors. Good luck. Ken