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  1. It was guessed. The owner never posted the results. That's a lot of spine ticks to be a 9.0 -9.2 no?
  2. I found one that some on here said 9.0/9.2 It obviously has more stress marks on the back than mine shows. Not to mention the top right corner...
  3. Lol @ "Adult beverage too many" That's never good mixed with comic cleaning either.
  4. I always over grade the modern and under grade the oldies lmao Time for a strategy adjustment!
  5. I was thinking more like a 9.4 with a press and clean. Im actually more bothered by the fingerprints than anything else. How do those come off? Lol
  6. Thank you and yes pics are hard to tell from.
  7. I just don't get it lol. I've seen 9.2's in worse condition. Thanks for the response.
  8. Few spine ticks on back and a few finger prints.
  9. An occasional fingerprint or two as well... A few spine ticks...
  10. More of a question really. If the front in a 9.8 and the back is a 9.4, does that make it a 9.6? Here's the front...