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  1. Thanks, guys. I had it a bit higher as an 8.0. Any other opinions before the reveal of what it was portrayed?
  2. Hi All, I just picked up this book and wanted to see what you guys think for it’s grade. Thanks in advance! (BTW, is there an update to the instruction for posting using Imgur? I couldn’t paste the link.) https://imgur.com/gallery/WxkUmdZ
  3. Hi All, I’d be interested in your grades for this slabbed book. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time. Gnasher, the rip is about 1/2” like davet75 said. I put it at a 4, so I wasn’t totally off-base. I’ll post the grade when I send it in. Cheers
  5. Hi Everyone I'm new to the forum, but have collected for many years. I stopped collecting in early 90's and just got back into it this January. Third party grading was not popular back then and I had never heard of it. Now that I'm buying on ebay, I've noticed I've been over estimating the grades once I get the book. Live and learn. With that, I'd appreciate opinions on the grade of this FF 52. Thanks in advance! Here are some comments on condition: No cut outs or ripped pages, centerfold tight, cover has lost a lot of gloss, fold in upper right is partially ripped, pages
  6. Congratulations! It’s too bad you had to pay for grading twice.