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  1. OK, so one more question: on Conservation/Preservation and staples. Do collectors ALWAYS see conservation/preservation as a bad thing? I have read that some problems with restoration in the past has been that some people don't know what they're doing and some people try to pass off less valuable restored comics as more valuable, unrestored comics. I actually enjoy doing it and I have a couple of somewhat valuable Silver Age comics I'd eventually like to clean up (after practicing on less valuable books) and then get graded/encapsulated. I intend to put new, or at least clean staples on them after going through the whole process. Will the cleaned or new staples detract from the grade?
  2. We'll see. I'm not going to do this on anything valuable just yet, I just want to know if it's considered "restored" if: (1) I use any of these techniques but you can't tell. (2) I disassemble to dry-clean and re-assemble it precisely. (3) I use these techniques and I inform CGC that I used them, but the restoration isn't actually detectable. I wonder if I don't do any restoration at all but I tell CGC that I did, would they still mark a book as restored?
  3. Lasers can remove it but those lasers currently cost $30,000+ See
  4. Hi, I've just gotten back into comic book collecting. I enjoy cleaning and pressing them and I'd like to see how much I can do to them without getting a restoration/conservation label. I plan to eventually do some actual, purposeful restoration and conservation projects on some cheap trashed comic books, but right now I'm interested in experimenting with alternatives to dry cleaning. I know that chemical bleaching is the wrong way to do things, and if I disassemble a comic to clean it but I don't reassemble it precisely, that will get a restoration/conservation label. Ignoring the problem of staples and re-assembly, has anyone succesfully tried any of these techniques and not had the books labelled as conservation/restoration? Ultrasonic cleaning with DIY gear: Either moisten pages and put them between two stainless steel plates, or dip entire books in a chamber for different lengths of times (or both - put it between plates and dunk it). I think this would work well to remove dirt, but if I do it for too long it could remove ink. I'm definitely going to try this. Alkaline Water: Museums use it instead of chemicals to alter the ph of water and lighten or eliminate foxing by brushing it on the foxing and/or carefully bathing entire documents. Would be rinsed off afterwards. Vacuum Tables: These devices are used to force plain water through paper to clean it. There are even rigs that allow conservators to flush/vacuum one page of a book at a time, but they are expensive. I'd have to take the comics apart to use the equipment that I can afford. Alkaline water + vacuum table?